Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #29

Issue Date: 
December 2017
Story Title: 
Stars & Garters, part two: Broken Bones

Jim Zub (writer), Sean Izaakse & Juanan Ramirez (artists) Tamara Bonvillain (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), RB Silva & Java Tartaglia (cover artists), Alanna Smith (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Avengers created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The Juggernaut is supervised by some nervous security guards as he is being transported to a secure facility. To everyone's amazement, the Juggernaut's included, he suddenly vanishes under a burst of magical energy, where he is transported to Avengers Mansion thanks to the magics of Doctor Voodoo who summoned the servants of Cyttorak to help rebuild Avengers Mansion. The Juggernaut lashes out at the Avengers, but Rogue manages to keep him at bay for a moment, before she gives her team their instructions, including ordering Quicksilver and Synapse to clear any bystanders. Quicksilver has other ideas though and carries Synapse as he speeds towards the Juggernaut, who is out on the street in front of Avengers Mansion, tossing cars into the air and approaching some civilians. Quicksilver leaps onto the Juggernaut and starts to remove his helmet, warning Synapse to prepare to take the Juggernaut down – but to everyone's surprise, the Juggernaut is wearing another helmet underneath, and Synapse is unable to take him out, as the Juggernaut punches her hard. A furious Quicksilver rushes in and lashes out at the Juggernaut, who knocks him aside with ease. The Wasp and Rogue move in for the attack, while Doctor Voodoo begins to cast another spell over the servants of Cyttorak, and the Scarlet Witch encourages Rogue to get the Juggernaut back on the Mansion grounds. Rogue struggles against the Juggernaut, but she finally forces him onto the Mansion grounds, where the servants of Cyttorak, under Doctor Voodoo's command, attack him and seal him in his own armor, despite Juggernaut's protests that he will be good. Doctor Voodoo then teleports him, and the servants of Cyttorak, away. In the aftermath, the Avengers discover that Synapse is unconscious. Four hours later, Rogue, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Doctor Voodoo are still in a hospital waiting area when the doctor informs them that although Synapse is stable, she has sustained multiple fractures, torn muscles and has internal bleeding, so recovery will be difficult, and given her unique physiology, will be transferred to an Inhuman-run medical facility. Quicksilver demands to see Synapse, despite the doctor's protests. Quicksilver then lashes out at his teammates, blaming all of them, before the Scarlet Witch tells her brother that the blame lies with him, and that until he can accept that, he isn't welcome with them. Quicksilver speeds away, while Rogue tells her teammates that she appreciates their support, as she tells them that they will now try to fix things. As Synapse lies motionless in the hospital bed, a note can be seen placed under her hand.


Full Summary: 

minutes earlier:

A SHIELD jet soars across New York, where, inside the jet, Cain Marko the Unstoppable Juggernaut is held captive in high-tech restraints. 'Y'know...you guys seems a bit antsy.  I'm getting the distinct feeling you don't like me' Cain frowns from behind his armor. Cain looks down to one SHIELD agent and remarks that he gets it – he knows if this techno-doohickey keeping him locked down drops for even a second, he will punch their faces into pulp and crash this worthless wing-bucket. 'Uh...' the SHIELD agent begins, but his colleague tells him to ignore the prisoner, and that Cain Marko is ticked off because he got his butt handed to him by Iceman. “Nobody stops the Juggernaut” the other agent mocks. 'You got taken out by Frosty the $%#&*%!^ snowman!' the SHIELD agent laughs. 'Yer real confident, pal. Ready for anything, right? How about -' Juggernaut begins as he strains hard to break through the bonds that lock him in place. 'NOOOO!' one of the SHIELD agents calls out, worried that the powerful criminal is about to escape. Juggernaut laughs, and tells the agent that he thinks he is going to need to change his pants.

At that moment, elsewhere, the heroic sorcerer called Doctor Voodoo utters 'Beyond dimensions and across the land – Cyttorak's servants, heed my command'.


Juggernaut glances sideways and asks 'That's weird. Did you guys hear that?' Energy begins to whirl around the Juggernaut and the SHIELD agents become worried. 'Do something! Stop him!' one of them calls out. 'Looks like I gotta go... later, losers!' Juggernaut exclaims as he suddenly vanishes. 'Does this mean we're fired?' one of the agents asks her colleagues.


Avengers Mansion, where a shadow falls across several Avengers who are watching the Mansion be rebuilt. 'Oh, no -!' Jericho Drumm a.k.a. Doctor Voodoo utters as he looks up – and sees the Juggernaut fall towards him and his teammates. The Juggernaut shouts 'HA! Thanks fer breaking me free, ya chumps! Saved me the trouble of doing it myself!' as he lands among the Avengers, knocking Doctor Voodoo backwards into Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch, while Rogue is flung into the air, and Jan van Dyne the Wasp falls to her side. Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver is knocked over, while Emily Guerrero a.k.a. Synapse is able to leap backwards, out of harm's way. As the Juggernaut pulls his fist back, ready to slam into the ground again, Quicksilver speeds towards Synapse, 'Emily – watch out!' he exclaims as he grabs her in his arms and speeds away.

'Juggernaut! What's he doing here?' the Wasp calls out as she shrinks down to insect size and takes flight. 'Loa preserve me' Doctor Voodoo utters as he casts a spell to erect a force field in front of himself and Wanda, protecting them from the Juggernaut. But it's no use, as the Juggernaut slams his fist through the force field, 'Don't mess with me, magic man! I'll wreck you!' the Juggernaut calls out. Wanda casts a hex towards the Juggernaut, 'Stand down or my hexes will -' she begins, knocking the Juggernaut back for a moment, but the Juggernaut recovers and reaches for Wanda's face, 'The power of Cyttorak's bigger than whatever you're slinging, lady!' he boasts, before Rogue comes between them, 'Marko...you picked the wrong team to mess with' she tells Juggernaut as she pushes him back, then throws him out of the Mansion grounds, where he lands on a car parked on the street, flattening the car upon impact. 'Try that again, ya skunk-haired wench!' Juggernaut shouts back, while some civilians run in fear.

The Wasp flies over to Rogue and asks her what the plan is. Rogue declares that they have to isolate Juggernaut and lock him down. She instructs the Wasp to fly into Juggernaut's helmet and distract him, before telling Wanda and Voodoo to get a barrier ready, something strong and ordering Quicksilver and Synapse to clear bystanders and keep them clear. 'Forget it, Rogue! Let the magicians play janitor while Emily and I handle this lunkhead! We'll stop him before anyone gets hurt!' Quicksilver calls out as he carries Synapse while speeding towards the street outside the Mansion grounds. 'Are you sure?' Synapse asks. 'Of course!' Quicksilver smiles, while Rogue shouts 'Quicksilver! No!' as the Juggernaut hurls a car up into the air. 'Headstrong as always...' the Wasp remarks as she flies alongside Rogue. 'Damn fool's gonna get 'em both killed!' Rogue exclaims.

As the mysterious Cyytora creatures continue to rebuild the Mansion, seemingly oblivious to what is going on around them, Voodoo rubs his head and remarks that Juggernaut is powered by the magic of Cyttorak, just like the Cyttorak he brought here to fix the Mansion, so he supposes that he summoned Juggernaut here. 'It's all my fault' Voodoo admits. Wanda puts a hand on Voodoo's arm and tells him that they don't have time for blame, not now, and that lives are at stake.

'Pietro, you don't have to do this to impress me...' Synapse utters as Quicksilver continues to carry her towards the Juggernaut. 'Nonsense!' Pietro replies, smiling at Emily as he looks into her eyes. 'That's just a happy byproduct of our impending victory. We'll stop him cold and get proper praise for a change' Pietro adds. Juggernaut sees Quicksilver racing towards him and calls out 'Okay, speed freak! Come over here so I can swat ya!' He raises a car overhead while Quicksilver informs Synapse that Juggernaut's body is invulnerable, but his mind is putty, and without his helmet, he is useless. Quicksilver speeds in front of the Juggernaut, then drops Synapse off nearby as he boasts that he will remove the helmet, and then Synapse can enter Juggernaut's mind and put him to sleep. 'Got it!' Synapse calls back  as she watches Quicksilver run up onto the Juggernaut's body and start punching away at his helmet – and an instant later, Quicksilver drops to the ground, spinning the Juggernaut's helmet around by his finger. 'Voila!' Pietro smirks.

'Wait – he's not vulnerable!' Rogue shouts as she and the Wasp fly onto the scene. 'He's got a second helmet!' Rogue announces as a smaller helmet can be seen covering the Juggernaut's head. 'What?' the surprised Quicksilver asks, turning to see Juggernaut looming over Synapse, 'Oh, God! I can't -' Synapse begins, before the Juggernaut slams his fist into her, knocking the young Inhuman across the pavement with a powerful KRAK! 'NO!' Quicksilver gasps, wide-eyed. 'DAAAMN YOU!' Quicksilver exclaims as he runs straight towards the Juggernaut and slams into his armored body. 'Nice try, speedy' the Juggernaut frowns as Quicksilver bounces off the Juggernaut and lands on the ground nearby.

'You haven't wont yet!' the Wasp calls out as she flies over to the villain and blasts him with her wasp's sting. 'Yer annoying, Wasp, I'll give you that' the Juggernaut mutters, before telling her that he is ready for her now, which means he isn't going to move. Rogue then punches the Juggernaut in his armored chest, while back on the Mansion grounds, Voodoo commands the Cyttorak to do his bidding, informing them that their skills are needed elsewhere this day, he motions towards the Juggernaut, and the Cyttorak turn away from the Mansion they are rebuilding, while Wanda calls out to Rogue, telling her to bring the Juggernaut back here. 'Easier... said... than done!' Rogue calls back as she tries to push the Juggernaut onto the Mansion grounds. 'Push all you want. I'm stronger than you...' Juggernaut grins. 'It's true...so Ah'll stop pushing...and let your weight...do all the work!' Rogue replies as she suddenly lets go, and the surprised Juggernaut suddenly falls backwards, through the fence surrounding the Mansion grounds.

Voodoo hovers in the air as the Cyttorak close in around the Juggernaut. 'Another break, another tear – the fix I require is over there!' Voodoo tells the Cyttorak. 'HEY!'' the Juggernaut calls out as the Cyttorak gather aroiund him and begin clawing at his armored body. 'QUIT IT!' the Juggernaut shouts, overwhelmed by the strange creatures who keep repeating 'Cye' and 'Toe' over and over. Suddenly, 'I give up! Make 'em stop!' the Juggernaut declares, pleading with the Avengers. Rogue and the Wasp look in shock, as the Wasp points out that the Cyttorak are sealing Juggernaut inside his armor. Cain Marko screams, while Voodoo frowns at him, before he and Wanda hover at either side of the imprisoned Juggernaut, casting a spell, Voodoo utters 'Return at once, through the rift...depart, dear friends, and enjoy this gift!' The Cyttorak continue their chant, as they and Juggernaut begin to disappear through the portal, with the Juggernaut shouting 'I sweeeeaaarrr -' before he vanishes.

'Whew...it is done' Voodoo utters as he, Wanda, the Wasp and Rogue gather together. But Rogue goes wide-eyed when she looks over and sees Quicksilver and Synapse. 'No. not yet it isn't...we got an Avenger down' Rogue utters as she sees several civilians gather around Quicksilver, who is cradling the unmoving Synapse in his arms.

Four hours later, in a hospital waiting room, Wanda, Voodoo, Rogue and the Wasp sit together, while Quicksilver sits several seats away from them. The Wasp asks if there is any word from Johnny Storm, but Rogue tells her that there is nothing yet, although he has always been bad about checking his phone, and this legal stuff has his head scrambled. The four of them get to their feet when a doctor approaches them, thanking them for their patience, as the Wasp asks him what the prognosis is. The doctor reports that Synapse is stable. 'Thank God' Rogue smiles, while Wanda and Voodoo hug. However, the doctor informs the Avengers that it is not good news – that their friend suffered multiple fractures, torn muscles and internal bleeding – so recovery will be difficult. Quicksilver grips the edge of the seat he is sitting on as one of the Avengers asks if they can see Synapse. The doctor tells them that they can't straight away, as Synapse is heavily sedated, but he will notify them once she is conscious. Quicksilver gets to his feet when the doctor tells the Avengers that, given Synapse's abnormal physiology, he is recommending she be transferred to an Inhuman-run facility where she can be treated by specialists.

'I need to see her' Quicksilver declares as he steps in front of the doctor, who reminds him that he just said now is not the time. 'I don't give a damn what you -' Quicksilver replies, before Rogue grabs him by his shoulder and tells him that he has done enough. Clenching his fists, the frustrated Quicksilver spins around and snaps 'You do not speak for me!' to which Rogue tells him that she does if he wants to stay on this team. 'So, now Rogue wants to be leader, just like that! Great! I've been an Avenger longer than anyone here! Does that mean nothing?' Quicksilver asks. 'Excuse me? I'm a Founder, you moron' the Wasp declares, putting her hands on her hips. Voodoo tells Quicksilver that seniority does not determine leadership as he puts a hand on Quicksilver's shoulder. 'Fine, so Rogue is purest of us all, then?' Quicksilver asks. Voodoo tells him that his pain is understandable, but that it does not excuse his behavior, and calls him his friend. “Friend?” Quicksilver coughs back. 'Come, Wanda, I think we've had enough of this mismanaged group of ingrates...' Quicksilver calls out to his sister.

'No. your ego blinds you tro the truth, Pietro. It always has' Wanda interrupts her brother, who frowns. 'Synapse nearly died because of you, and you alone. Until you accept that and atone for it, you will not be welcome here' Wanda declares. Quicksilver rubs a tear from his eyes, before he speeds away. The four remaining Avengers stand in silence, before Wanda tells Rogue that she will stand with her – if she will have her, and Voodoo adds that he will do the same. 'You already know I'm on board' the Wasp adds. Rogue tells the others that she appreciates their support, before the Wasp asks where they go from here. Rogue looks out a window as she announces that it is pretty straight forward – now they try to fix things.

And, in one of the wards, Synapse lies still on the bed where is is connected to a machine to help her breathe. One of her legs is in a cast, an arm is in a sling, while the other arm is bandaged – and tucked under her hand is a note with her name on the envelope, “Emily”.

Characters Involved: 

Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Synapse, Wasp (all Avengers Unity Squad)





SHIELD agents



Story Notes: 

Juggernaut was defeated by Iceman in Iceman (3rd series) #5.

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