X-Men '97 #1

Issue Date: 
May 2024
Story Title: 

Steve Foxe (writer), Salva Espin (artist), Matt Milla (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Todd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg (cover artists), David Baldeon; Russell Dauterman; Ben Harvey; Ethan Young & Rachelle Rosenberg (variant cover artists), Adam Del Re & Jay Bowen (designers), Jordan D White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Cyclops leads Storm, Wolverine, Bishop and Jubilee in a Danger Room training scenario against Magneto, until Jean Grey terminates the scenario, deciding it was too dangerous. Wolverine and Cyclops argue about Cyclops' attitude as leader of the X-Men, before the Beast alerts everyone to a report from Trish Tilby, who announces that mutant pop star Dazzler has been kidnapped before she was due to perform at a memorial concert for Charles Xavier. Some of the X-Men head out to find Dazzler, although Jean prefers to remain behind, claiming she isn't feeling well. Cyclops appears none-the-wiser, although Storm suspects something else is going on with Jean. Rogue and Gambit are out shopping when they are alerted to Dazzler's plight, and head off to rescue her, too. They join Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Bishop and Jubilee as the X-Men face off against the Friends of Humanity. Dazzler is rescued, and Valerie Cooper, U.N. Liaison on Mutant Affairs arrives to offer her support to the X-Men, assuring them that President Kelly is very serious about his sympathetic stance towards mutants. Valerie is committed to making a difference for mutants, and as her agents lead the captured Friends of Humanity away, one of the agents, Agent Denti, quietly tells the Friends to keep up their good work, while Wolverine detects a strangely familiar scent. The x-Men return home, and Jean wants to talk to Cyclops, although he needs to speak with the Beast. Jean holds a positive pregnancy test in her hands but lets Cyclops leave. Storm gets ready for the concert which she is attending with Jubilee, Rogue and Gambit, but when the Beast is unable to repair Bishop's chronal transporter to get him back to his true time, Storm gives Bishop her ticket, suggesting he get acclimated to current life. Storm finds Jean and the two friends share a tender moment, while Wolverine and Cyclops begin to fight in the Danger Room, interrupting a discussion between the Beast and Moira MacTaggert who are discussing Bishop's chronal transporter via video monitor. Jubilee, Bishop, Rogue and Gambit arrive at Dazzler's concert – but they aren't the only ones, as the Nasty Boys make their presence known. A battle ensues, with the X-Men and Dazzler making quick work of Sinister's stooges. Back at the Mansion, Jean finally locates Cyclops and tells him that she is pregnant – which Wolverine overhears and is upset. The Nasty Boys return to Sinister's lair, only to discover that he is done with their failures – and has other mutants in mind to help him carry out his machinations.

Full Summary: 

Time Square, New York City, where civilians run in fear as Magneto hovers above them, raising several cars into the air with his control over metal. 'It is far past time for mutants to lay claim to the full meaning of Homo Superior. Humanity must pay for all that they have wrought against our species!' Magneto declares, boasting that he will rule a new mutant kingdom built atop the ruins of an obsolete world. Suddenly, an optic blast strikes the magnetic field surrounding Magneto. 'Who dares -?' the Master of Magnetism begins, turning to see Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, who calls out 'You're not ruling anything, Magneto – not if... the X-MEN have anything to say about it!'

'Less yappin', more scrappin'!' Logan a.k.a. Wolverine exclaims as he leaps towards Magneto, claws at the ready. 'Stay in formation!' Cyclops instructs him, as Magneto uses his power to knock Wolverine back with ease. 'Impetuous cur! You'll not come within an inch of the Master of Magnetism!' Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm catches Wolverine in a mini-tornado and reminds him that this is why Cyclops develops attack strategies, noting that if she has to redirect her winds to cushion his fall, then the others will have to fend for themselves. Bishop and Jubilee dodge a car that Magneto hurls at them, and Jubilee jokes that she hopes car insurance covers “acts of mutant loonies”.

'Follow the plan! If we just stick to -' Cyclops begins, while Magneto moves towards him, remarking that he should have known Charles' little toy soldiers would be helpless without his guidance. 'Don't you dare -' Cyclops begins, before Magneto smacks him in the face with some steel beams he raises from the ground, knocking Cyclops backwards. 'Enough!' a telepathic voice calls out as Cyclops lands on the ground, before a computer voice announces that the scenario has been terminated. 'I'm ending this Danger Room session before someone gets hurt!' Jean Grey declares from within the control booth, while the Danger Room manifestation of Magneto laughs.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee and Bishop head towards the Danger Room doors, and Wolverine remarks 'With as hard as Slim's been riding us lately, I'm surprised we lasted that long', which causes Cyclops to spin around and ask Wolverine if he has a problem with his leadership. 'You just figuring that our now, Four-Eyes?' Wolverine snarls back. They stare each other down as Wolverine tells Cyclops that he thought he had been making himself real clear – leaders lead – they don't try to control. 'Maybe if teammates worked together instead of flying off in a berserker rage -' Cyclops starts, before Storm pushes them away from each other with a gust of wind: 'We will not be a team divided over petty squabbles and misdirected anger!' she tells them. Wide-eyed, Bishop tells Jubilee that the historical holo-vids didn't say anything about the X-Men fighting each other this often. 'Bishop, buddy, you've got no idea' Jubilee replies. Suddenly, an image of Dr. Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast appears on a monitor and tells his teammates that he hopes he is not interrupting anything, and asks them if their simulated fisticuffs have concluded, then he thinks there is something they should all see.

Cyclops, Jean, Wolverine, Storm and Jubilee join Beast in the comms room, where the Beast is looking at several monitors. 'Whoa, is that Dazzler?' Jubilee gasps as she looks at one of the screens. The Beast tells Jubilee that it appears mutantkind's very own pop starlet has been abducted by the Friends of Humanity. 'A cruelly ironic name, as their bigoted behavior is hardly sociable' the Beast remarks as they all look at footage of Dazzler being dragged into a truck by several of the Friends of Humanity. A report from Trish Tilby airs, as Trish announces that authorities believe the timing of the abduction was planned to disrupt tonight's Charles Xavier Memorial Concert, at which Dazzler was scheduled to perform. Trish adds that billionaire playboy Warren Worthington III, the event's benefactor, was unable to be reached for comment.

'Aww man – I had to stand in line for hours to get tickets!' Jubilee exclaims, throwing her hands behind her head. The Beast tells Jubilee that her effort may not have been in vain, and adds that thanks to the news footage presented by the eloquent Ms. Tilby, he was able to chart the Friend's of Humanity's escape route, so he believes he knows where they have taken the sparkling songstress. Cyclops declares that they have no time to waste, and instructs Hank to send the coordinates to the Blackbird. 'Let's roll out' he tells the others, before Jubilee asks, if it is a short flight, whether she can finally pilot the jet this time. 'My healing factor's good, but it ain't that good, kid. Maybe stick to tricycles and training wheels' Wolverine smirks. 'I am not a kid anymore, Wolverine – I've even got my learner's permit!' Jubilee rolls her eyes.

Jean Grey announces that she is going to stay here at the mansion. 'I've still got an... upset stomach' she claims. 'Of course' Cyclops tells her. 'No sense in having you in the field if you're too ill to fight' Cyclops adds, while Storm looks at Jean, who puts a hand on her stomach. The Beast decides to abstain from the mission, too, revealing that he has been making excellent progress repairing Mr. Bishop's time-travel device. 'Besides, I believe some very able assistance... is already nearby' Beast reports.

Elsewhere, inside a clothing store, Rogue smiles at Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit and tells him that shopping is just not as fun when you gotta cover up every inch of skin. 'Really cuts a girl's options down' she jokes, before telling Remy that it is no wonder he wears that old coat everywhere. 'Dat's your problem, Rogue – thinking you gotta hide all dat southern beauty' Remy responds as he holds up a skimpy green top. 'If Ah don't, anyone around me at the concert tonight's gonna really feel the music' Rogue jokes as she elbows Gambit affectionately. Suddenly, a holographic message is received from Storm, who informs Rogue and Gambit that there is a mutant in distress near their location. She instructs them to follow the coordinates that she is sending them.

At that moment, the X-Men's Blackbird drops down near an industrial warehouse. Cyclops reports that the Blackbird will stay in hover mode, and notes that the X-Men still have the element of surprise, which means they can get in and out before the Friends of Humanity even know they are here. 'Not to burst your bubble, Cyke, but that... may not be an option' Jubilee remarks as she motions to where Rogue smashes her way through a warehouse wall, carrying two of the Friends of Humanity by their necks. 'Nice of you to join the de party, mes amis!' Gambit smiles. 'As one, X-Men! Let us show these “friends” the consequences of their actions!' Storm declares as she flies into the warehouse, with Wolverine, Cyclops, Bishop and Jubilee behind her, the group joining Gambit and Rogue. Storm blasts one of the Friends of Humanity's weapons with lightning, while Bishop opens fire at them and announces that the future won't even remember these scumbags. 'Sick burn, Ahnuld!' Jubilee jokes as blasts one of the Friends of Humanity with her plasma bursts.

'You ain't gonna be able to hit a fish in a barrel when I'm done with your peashooter!' Rogue exclaims as she breaks one of the Friends of Humanity's weapon. 'Be glad I'm slicing and dicing your weapon instead of you, bub!' Wolverine suggests to one of the Friends of Humanity. Gambit throws several kinetically-charged playing cards at three of the Friends of Humanity, while telling Cyclops that they can have a little fun beating the bad guys, while pointing out that these jokers are not exactly the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Cyclops fires an optic blast at one of the Friends and tells Gambit that they are terrorists. 'Our mission isn't to spout one-liners. It's to rescue Dazzler!' he declares. 'Way ahead of you, Cyke!' Jubilee smiles as she rushes towards where several of the Friends of Humanity are guarding Dazzler. 'Freeze, brat!' one of the Friends calls out, but Jubilee leaps over the man and tells him 'Sorry, ice stuff's a different mutant... how about fireworks instead?' as she kicks his gun out of his hand and blasts the Friends with her plasma bursts. 'Or this sick ninja move Logan taught me?' Jubilee adds as she drops down behind one of the Friends and kicks him in the back.

'This is, like, so weird. I'm your biggest fan!' Jubilee grins as she begins to untie the captive Dazzler. 'Get me outta here and I'll be your biggest fan, kid!' Dazzler responds. 'Wow' Jubilee gushes. With the Friends of Humanity all taken down, the X-Men gather around Dazzler, who thanks them for the save. 'This was not my idea of a preshow warm-up' she exclaims. 'It's what we do, Dazzler' Cyclops responds. Dazzler looks over at Cyclops and points out that he never did come back to that bar. 'Missed your chance before I hit the big time' she remarks. Cyclops looks flustered and fumbles his words as he tells Dazzler that once they get these criminals tied up the X-Men will drop her off at the concert. But suddenly, 'Actually, we'll take it from here, X-Men' a voice calls out, and the X-Men turn in shock to see a blonde woman with glasses, well-dressed in a red dress suit standing before them. 'Cuff 'em, boys' she tells her associates who begin putting the Friends of Humanity in handcuffs, while the immaculately-dressed woman introduces herself as Valerie Cooper, the United Nations' Liaison on Mutant Affairs.

'The X-Men haven't broken any laws, Agent Cooper' Cyclops  announces. 'Yeah – we're the good guys – so buzz off!' Jubilee snaps. Valerie Cooper raises her hands as if to say that she comes in peace, and reveals that she is actually “Doctor” Cooper. 'And you misunderstand me. While I doubt that jet of yours is cleared for commercial airspace, we're here to back you up' Valerie reveals. She notes that President Kelly is very serious about taking a more sympathetic stance toward mutants. She then reveals that she in fact an old friend of Charles Xavier's. 'I'd love to speak with you about his legacy one day' Valerie tells Cyclops as the two of them shake hands. Valerie acknowledges that the government has an inconsistency on mutant rights, before assuring the X-Men that Charles' sacrifice was not in vain. 'Public opinion is changing... and Uncle Sam is finally looking out for mutantkind'.

As the FBI agents lead the Friends of Humanity out of the warehouse, one of the Friends of Humanity shouts 'Gene traitors! Humans should be protecting each other, not throwing in with mutie trash!' One of the agents, with claw marks across his face leans in and whispers to the Friend 'You're exactly right. So keep your mouth shut, and I'll make sure you're out free on a technicality by the weekend' the agent grins. The agent walks the Friends of Humanity past Valerie, who tells the X-Men that it is her hope that her team and the X-Men can cooperate in time. 'I think you'll find a lot to respect about Agent Denti and the other men and women who work with us' Valerie remarks, referring to the agent with the claw marks on his face. 'Dr. Cooper' Agent Denti responds. Agent Denti passes Wolverine, who picks up a familiar scent, although he can't quite place it.

Shortly, the Blackbird arrives back at the X-Mansion, where Cyclops remarks that Dr. Cooper gave them all much to think about. 'Indeed, Cyclops. It seems the tide may truly be turning on mutant/human relations' Storm suggests, adding that she wished the Professor was here to see it for himself. 'Don't we all, Storm' Cyclops agrees. Jean walks outside to greet her teammates and asks Cyclops if she could talk to him in private. 'Is this about Dazzler? Because I promise, Jean, there's nothing -' Cyclops begins, to which Jean assures him it is not that. 'I just have something to tell you -' Jean begins, before Cyclops interrupts her and kisses her on the cheek, while pointing out that if it is not an emergency, he should really debrief the mission with the Beast. 'He has a lot more experience working with the government. I'd like to get his read on the U.N.'s mutant rights pivot' Cyclops explains. Jean glances sideways and assures Scott that it can wait. The other X-Men walk past Jean who looks down and utters 'For someone whose vision can burst through walls... sometimes I think you can't see what's right in front of your face'. She opens her clenched fist, revealing a pregnancy test which indicates Jean is pregnant.

'Whoa! I can't believe it!' Jubilee exclaims, wide-eyed and smiling. 'Do you like it, Jubilee?' Storm asks as she stands in front of Jubilee wearing a white suit, and with hair cut and styled in a mohawk. 'It's... it's like, totally punk rock!' Jubilee declares. 'Is that not Dazzler's “vibe”? I wouldn't want to appear out of step with the culture' Storm explains, adding that the dawn of a new millennium approaches. 'What better way to embrace that than with a new look as well?' she suggests.

'What happened to “excellent progress,” McCoy?' Bishop asks as he stands in the Beast's laboratory. Examining some equipment the Beast explains that his doctorates don't include advanced chronal technology from the future. 'Therefore, I am forced to fall back on trial...and error' he frowns as the equipment in front of him seems to explode. A small cloud appears above and rain falls down on the fire. 'Ah, I see our colleague has saved me the effort of reaching for the flame retardant' the Beast notes. Bishop shrugs and tells the others that at this rate, he will be going back to his time the old-fashioned way: 'One slow day after the other'. 'At least you will pass them in good company, Bishop' Storm notes. Bishop turns to her and looks surprised at her change in appearance. 'You look... different. And good. Definitely good' he tells her. 'Change is on the winds. Perhaps you would benefit from embracing it as well'. Jubilee looks annoyed and complains that she is going to change into Doctor Doom if Rogue and Gambit leave without them.

'I'd better let Beast work without hovering over his shoulder. Might cut down on the explosive results' Bishop supposes as he, Storm and Jubilee walk out into the corridor, where Jubilee exclaims 'Good! We've got a concert to catch, and putting out fires is holding us up!' Jean approaches the trio and tells them that she is looking for Scott, who said he needed to meet with Hank. 'Just missed him' Bishop tells her, remarking that he think Cyclops was headed for the Danger Room. 'Oh... thanks' Jean replies as she waves to Storm. 'No more distractions! If we miss the opening act, I'm gonna lose it!' Jubilee exclaims. Storm glances at Jubilee and tells her that she thinks she will have to sit this one out. 'You can't abandon me to be the southern-fried lovebirds' third wheel, 'Ro!' Storm tells Jubilee not to worry, as Bishop will talk her ticket, and hands the ticket to the surprised Bishop. 'I will?' Bishop asks. 'Let's go, biceps! Dazzler gave us free V.I.P. upgrades for saving her butt!' Jubilee exclaims, grabbing Bishop by his arms.

On a balcony, Jean sighs as she watches as the Blackbird depart. 'It does not take psychic abilities... to know that something is weighing heavily on your mind, Jean' Storm remarks as she hovers in front of her friend. Jean and Storm embrace, as Jean tells her friend that she loves Scott, but that sometimes he is so fixated on the mission at hand that their relationship becomes and after thought. Storm suggests that Cyclops is focused as he is to ensure that their relationship has a future – that they all have a future. 'Now that the Professor is no longer with us, Cyclops has taken the burden of leadership onto his shoulders. But that is no excuse for ignoring your needs in the present' Storm remarks, suggesting that Jean talk to Scott and remind him what he is fighting for. 'I won't pry into what you're hoping to tell him... but I offer my strength and support for whatever lies ahead, my friend' Storm announces, to which Jean tells Storm that she isn't her friend – but her sister.

Inside the Danger Room control booth, Cyclops instructs the computer to resume the Magneto training scenario. 'Set parameters to solo encounter, difficulty level -' Cyclops begins, before a voice calls out 'Enough with the fancy tech, Summers... let's you and me train the real way'. It's Wolverine, who cracks his knuckles and looks up at Cyclops while telling him that those Friends of Humanity goons today were chumps, but tomorrow, they might have to face something dangerous. The Danger Room scenario is terminated, while Wolverine tells Cyclops that they don't need to be friends or even respect each other. 'But if you expect the X-Men to follow you, we need to know your head's on straight and you're not losing it trying to fill in for Chuck' Wolverine snarls. The door to the Danger Room opens and Cyclops appears. 'All right, Logan. You want to go? Let's go!' Cyclops shouts as he fires an optic blast which slams into Wolverine.

In his laboratory, the Beast is speaking with Dr. Moira MacTaggert via computer monitor, and the Beast turns when a loud thumping noise is heard. 'Ach, sounds like ye being bombarded, McCoy' Moira remarks. The Beast apologizes to her and explains that he believes some of their more pugilism-inclined X-Men are hashing out their interpersonal conflicts at the moment. Turning to the matter at hand, the Beast holds up Bishop's chronal-travel device and explains that Bishop has been stranded in this timeline due to the device's malfunction. The Beast notes that Bishop is a valuable addition to the team, but that he deserves the option of returning to his own era. Moira acknowledges that the Beast has a puzzle on his hands, and not an easy one to crack at that. 'Hopefully this Mr. Bishop fella is enjoying himself in the meantime'.

'It's a tactical error to leave all of my weapons on the ship' Bishop suggests as he, Rogue, Gambit and Jubilee leave the Blackbird on Government Island, New York City, the site of the Charles Xavier memorial concert. Bishop is wearing civilian jeans and a shirt, while Rogue tells him that perhaps the androids and space aliens in his future would disagree, but the only lasers anyone wants to see at a concert are part of the light show. Gambit suggests to Bishop that he try and relax, to which Bishop just grunts. 'C'mon, you guys – Dazzler's about to go on! We don't want to miss the big event!' Jubilee exclaims as she rushes off to the concert.

Inside:'We love you, Dazzler!' one of the concert-goers cries out, as Dazzler stands on the stage and addresses her audience: 'All right, New York City – we're here tonight to pay tribute to a trailblazer. The man who helped make it safe for people like me to live out loud! So let's make some noise!' The crowd goes wild, while Jubilee exclaims 'Isn't this the best concert, like, ever?' to which Bishop frowns and tells her that he has no idea, as music was illegal in his timeline. 'I can't hear you, NYC! I said, let's make some noise!' Dazzler repeats herself, while, lurking in the shadows, the Nasty Boy called Ruckus appears. 'You want nois,e pretty songbird? I can help with that' the pink-haired mutant smirks. Ruckus makes his way on stage and unleashes his sonic scream, which slams into Dazzler and knocks her off the stage. 'The Nasty Boys! When did those bozos crawl back outta the woodwork?' Rogue asks as she flies up and catches Dazzler, as Ruckus' teammates Hairbag, Slab, Gorgeous George and Vertigo stand with alongside him. 'I don't know, Rogue – but they've really ticked me off. I'll show them who can get nasty!' Dazzler scowls.

The crowd begins to panic, but Jubilee tells them to stay calm, and to think of this as an unplanned bathroom break! 'I told you I should have brought my laser rifles with me' Bishop declares. 'Yeah, that would not help keep the crowd calm, big guy' Jubilee points out. Gambit leaps towards Hairbag and Slab and tells them that he doesn't like having his recreation time interrupted. Hairbag growls and boasts that he and Slab don't like no stinkin' X-Men. 'Seems witty repartee ain't on the menu tonight. Better make dis quick, den!' Gambit suggests as he kicks Slab in the face while tosses a kinetically-charged card at Hairbag.

'You want first crack at 'em, darling?' Rogue asks Dazzler as she sets her back down on the stage. 'After the day I've had, Rogue? There won't be seconds!' Dazzler exclaims as she fires an energy blast at Gorgeous Gorge, which blasts through his body and strikes Vertigo. The Nasty Boys quickly regroup and Vertigo suggests that this mission has gone belly-up. Ruckus agrees and suggests they beat it. Gorgeous George begins modifying his body so that he can transport his teammates away, while Rogue tells them to get back here. 'Should we go after 'em?' Rogue asks, but Dazzler picks up her microphone and tells her to forget those losers. 'They can't dim out light! The show must go on, right, New York?' Dazzler asks, and the crowd agrees.

Meanwhile, back at the Mansion, Cyclops rubs the back of his head with a towel as he walks out into a corridor, where Jean is waiting. He tells her that he's sorry he didn't find her earlier, and explains that he needed to burn off some steam. Jean assures Scott that it is okay, and that she knows how much he cares about carrying on Xavier's dream, and how much he cares about the two of them. 'Of course I do, Jean. More than anything' Scott utters. Jean informs Scott that she is about to tell him something, and that she promises she won't read his thoughts, as she wants his reaction to be genuine, and she wants him to be honest with her. 'Jean, what are you trying to say? Is everything all right?' Scott asks. Jean begins to cry and tells Scott that everything is perfect. 'I...I took a test. I felt it already, but I had to be sure. Scott... I'm pregnant' Jean reveals, unaware that around the corner, Wolverine has overheard, and looks upset.

Elsewhere, the Nasty Boys walk through some sort of factory. 'Smooth move attacking Dazzler with sound, Ruckus' Vertigo remarks. 'I didn't see you pulling your weight, mutate. Maybe if you'd had thrown off Rogue's equilibrium, we could have -' Ruckus begins, before someone tells them all to be quiet. It's Mr. Sinister, who asks his lackeys what they hoped to accomplish by attacking the X-Men at such a public event. 'Well, uh...normally, when we cause trouble, they get blamed for it?' Gorgeous George suggests. 'Outdated tactics for the old world' Sinister declares, slamming his fist down, he notes that humans have accepted mutants as their heroes now, especially after Xavier's patheti csacrifice. 'All your misbegotten stunt accomplished was amplifying the public's perception of the X-Men. But don't worry...I blame myself for tolerating you this long!' Sinister exclaims as he fires several energy blasts at the Nasty Boys which knocks them backwards. 'Please, we can still -' Ruckus begins, but Sinister tells them that the Nasty Boys are not suited for his next stage of battle against the X-Men.

Sinister walks over to a console and states that according to certain sensors he has left in place, unbeknownst to Xavier's whelps, their very own Jean Grey is with child. 'That offspring is the genetic key I've been after for years'. But Sinister states that to get his hands on it, he will have to undermine the public's newfound love of the X-Men. 'And for that...I'm going to need to enlist some new help'. And looking at several monitors, where Sabretooth and several other mutants are lurking in some tunnels, and other monitors depict other mutants displaying their powers. Sinister just frowns....

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit, “Jean Grey”, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Val Cooper
Trish Tilby
Moira MacTaggert

Mister Sinister
Gorgeous George, Hairbag, Ruckus, Slab, Vertigo (all Nasty Boys)

Agent Carl Denti
FBI agents
Friends of Humanity

(in Danger Room)


(on video monitors)
Arclight, Harpoon, Prism, Riptide, Sabretooth (all Marauders)

Siena Blaze

Story Notes: 

This series takes place between X-Men: The Animated Series season 5 episode 10 “Graduation Day” (originally aired 09/20/97), the final episode of the original series, and X-Men '97 season 1 episode 1 “To Me, My X-Mem” (which was first available to stream on 03/20/24).

The reality that the X-Men animated series and comic books takes place in is designate Earth-92131.

The Jean Grey appearing in this comic is actually Madelyne Pryor, as revealed in X-Men '97 season 1 episode 3, “Fire Made Flesh” (03/20/24).

Dazzler first appeared in a cameo in X-Men: The Animated Series, season 2, episode 11, “Mojovision” (05/01/94) and made a full appearance during the Dark Phoenix Saga, in X-Men: The Animated Series, season 3, episode 14 (12/11/94).

Trish Tilby first appeared in the final episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, and returns in X-Men '97 in a significant role.

Although she never appeared in the original X-Men: The Animated Series, Valerie Cooper plays a crucial role in X-Men '97.

Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys appeared frequently throughout the original X-Men: The Animated Series.

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