Solo Avengers #9

Issue Date: 
August 1988
Story Title: 
1st Story: In the Service of Justice - 2nd Story: Memoirs

1st Story: Tom DeFalco (writer), Mark Bright (penciler), Jose Marzan (inker), Janet Jackson (colorist)

2nd Story: JM DeMatteis (writer), June Brigman (penciler), Stan Drake (inker), Paul Becton (colorist)

Jack Morelli (letterer), Mark Gruenwald (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Hawkeye confronts a local gang member called Speedo, wanting to find out what he knows about Blind Justice. Speedo claims that he knows nothing, but that everyone on the street wants a piece of him. Hawkeye leaves, and Speedo calls a mysterious woman, telling her that they need to do something about Hawkeye. The woman agrees, and thinks that they can use Blind Justice to get rid of him. Hawkeye is training, while a reporter, Gayle Rogers, tries to ask him questions, but he is not really interested in talking to her. When he gets a phone call from Speedo, who has disguised his voice, he is told that something big is going to go down at the docks that night. Hawkeye goes to investigate, but when gang members start to attack him, he finds himself aided by the Shroud, who was on the docks when Speedo made the call to Hawkeye. The Shroud engulfs the dock in darkness, preventing Speedo from seeing what is going on from where he watches on a nearby rooftop. When the Shroud defeats all of the gang members, Hawkeye argues with him – until the Shroud points out that the main culprits are to be apprehended. Speedo gets concerned, but before he can escape, Blind Justice shows up, certain that Speedo should die for trying to kill an Avenger. Hawkeye is worried for Speedo, so fires an arrow to distract Blind Justice, but during that time, Speedo shoots Blind Justice, who falls off the rooftop – not without getting a shot in at Speedo, killing him. Blind Justice falls into the water, and Hawkeye and Shroud assume him dead, as they leave the dock they don't see a hand reach up from the water.

(2nd story)

Hellcat is appearing on the Bill Montague Show to promote her book, which chronicles her quite extraordinary life. Bill is a hard interviewer and tries to argue with Hellcat that her book is fiction. Hellcat defends herself, but finds it difficult to continue in the interview, regretting that she agreed to do this, and when Bill accuses her of leaving the Defenders because of the influx of mutants, she becomes hostile towards him, as that was not the reason she left the team. Before the interview can continue though, Hellcat's first husband, Mad-Dog, arrives in the studio, leaps on the stage and knocks Hellcat out with a toxin by biting into her neck. Hellcat wakes in a warehouse and discovers Mad-Dog has changed her into her costume, which she is not happy about. Mad-Dog wants them to get back together, become a team like Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Hellcat asks him why he isn't in jail still and he reveals he still has friends in high places. Mad-Dog explains how he was frustrated that Patsy sought out a life of adventure, which tore her away from him. Mad-Dog repeatedly tells Hellcat how much he loves her, but Hellcat claims she never loved him. This agitates him, and he starts attacking her, so she defends herself by scratching his eyes, then reiterating that she never loved him, before knocking him out. The authorities arrive to take Mad-Dog away, while Hellcat stands on a rooftop in the pouring rain and realizes that she did love him, she just refused to let herself remember.

Full Summary: 

1st story:

I'm real pleased that you could fit me into your busy schedule, Speedo even though I did show up without an appointment! Now, about that information I requested?' Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye frowns as he holds the man called Speedo back against a desk in Speedo's office, he bow pressed up against Speedo's chest. Speedo tells Hawkeye that he is crazy and that he can't help him, as he knows absolutely nothing about that creep Blind Justice. The office is trashed, and Speedo's associates lay strewn about the room as Hawkeye tells Speedo that he doesn't have time for any more fun 'n' games. 'Tell me how to find Justice – and do it quickly – because I'm about to get real annoyed with you – and you don't want that to happen!' Hawkeye exclaims. Speedo asks Hawkeye to stay cool, and assures him he would hand Blind Justice to him on a platter if he could. 'Please believe me!' Speedo exclaims.

'Why should I?' Hawkeye asks. 'Because that blasted vigilante lives to stick it to wise guys like me! He's bad for my business!' Speedo adds that everybody on the street wants a piece of Blind Justice – him included. Hawkeye lets Speedo go, telling him that he will buy his act – for now. Hawkeye turns to leave Speedo's office, and tells him that he is still an a-one weasel, and that he is going to keep his eye on him. Speedo rubs his throat and reaches for his phone, 'You just better watch yourself, hero. I intend to burn you! Burn you bad!' Speedo thinks to himself.

Sometime later, in the top-story apartment of a high-rise building, 'Calm down, Speedo' a woman remarks. 'I can't calm down, boss!' Speedo's voice can be heard saying over the telephone, informing the woman that the crazy Avenger called Hawkeye just trashed his entire gang, so they have got to do something about him – and now. The woman stands in the shadows of her apartment and tells Speedo that she understands, and is fully prepared to sanction the appropriate action, but that one must realize killing an Avenger is not a low-risk proposition. She explains to Speedo that they must be prepared to accept the consequences for this action, unless they can arrange for another party to appear guilty. 'I like the way you think, boss! Who you got in mind?' Speedo asks. The woman moves slightly into the light, showing off her shoulder-length blonde hair, as she reveals that, under the circumstances, she believes the costumed adventurer known as Blind Justice is the most appropriate candidate!

Later, across town in the Palos Verdes Compound of the West Coast Avengers:

‘'Your quips aren't going to save you this time, archer!' a voice calls out. 'No problem! If you want to play hard ball – got for it!' Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye calls back as he fires three arrows over the head of a woman in a green skirt and matching jacket, the arrows hit targets in the training room as Hawkeye hangs from a trapeze overhead. Hawkeye tells her that he doesn't care what she asks, as long as she stays out of his way and allows him to finish his daily workout. The woman writes some notes and tells him that rumor has it he is currently interested in a mysterious gentleman who calls himself Blind Justice. 'Maybe – maybe not! What's it to you, Miss Rogers?' Hawkeye responds as he somersaults from the trapeze down to the ground. Miss Rogers reminds Hawkeye that she is a reporter, and tells him that the public has a right to know if this character is a hyper-active vigilante, or a common street criminal who is bent on wiping out his competition.

Meanwhile, on a dock surrounded by several large warehouses, 'What's the deal, Zipper?' a man asks as he approaches the man called Zipper. Zipper tells the other man, and the men with him, that his boss, Speedo, is hosting a party tonight – a surprise party for Hawkeye and Blind Justice. 'Count us in!' the other man exclaims, while a figure standing behind some crates on the dock, hidden by the shadows, thinks to themselves 'Interesting!'

Back in the training room at the West Coast Compound, Hawkeye readies another arrow and tells Miss Rogers that he doesn't care what motivates Justice – he just knows that Blind Justice leaves a trail of bodies behind him – and that he must be stopped! Suddenly, Bobbi Morse Barton a.k.a. Mockingbird, Hawkeye's wife and teammate, enters the training room and informs Hawkeye that he has a phone call – and that it sounds like his friend Speedo is doing his best to disguise his voice. Hawkeye smiles and thanks Mockingbird, before taking the phone, where a voice tells him 'Listen up, hot shot, something big is going down on the docks tonight. 'Maybe your boy will be there' the voice suggests. 'Thanks for the tip' Hawkeye replies, while at the dock, Speedo hangs a payphone up and tells Zipper that Hawkeye bought it. 'Great, boss! If Justice does show up, we can bag 'em both!' Zipper suggests.

Hours later, after night has engulfed the city – it is midnight, the Witching Hour. But it is not a witch that haunts the city this night. 'I'm running late!' Clint thinks to himself as her runs along a rooftop, reminding himself that he had to make sure none of the other Avengers followed him, as this has to be a solo show. He leaps onto another rooftop, thinking to himself that he can't afford any mistakes. As he lands, several pigeons fly up, distracting him, 'I didn't see them in the dark' Clint admits to himself as he slips off the rooftop, luckily he clings to a ledge, and pulls himself back up. 'Talk about embarrassing' Clint thinks, unaware that someone is watching him through a target, he tells himself that he is real glad no one can see him now.

Sitting on the rooftop, Clint decides to check the area, as Speedo didn't invite him here as a gesture of good will. Suddenly, the gang member crouched behind a crate that was looking at Hawkeye is suddenly pulled backwards by a figure in the shadows. Hawkeye drops down onto the dock and thinks it is odd, that nothing is stirring. He was sure there would be a reception committee, but doesn't see two men appear from behind some crates – but as they move towards Hawkeye, they are both suddenly engulfed in a shroud of darkness. Hawkeye hopes that this is the right docks, and jokes that he might not get invited to another ambush if he screwed up this one. He walks past some more crates, wishing something would happen. He is starting to feel like a jerk with all this skulking sound. He wonders if he should turn up his hearing aid in case he is missing something, when suddenly, he hears a clicking noise, and wonders if it was a gun.

Several men are waiting behind the crate, another is on top of it, when suddenly, they make their presence known, 'Blast him!' someone shouts. 'Blow him away!' he orders, while another points out that the Blind Justice guy isn't here yet. 'Forget him – and ice the Archer!' another calls out as her opens fire on Hawkeye, who dodges the blast, taking cover behind another crate. 'Good ol' Speedo! I should've had more faith in him! That slime bucket never could resist an opportunity to set me up!' Hawkeye thinks to himself, firing some arrows, he hopes that Speedo didn't pay these bozos in advance, as they shoot so badly, but his problem is, he doesn't know who to take out first! One of his arrows knocks a gun from one of the thugs' hands, and Clint leaps at another, punching him in the face, while wondering if he should test some of his new arrows against this bunch – but decides that they are not worth the effort.

Hawkeye quickly ducks behind another crate, wishing he packed his boxing glove arrow, as this is the kind of fight that practically demands it! Suddenly, 'If it is cover you seek, Hawkeye – I shall be honored to provide it for you!' a voice calls out, and Hawkeye looks up to see the Shroud standing on a crate nearby, releasing his Darkforce powers, he blankets the dock in darkness. 'Hey! What's going on?' one of the gang members calls out. 'Where'd that black mist come from?' another asks. 'Who cares – scatter!' a third shouts. Hawkeye tells the Shroud that was nice going, and asks what he is supposed to do now, as he can't fight if he can't see. Shroud tells the Avenger not to fear, and leaps towards two gang members, 'I am the hand of darkness' he declares. 'The master of the Night Shift. I shall be your fists! Your fury! I will strike in your stead!' the Shroud boasts as he knocks out another gang member, then another, while Hawkeye thinks to himself that this is ridiculous.

'Totally ridiculous!' Speedo exclaims as he stands on a rooftop and looks down at the dock through binoculars. Zipper asks his boss what is wrong, and Speedo declares that he is furious, as he paid good money to see that big-mouthed bow-slinging stooge get stomped – and he can't see a thing!

'Not one blasted thing! I could take pot shots at every sound my hyped-up hearing pinpoints – but I might hit the Dark-Night Dingbat!' Hawkeye thinks to himself. 'Wait'll I get my hands on that glory-grabbing goon!' Clint tells himself, when suddenly, a hand reaches out through the darkness and grabs Hawkeye – the Darkforce cloud fades away, and the Shroud informs Hawkeye that it is over, the battle is ended. 'No foolin!' Hawkeye retorts, before telling the Shroud that if he wanted to sit on the sidelines, he would have bought tickets to Wrestlemania! Hawkeye stares the Shroud down,  his face pressed up against the Shroud's and explains that he was trying to prolong this stupid fight until Blind Justice showed up. 'And you blew it!' Hawkeye snaps.

The Shroud tells Hawkeye to calm himself, as the main culprits have yet to be apprehended – and he points up to the rooftop where Speedo and Zipper are standing. 'Uh-oh! I think we've been spotted, Zipper!' Speedo announces as he sees the Shroud pointing at him. 'We'd better make tracks before... uh, Zipper? Zipper?' Speedo calls out, but gets no response – Zipper has vanished. 'He has already deserted you, Speedo!' a voice remarks, and Speedo turns to see a figure standing near him. 'You!' Speedo exclaims. The new arrival warns Speedo not to reach for his gun. Blind Justice steps forward and remarks that Speedo is neither fast nor lucky enough to escape his just punishment. 'You tried to kill an Avenger, tonight! Justice demands that you are the one that dies!' Blind Justice explains. 'Aw, c'mon – can't you take a joke?' Speedo asks, explaining that he was just having a little fun with Hawkeye.

At that moment, Hawkeye sees Blind Justice, and realizes that he has to distract Blind Justice before he can blast Speedo. He fires two arrows up to the rooftop, 'What the -' Blind Justice remarks, startled, while Speedo grabs his own gun and opens fire, blasting Blind Justice and remarking that it looks like Hawk did him a good turn. 'It's a real shame he doesn't shoot to kill!' As Blind Justice falls backwards off the rooftop, he manages to fire his weapon, 'But I do, Speedo!' he calls out, his weaponfire striking Speedo, who screams and falls backwards. 'Justice!' Hawkeye calls out as Blind Justice falls into the water beneath the building. 'No! No! This isn't the way I wanted it to end!' Hakweye remarks, adding that he didn't realize Speedo was packing, as his type usually leaves the rough stuff to his hired help.

Shroud tells Hawkeye that he can't blame himself, and wonders if it is better this way, as Justice would never have survived a prison term. 'At last, he knows true peace...true justice' Shroud suggests as he and Hawkeye turn and walk away from the dock. 'Does he? I wonder' Hawkeye replies, neither of the two seeing a hand reach up out of the water and grab a ladder connected to the dock....


2nd story:

In an alleyway, several stray dogs gather around a trashcan that has been upturned. They look upwards, and start to climb onto the trashcan as something – or someone – leaps over the alleyway, from one rooftop to the next, teeth bared, the moon shines down on the rooftop, the figure perches on the edge of the rooftop, and stares down at the crowds gathering outside the ABC Studios building, where the Bill Montague Show is being filmed.

Bill Montague announces that the audience is about to meet a woman whose mother immortalized her in a series of popular comics, who claims to have lived on Titan – one of Saturn's moons – and who swears she is married to the son of the Devil. 'Unusual? Well, keep in mind that she's been an integral part of both the Avengers and Defenders – and she's currently half owner of the San Francisco-based Hellstrom Investigations Inc – a self-proclaimed ghostbusters team. 'And no, her partner's not Bill Murray' Bill jokes, before announcing that she is here today to tell everyone about her just published book, a look back at her extraordinary life and career. 'Please... join us in welcoming the author of “The Hellcat Chronicles” Ms Patsy Walker Hellstrom!' Bill exclaims. 'Thank you, Bill' Patsy replies as she sits opposite him on a tall chair, while thinking to herself 'I think I'm gonna throw up'. She wears a mink skirt and off-the shoulder top, while her hair is sleeked back behind her shoulders. Photos of several of her former teammates in the Avengers and Defenders line the stage wall, while her costume can be seen on display in a glass cabinet.

Bill welcomes Patsy, and she tells him that it is a pleasure to be here. 'Liar' Patsy thinks to herself, as Bill remarks 'This book of yours which claims to be a fact-based memoir -' to which Patsy interrupts him, declaring that it is not a claim, it is the truth, to which Bill tells her that some people have suggested that there's more imagination at work here than fact. 'Some people are wrong, Bill!' Patsy snaps, while wondering why she is doing this, and unaware that someone, a tongue flickers out of a sharp-toothed mouth, red eyes wide with rage. Bill asks Patsy if he detects nervousness on her part, to which Patsy admits 'Maybe a little' and Bill asks her why. Patsy is upfront with Bill and tells him that he has a reputation as a rather aggressive interviewer. 'Do I?' comes Bill's response, as suddenly, on a nearby foyer, people begin to run in fear – as the Mad-Dog leaps over them.

Bill tells Patsy that she of all people should know the difference between reputation and reality, and points out that her husband, Daimon Hellstrom is a good case in point – what with the absurd claim that his father is the Devil.

'Think I'll rip her heart out' Mad-Dog thinks to himself as he moves through the studio, while Patsy tells Bill that, firstly, Daimon's father is not the Devil. 'He's a Devil... one of the...' Patsy begins, but Bill interrupts her, 'You do say in your book that Mr Hellstrom is the Son of Satan, don't you?' to which Patsy explains that her father-in-law took the name of the biblical Satan. 'But he wasn't...' she begins, while wondering 'Father-in-law?' to herself, and then announcing that it is all explained very clearly in chapter fifteen. 'Frankly, it confused the heck outta me!' Bill replies, to which Patsy suggests that they should move onto something he will have a little less trouble understanding. The lights positioned above the audience shine down brightly on Patsy, while Mad-Dog continues his rampage through the studio.

'Fine. You spent a number of years with a group of so-called super-heroes?' Bill remarks. 'Which group?' Patsy asks him. 'The Defenders' Bill clarifies, before asking if three members of that group were mutants. Patsy explains that when she was with the Defenders, the only mutant on the team was the Beast, while Iceman and Angel joined later. 'Then you left because of the influx of mutants?' Bill asks. 'What? No, of course not!' Patsy asserts. 'Then you support the mutant cause?' Bill enquires. 'Exactly what is the mutant cause, Bill?' Patsy asks, unimpressed. 'You big jerk' she thinks to herself.

As Mad-Dog rushes to the door to the studio, marked with a red light that indicates “on the air”, Bill explains that some people would have them believe that mutants want to overthrow normal human society and set themselves up – 'Bull! Mutaphobic bull!' Patsy interrupts him. Leaning forward, she points her finger at Bill, who drops her book. 'First I'll murder my agent. Then my publisher, then...' Patsy thinks to herself, while Mad-Dog bares his fangs.

'Look, I'm not here to debate hot political issues... my book is about one life... a woman struggling to find her identity in the 1980s!' Patsy announces. 'I didn't really say that!' she thinks to herself, while Bill suggests they focus on a more personal issue, pointing out that Patsy devotes considerable space in her book to her first marriage to robert Baxter, a military hero. '- who's currently spending time in a federal prison for helping the Secret Empire in their attempts to start World War III!' Patsy exclaims, while Mad-Dog crouches down the aisle, audience members turn as he slowly moves closer to the stage. Patsy reports that her marriage to Buzz was a mistake, that she didn't love him – she was rebelling against her mother. 'Look for a way out of -' Patsy begins, before Mad-Dog raises his hand, 'A question' he calls out, but Bill explains that they are not taking audience questions just yet – which causes Mad-Dog to leap onto the stage.

Pushing Bill to one side, he glares at Patsy and shouts 'I've got a QUESTION!' Patsy is shocked to see Buzz Baxter her first husband dressed as Mad-Dog but she was blinded by the studio lights so is slow to react, enabling Mad-Dog to plunge his teeth into her neck. Patsy knows that if she tries to move, he will rip her throat open. Mad-Dog grabs Patsy by her hair and asks her why she tells so many lies about him. Patsy can't move – she thinks there was some sort of poison on Mad-Dog's teeth, before she passes out.

There is darkness, then Patsy wakes to find Mad-Dog crouched over her, his red bloodshot eyes leering at her, he is practically foaming at the mouth. 'Hello – darling' he utters. Patsy finds herself dressed in her Hellcat costume, and tries to sit up. 'Ooo... my head feels like... Buzz Baxter! You son of a -' she begins, as Mad-Dog tells Patsy that swearing never was her style. 'Have you really changed that much?' he asks, before telling Patsy not to call him Buzz, as Mad-Dog is so much more dramatic. Patsy looks around the warehouse lined with crates and boxes and asks where she is. She stands up and leans against a crate as Mad-Dog informs her that they are in a warehouse in Lower Manhattan, and that he slipped her into her Hellcat costume, as he thought it would be a nice touch. 'You put this on me? You took off my -?!' Patsy exclaims, horrified, as Mad-Dog tells her that he enjoyed it, and that it is nice to know she hasn't changed completely.

'You're supposed to be in prison!' Patsy exclaims. Mad-Dog confirms that he was, but that he still has friends in high places, so he got out. 'Obviously' Patsy mutters, before asking Buzz what it is going to be – is she going to have to kick the alpo out of him like she did last time, when he tried to stop her marrying Daimon. 'You don't understand, do you? You never did' Mad-Dog remarks as he puts a hand around Patsy's waist. 'Oh, I understand, all right!' Patsy exclaims as she elbows Mad-Dog in the stomach, knocking him backwards. Mad-Dog tells Patsy not to be a good, as she is still disorientated from his bite. Patsy knows that Buzz is right, as every motion makes her dizzy. 'My arm!' Patsy screams as Mad-Dog grabs her and twists her arm backwards. Mad-Dog leans into Patsy and reveals that his teeth are hollow – like a snake's – filled with nasty chemicals, so he could have killed her if he wanted to. 'My arm...' Patsy utters, as Mad-Dog lets her fall to the ground.

Mad-Dog stands over Patsy and tells her that he doesn't want to kill her. 'You're sick!' Patsy tells him, as Mad-Dog declares that he wants Patsy to listen to him, he wants to make her understand. 'I love you, Patsy! We... we  were once so important to each other! We shared so much! We -' he begins, as Patsy avoids looking at Buzz and tells him that they shared nothing. 'I never loved y-' she begins, 'WHY DO YOU KEEP LYING!' Mad-Dog snarls. He holds Patsy in his arms and strokes her masked face, asking her if she knows what it is like to watch someone you love change, turn away  from you. 'You... you were such a sweet, innocent girl. Someone to be held and cherished and protected. But then – then you started getting ideas about being independent... getting a job... finding yourself!' he growls, starting to get agitated, Mad-Dog begins foaming at the mouth again and pushes Patsy backwards, she falls to the ground again.

'WHAT WAS THERE TO FIND, PATSY!?' Mad-Dog roars, throwing his arms into the air, he tells Patsy that he could have given her everything – so why wouldn't she let him? 'The only thing you ever gave me was pain!' Patsy calls back, to which Mad-Dog kicks her hard and tells her to shut up and let him talk. Mad-Dog squats down and asks Patsy why she thinks he asked the Brand Corporation to turn him into Mad-Dog – he did it for her! 'You'd become an Avenger... a costumed hero. I wanted to prove that I could do it, too! That I could -' Mad-Dog begins, before Patsy gets onto her knees and tells Buzz that he said it himself – she became a hero, while he became a criminal. 'No! I was a patriot! Brand and the Secret Empire were trying to save this country!' Mad-Dog claims, while Patsy hopes Buzz will keep ranting so he won't notice her getting ready to pounce. Buzz asks Patsy if they have to argue about the past – he has made mistakes and is sorry – he wants to make it up to her. Patsy grits her teeth, then leaps forward as Mad-Dog asks her to come away with him – they can be a team just like Hawkeye and Mockingbird. 'You're out of your mind!' Hellcat exclaims as she begins scratching away at Mad-Dog's chest.

'You've re-written the past... and now you're trying to create some fairy tale future!' Patsy declares. Mad-Dog punches Hellcat off of him and tells her that he loves her, and she loved him once – but he can see now that she believes all those lies she wrote in that book. Hellcat falls backwards and Mad-Dog gets on top of her, 'I see now – that I have to KILL you!' he snaps. But Hellcat scratches Mad-Dog's face, causing him to howl. 'I wrote the truth!' Patsy declares as she slides away from Mad-Dog, then kicks him into the air, announcing that she never loved him. 'NEVER!' Hellcat screams as she leaps at Mad-Dog who is still reeling from the scratches to his eyes, and Patsy slams him into some crates. Mad-Dog drops to the floor, 'Yes, you did. Yes... you...' he utters, before he passes out.

'I did' Patsy admits to herself, thinking all these years she has been trying so hard to pull away from the person she used to be, from the monster Buzz had become, that she forgot. 'No... I didn't forget' Patsy decides, remembering her wedding with Buzz, she kneels beside him, and touches his face.

Shortly, police have arrived and take Mad-Dog into a police car, the rain pours down and Hellcat watches from a rooftop, hugging herself, she decides that she just refused to let herself remember.

Characters Involved: 

1st story:

Hawkeye, Mockingbird (both West Coast Avengers)



Blind Justice


Gayle Rogers


Unidentified woman

Speedo & Zipper

Speedo's gang

Other gang members


2nd story:





Bill Montague


Police officers


in photographs:

Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision (all Avengers)

Dr Strange, Gargoyle, Hellstorm, Nighthawk, Valkyrie (all Defenders)


in Hellcat's memory:

Patsy Walker & Buzz Bazter


Story Notes: 

1st story:

The identity of Speedo's mysterious employer is never confirmed, although speculation is that she is Lotus Newmark, either wearing a wig or with blonde colored hair.

First appearance of Gayle Rogers.

Blind Justice never appears after this issue, but apparently he survived his fall into the water, as he was identified by Iron Man as a potential recruit for the Initiative in Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

Considering Hawkeye witnessed Blind Justice shot at close range in Solo Avengers #8, and walk away from the shot without injury, it seems odd that he wouldn't check the water to find Blind Justice after his fall.

2nd story:

Patsy Walker first appeared in countless romance and comedy comics in the 1930s, before she made her debut in the Marvel Universe proper at the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. All of those stories from comics such as “Patsy and Hedy” “Patsy and her Pals” etc are considered non-canon fictionalised events of Patsy's childhood as chronicled by her mother, and published as comics within the main Marvel Universe.

Patsy married Daimon Hellstrom in New Defenders #125, they both left the team and semi-retired, forming Hellstrom Investigations in West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #14.

Although Bill mentions Patsy was an integral part of the Avengers and Defenders, Patsy's original time with the Avengers was brief, and mostly not as an actual member of the team [Avengers (1st series) #137-151]. She was a much more integral part of the core Defenders team, joining in Defenders (1st series) #44 and lasting until she and Hellstrom left in New Defenders #125.

Patsy's time on Titan has not been chronicled in detail, but she spent time there between Avengers (1st series) #151 and Defenders (1st series) #44. 

Bill Murray played one of the Ghostbusters in the live-action 1984 film, and its 1989 sequel.

“The Hellcat Chronicles” is only the first book that Patsy writes about her amazing life. When she is resurrected, she writes a second book called “Like a Cat Outta Hell” [Marvel Divas #1]

Mad-Dog and his allies attempted to start World War III in New Defenders #128-130. He was arrested in #130, and this marks his first appearance since his arrest.

Mad-Dog tried to stop Patsy's wedding to Hellstrom in New Defenders #125.

Patsy's appearance this issue takes place between West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #14-16 and Avengers (1st series) #305.


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