X-Men (6th series) #29

Issue Date: 
February 2024
Story Title: 
House of Doom

Gerry Duggan (writer), Joshua Cassara (artist), Marte Gracia  (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer & production), Tom Muller & Jay Bowen (designers), Joshua Cassara & guru-eFX (cover artists), Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (Trading Card variant cover artists), Francesco Mobili & Romulo Farjado Jr. (variant cover artists), Peach Momoko (Nightmare variant cover artist), Russel Dauterman (Ski Chalet variant cover artist), Jacob Edgar (X-Men 60th variant cover artist), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Years ago, Doom liberated several mutants who were being tormented in Latveria. He banded them together as the Seven Daggers of Latveria, training them in the use of the powers and making them feel valued. More recently, on Krakoa, Xavier, Magneto and Moira MacTaggert were united as Xavier was preparing to open the doors to Krakoa to mutants across the planet – but before he could make his announcement, Doom interrupted him with his own psi-projector and warned him that he would only bring ruin to his kind, and that mutants from Latveria would not be joining Krakoa. Now, Doom and his mutants stand before Wolverine, Shadowkat and Ms. Marvel, who have arrived in Latveria on the assumption mutants in Latveria were in danger. Naturally, a skirmish breaks out between the X-Men and Doom's mutants, during which the histories of three of the mutants are revealed. The X-Men are surprised to learn that the mutants here are indeed free. Doom invites the X-Men back to his palace for supper where he informs them that he knew Krakoa was always doomed to fall, and suggests to the X-Men that they call their friends to their side before they are destroyed once and for all. One of Doom's mutants, Nerium, offers her services to the X-Men if a response is required from the House of Doom. Upon returning to New York City, Wolverine, Shadowkat and Ms. Marvel discover that Synch and Talon are missing – and all that remains is a pool of blood.

Full Summary: 


Krakoa, within the mysterious facility known as Moira's No-Space. Magneto tells Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert that after this, there will be no turning back. 'I know, Erik' Xavier responds. 'All of our disagreements – all the anger at the other's relentless ideolgy and unyielding persistence... that ends today' Magneto declares. Xavier places a Cerebro unit on his head and begins to project his thoughts: 'Humans of planet Earth... I am the mutant Charles Xavier, and I bring you a message at hope.

Before he is able to continue, the thoughts of another are projected: 'I've been waiting for you to announce yourself' they tell Xavier, who frowns. They claim that Xavier is not powerful enough to speak to the world at once, so they posit that he is using Cerebro.

'Is something wrong?' Moira asks when she notices Xavier looks concerned. 'It's nothing. I just need -' Xavier begins, before the mysterious voice declares 'I am not nothing... I am – Doom!'

Indeed, Dr. Doom is wearing his own version of Cerebro, and as Xavier tells him that he is about to address the entire world, not just him. 'So as impressed as  I am that you can talk back -' Xavier's thoughts respond, but Doom laughs. 'The hubris! I've been expecting this call' he remarks, before asking Xavier if he thinks his pharmaceutical companies would escape his eyes. 'The shell corporations? The patents? You say you are mutant – but you have human faults. Pride greed. If you address the world, Charles, then...you address Doom'. Xavier tells Doom that he is very clever, and informs him that Krakoa is a sovereign nation, and that he is just about to tell the entire world what is on offer. 'If you would be so kind as to -' Xavier begins, before Doom reports that Latveria will be a “no”. Standing on a balcony at his castle, Doom tells Xavier, from one sovereign to another, he grants him the professional courtesy of a quick answer on the proposition he is about to make.

'I am the one with a gift this night. So listen well: You are not made for that crown you wear' Doom exclaims as he looks down to where five beings with powers are waiting below. 'This will end in your ruin, Charles' Doom claims, before Xavier removes the Cerebro unit and tells Moira and Magneto that it is Doom. 'Block him and move on' Magneto suggests, while Moira rolls her eyes.  

(Week one)

Rain falls on five young mutants in Latveria. The twins, Dreamer and Ironcloak. A blue-skinned woman called Volta Doom. A large man known as Slag. And Nerium, who controls weather and nature.

(Month one)

The five members of the Seven Daggers of Doom have begun training in their powers. They wear matching green costumes with the letter D on their belts.

(Year one)

The Seven Daggers of Doom wear more individualized costumes, and appear to be adept in their abilities. 'The House of X is built on sand...and that weak foundation will send Krakoa beneath the waves' Doom remarks as he enters some sort of training room, where he fires a weapon that blasts through what appears to be a large chunk of meat decorated as Iron Man. 'The mutant nation's flaws are many... and there is a single, critical point of failure – Charles Xavier!' Dr. Doom declares, while his team watches him. Doom turns back to his team and tells them that when the mutants Xavier has gathered have been largely chewed up and spat out, and the sun sets on the mutant nation, the X-Men will invade Latveria and attempt to kidnap them.


In a dense forest within Latveria, where three members of the renegade X-Men – Kate Pryde a.k.a. Shadowkat, Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel and Logan a.k.a. Wolverine – find themselves confronted by Dr. Doom and his own group of mutants – Nerium, Slag, The Dreamer, Ironcloak and Volta Doom! Doom his fellow Latverians to remember well what he has said – that the mutant day of treachery is at hand! 'Sounds like the Tin Man's been feeding you a bunch of crap' Wolverine calls out to the Latverian mutants who stand on a ridge with Doom, overlooking the X-Men. Wolverine then asks if they can just skip the brawl. 'We're on a clock' he snarls as he pops his claws. The blue-skinned mutant drops down to Wolverine's level and grins as she introduces herself as Volta Doom, and as she shoves a staff into the ground, electrical energy darts about, while she tells Wolverine that he is trespassing.

'Say goodbye to your sparkler, kid' Wolverine tells the mutant as he raises his claws against her staff. 'No, wait -!' Ms. Marvel calls out, but too late, as the energy from Vola Doom's staff strikes him, causing him to groan. 'As I was saying – Volta's spear is vibranium' Ms. Marvel mutters, closing one of her eyes. 'The finest vibranium' Doom boasts. 'Not like the low-quality shields, stilt legs and assorted refuse you're trained to dodge' he claims. Wolverine's burnt flesh begins to heal, and as Shadowkat reaches for one of her swords, Wolverine grits his teeth and calls out: 'Hey, Vic. We don't even gotta call this a jailbreak. You can say this is a... work release, or something. The world's gone to hell, and every mutant needs to stand together'. Shadowkat then suggests that they are wasting time arguing while the skies are filled with Sentinels. Volta Doom boasts that they are not afraid of robots, and raises her staff, which glows with energy, grinning as she announces that they have not even seen any of these Sentinels in Latveria.

'Whoa, whoa – we didn't come here to fight!' Ms. Marvel calls out as she increases the size of her hands and steps between Wolverine and Volta Doom, using her hands to keep them apart. 'Of course you did, child. In fact, the last time Wolverine stepped on Latverian soil, he murdered one of my subjects' Doom claims. Wolverine pops his claws once again and scowls as he admits that Doom got the better of him. 'Masking his scent – but it was you who condemned that mutant to death when you stuffed 'em like a ham into one of yer damn Doombots!' Wolverine responds, before the large mutant with fiery fists called Slag moves forward and punches Wolverine: 'Quiet, varmint' he mutters as Wolverine falls backwards. 'What'd he call me?' Wolverine  asks as he gathers himself, and Shaowkat rushes forward: 'No more playing around' she calls out as one of her blades slams against Slag's arms. 'Doom doesn't care about mutants!' Shadowkat exclaims, causing Volta Doom to look concerned.


'You call yourself Volta...and it's plain to see why. I've been following you for some time' a voice calls out, while civilians run in fear, as Volta glows with energy that crackles about. She apologizes and asks everyone to stay back. 'I can't control it!' Volta exclaims, as her energy sends a train careening off of its tracks. 'No, you cannot... not on your own... but perhaps with my intellect... and this lightning lead – you can!' Doom declares as he presents Volta with a staff which she can use to direct her energy powers.


'You know nothing of Doom's compassion!' Volta exclaims as she directs her staff towards Shadowkat, striking her with energy that surges through Shadowkat's body. A moment later, Ms. Marvel extends her arm and grabs the staff, snatching it away from Volta. 'I promise I don't want to fight!' Ms. Marvel tells Slag as he rushes towards her, as Wolverine snarls 'But I do! And shoves his claws into Slag's lower back. 'Slag!' Ironcloak calls out as she stands near her brother, The Dreamer, and Doom, who tells Ironcloak to calm herself, as Slag is made of Latverian rock, and his toughness is beyond mortals.


Dr. Doom arrives on horseback at a prison camp, where prisoners are chained together and are breaking rocks. Doom addresses Slag, telling him that the world is a more dangerous place today, and asks him to come join the Latverian mutants that he refuses to join. 'Afterward, if you still wish to throw your life away in prison, then you are free to do so' Doom adds. Slag smashes some rocks with ease, then breaks the large metal collar connected to the chain around his neck. 'I could've freed myself at any time!' Slag exclaims. Dr. Doom reveals that he had always intended for that, and explains that Slag's prison was of the mind. 'If you've found your senses in this place, then come!' he declares.


'Slag is hurt! Let me intervene!' Ironcloak calls out, but Doom tells her that neither she nor her brother, the Dreamer, are to engage – they are merely to observe the brutality and learn. 'You may spend your lives fighting these X-Men and their ilk' Doom remarks, before pointing out that Slag bleeds lava as the unkillable dolt is now discovering, while Nerium has yet to engage. But as the woman with white hair, flowers growing up through her hair, and four vine-like arms moves into action, Doom notes that she is Latverian land in mind and body. Nerium extends one of her vine-arms and wraps it around Wolverine, before a large spike darts down and stabs Wolverine. 'She can heal...or she can grievously harm' Doom notes, as Shadowkat leaps forward and uses a blade to sever Nerium's vine from Wolverine. 'You're a mutant! How can you fight us?' Shadowkat asks. 'In am LATVERIAN – AND I AM THE SPIRIT OF THIS LAND!' Nerium screeches in response.


At a large circus, where the ringmaster stands before a cage, where Nerium is on display. 'Come see the freak of Latveria!' he grins, announcing that “it” is called the “Poison of the Forest”. 'And by the decree of doom, she's here to entertain you with her -' the ringmaster begins, before he is blasted with energy, courtesy of Doom, who then breaks away the cage, announcing that he bade the mutants be found, not enslaved for amusements. Nerium thanks Doom and takes his hand, as he tells her to come and meet the others like her.


'It’s just as Doom foretold!' Nerium calls out as she grabs Volta's staff back from Ms. Marvel. The staff glows with energy when it returns to Volta's hand, and Volta exclaims 'Surrender!' The X-Men regroup, and Shadowkat explains that they only came here to liberate mutants. 'WE – ARE – FREE!' Volta, Slag and Nerium shout in unison. 'Then we'll leave you with your “ruler” and be on our way' Wolverine responds, to which Doom announces that the X-Men cannot leave – not until they have dined with Doom.

Later, at Castle Doom, a massive feast has been laid out on a large table. The X-Men are seated on one side, Nerium, Slag and Volta on the other. Doom stands at the head of the table, while Ironcloak and the Dreamer stand back from him. Doom tells the X-Men that there cannot be much to eat down in their horrid tunnels, and that his chefs have prepared special Halal dishes for Ms. Marvel. 'Oh my god! Doctor Doom knows about me? I don't know how I feel about that!' Kamala exclaims as she brings a spoon full of food towards her mouth. 'Logan -' Shadowkat begins, but as Logan bites into some meet tells her not to say anything, and remarks that he needs a lot of calories when he heals. 'And they rolled us' he adds.

Slag bites into some meat and remarks that he was reborn as Slag almost a quarter century ago, and that he has never been pushed as hard as he was today. He adds that it was a good scrap.

Shadowkat turns to Doom, and addressing him as Victor, she reminds him that he said he knew Krakoa was doomed to fall, that he knew they were coming. 'You're so smart – what happens next?' she asks. Everyone falls silent and turns to look at Doom. 'The gift of foresight is precious' Doom responds, before he takes a drink from a large goblet. Doom dabs his mouth with a napkin and states that Krakoa was destined to fail, as Charles was not ready for the crown upon his head. He reveals that he knew his Latverians who shared the X-Men's genetic lineage were in danger, and so he closed his borders to Krakoa. 'Now they are alive, when your people are... well, they are not here, are they?'

Doom stands up and starts to walk away from the table and tells the X-Men that the answer to “what happens next” is a gift that he is not ready to give. He tells them that if they have lived good lives, then perhaps they can call their friends to their side before they are destroyed. Doom glances back at the X-Men and informs them that as far as the last Krakoan is concerned, Xavier is in a jail of his own making, and either he will destroy himself, or he will emerge as a much more interesting person. 'Krakoans, begone by dawn' Doom tells his guests, before bidding them good evening.

Volta suggests to the X-Men that perhaps Doom is the answer to their problems, suggesting that they could ask for asylum, noting that their enemies fear to tread here. 'Lady. We got enough fascists to deal with' Logan responds. Nerium tells the X-Men that since their enemies have declared that their shared gene shall be ripped from the Earth, then if an opportunity arises to take them off the board completely, that would trigger a response from the House of Doom. 'And you would certainly have my arms. And vines' Nerium offers. 'Awright then' Wolverine smiles.

Later, back in New York City: 'Well, that was a disaster' Ms. Marvel remarks as she, Shadowkat and Wolverine make their way down into the tunnels they currently call home. 'Actually, I think we lost the battle – but won the war' Shadowkat responds. Ms. Marvel asks if that was Doom's way of signalling that he'll fight – if asked the right way'. Trudging down the tunnel, Shadowkat remarks that Doom knows they will come for him, and Wolverine points out that if Doom waits too long, there will be too few of them to fight back. 'Doom and his mutants will do the right thing. They needed their faces slapped and their asses kissed' Wolverine adds, before suggesting that Synch will want to know the good news that Latveria is in play.

Ms. Marvel turns into one of the rooms: 'Synch, get ready to be happy  – OH GOD!' Ms. Marvel exclaims as she sees that the room has been ransacked, equipment destroyed and laying in ruin – and a pool of blood on the floor. 'What the hell happened?' Wolverine snarls.

Characters Involved: 

Ms. Marvel IV, Shadowkat, Wolverine (all X-Men)


Doctor Doom

Dreamer, Ironcloak, Nerium, Slag, Volta (all Seven Daggers of Latveria)


(in flashback)

Professor X


Dr. Moira MacTaggert


(in flashback)

Dr. Doom

Dreamer, Ironcloak, Nerium, Slag, Volta (all Seven Daggers of Latveria)


(in flashbacks)

Dr. Doom

Nerium, Slag, Volta




Circus ringmaster

Story Notes: 

This issue includes some notes on the House of Doom's Seven Daggers of Latveria, naming five of them, and explaining their gifts. Two of the number have their names redacted, along with a portion of one of their gifts.

This issue includes a memo from Dr. Stasis, reporting that the trial of Cyclops will shortly commence in Paris.

This story continues in Fall of the House of X #1.

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