Solo Avengers #2

Issue Date: 
January 1988
Story Title: 
The Way of thje Arrow (1st story) - Out of Control (2nd story)

1st Story: Tom DeFalco (writer), Mark Bright (penciler), Joe Rubinstein (inker), Jack Morelli (letterer), Paul Becton (colorist),
2nd Story: Roger Stern (writer), Kieron Dwyer (penciler), Bob McLeod (inker), Bill Oakely (letterer), Gregory Wright (colorist)
Mark Gruenwald (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)
Hawkeye is having a training session, and Mockingbird notices that he has been pushing himself very hard. She asks him what is bothering him, and he confides in her his true origin, revealing how he and his brother Barney had an unhappy childhood, and when their parents died, they were sent to an orphanage, but they were never adopted, so joined up with a traveling carnival, where Clint was trained by the Swordsman, until the Swordsman handed him over to new arrival Trick Shot, wanting him to train Clint in the technique of archery. Clint became an adept student, but when he discovered the Swordsman stealing from the carnival to pay off his gambling debts, Clint tried to report the Swordsman, who caused a near-fatal injury for Clint. Trick Shot watched over Clint as he recovered, and continued his training. But when it came for Clint to earn his keep, Trick Shot took him to a house where he was told to keep watch, as Trick Shot went in an killed a man named Marko. Clint was confronted by someone, and startled, shot him with his arrow – it was his brother. Trick Shot refused to help Clint, and trapped him against a tree, warning him that one day he will come back for him, and it will be to kill him. Hawkeye then reveals to Mockingbird that he has been sent a one-way ticket to Paris!

(2nd story)
Captain Marvel is on her way to the Bern Institute after receiving a message from Professor LeClare, but en route, her powers go out of control and she destroys part of a resort. Fearing her powers are a danger, she flies into space so that she won't unleash any further damage. She sends a radio transmission to Professor LeClare, who reveals that there is nothing wrong with her, and that this is a trap. When the transmission ends, Captain Marvel fears for LeClare, so she returns to Earth, arriving within seconds, and finds Picaro, wearing an exo-skeleton, holding LeClare and other scientists hostage. He wants the power that he believes should have been his, and warns Captain Marvel that if she doesn't transfer her powers willingly, he will take them with force and kill the scientists. Captain Marvel offers to comply, but punches her opponent instead, and with him distracted, flees from the institute so that he will follow her, and not harm the other scientists. Picaro follows her though, so eventually Captain Marvel in her energy form flies into his exo-skeleton, and overloads it – resulting in a massive explosion that destroys a mountain top. LeClare and the other scientists arrive on scene and after running tests on Captain Marvel, who absorbed the massive energy overload, and determine that she is fine, while Picaro may never regain consciousness. Captain Marvel leaves to go assist with the rebuild of the resort she damaged, and LeClare comments on how humanity should learn to use its power the way Captain Marvel does hers.

Full Summary: 

1st story:
'Can't let those electro-blasters distract me!' Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye tells himself as he darts under the laser beams and swings on a trapeze hanging from above. His bow is held under his feet and he pulls back on the string, readying three arrows, he knows that he needs all his skill, all his concentration to make this last shot, or else these walls will be splattered with Hakweye soup. He tells himself to time it just right, he won't get a second chance. His wife and fellow West Coast Avengers, Bobbi Morse-Barton a.k.a. Mockingbird is in the training room control room, and presses a button on the console, which releases two large missiles. Hawkeye fires his arrows at the missiles, two strike the missiles, causing them to explode, while the third strikes a lever, ending the training scenario.

Bobbi enters the training room and tells her husband 'That was fantastic' and informs him that he crossed the training gauntlet in record time, snagging both missiles and the cut-off switch with a single shot. Clint laments that he should have been faster, and adds that his timing was off a full three seconds. Clint looks around at the damage in the training room, before Bobbi asks him what is bothering him, pointing out that he has been pushing so hard lately. Clint doesn't respond, so Bobbi asks her husband if he is worried about the goons who tried to ace them last week. 'Talk to me, Hawk! Tell me what's wrong!' Bobbi pleads. 'Yeah.... I guess I just don't know where to...' Clint begins, before launching into his story:

Clint asks Bobbi if he ever told her that his father was a butcher by trade, and owned a small shop in Waverly, the armpit of Iowa, and his old town. Clint remembers the hours that they used to put in at that store – his mom at the cash register, his pop behind the counter, and his big brother, Barney, and he helping out after school. Clint reveals that his pop was a real workhorse, popular with his customers, too, but he couldn't control his liquor, or his temper. Clint remembers one night his drunk father shouting 'I'm gonna kill that smart-mouth brat!' and his mother trying to hold him back. He knows that his mother did her best to protect he and Barney, but she wasn't always successful – and when his father was drinking, there was no living with him. Clint remembers his brother wiping his face after his father beat him, and asking his brother if he was okay. His brother boasted that he will be bigger than his father one day – and then he will show him – he will show them all.

Clint tells Bobbi that he uses to think that if he could just work harder, and be a better son, then his pop would just naturally become a better father – but no such luck. Eventually, his father's drinking got the best of him and his mother, as they were killed in a car accident. Clint remembers how his mother used to work so hard to make things work out – so very hard. With no other close relatives, Clint and Barney were sent to the orphanage. Clint recalls that it wasn't such a bad place, as far as those things go, but they were too old to be considered by most of the young couples who were looking to adopt. Barney began taking his frustrations out on Clint, who tried to win him over by being a better brother and doing all his chores – only that trick never worked.

One night when Clint was about thirteen or so, Barney finally had his fill, and decided to run away from the orphanage – Clint didn't want to go, but Barney was his only family, so he couldn't just let Barney leave alone. The Barton brothers had a few rough and hungry days on the road, but they eventually wound up at a traveling carnival that had just come to town. Barney was always a fast-talker, and somehow he managed to get the owner to hire them. They busted their backs doing all sorts of odd jobs, but they loved it, and they tagged along when the carnival left town. They were living high – the carnival folk made them feel right at home, as if they were part of a large family – and they got to see all the acts for free – but their favorite always was the Swordsman!

Clint remembers a crazy act that the Swordsman had where he would wrap his assistant in ribbons from head to toe, then he would hack away at her, his sword flashing faster than the human eye could follow – until she was completely free. Until one day, when he cut a little too close: 'Hey! My hair!' the assistant screamed as Swordsman cut off a few locks of her hair. 'That does it! I've had enough!' the woman declared as she marched away, with the Swordsman telling her to go and that she is easily replaced, adding that he needed an assistant with courage. The Swordsman turned to the Barton boys and asked if one of them would like to be a star. 'No way, Ivanhoe!' Barney retorted, while Clint smiled and announced that he would like to give it a try. 'I like you, kid! You've got guts!' the Swordsman replied.

They began their training, which included Clint being strapped to a spinning wheel as the Swordsman darted his sword about, telling Clint to relax and leave everything to him – not to move, even flinch, no matter how close the sword would get. The Swordsman assured Clint that he had nothing to fear, so long as he did what he was told, and after the training, the Swordsman assured Clint that he did all right, and that  he was certain he could use him. He suggested that if Clint had a good eye and sharp reflexes, the Swordsman might even be able to teach him to throw knives so that he could really contribute to the act. Barney overheard this and didn't seem to like what was going on.

So in the days that followed, Swordsman began training Clint – talk about discipline! He would plunk Clint down in front of a target and make him practice for a full eight hours every day – but he did it eagerly, as he wanted to succeed, to impress the Swordsman, who had almost become like a real father to Clint, who worshipped him, and desperately sought his approval. But one day, their practice session was rudely interrupted as someone fired several arrows onto the target that Clint and the Swordsman were using. 'Sorry, pal' a chunky man in a purple and black costume belches as he throws a beer can onto the ground. 'Never could resist showing off' he claims, before wiping his mouth and telling the Swordsman that the kid ain't half bad. 'Bout time you spruced up your act' the chunky man added, before boasting that he – Trick Shot – was the new star of the show. 'And don't you forget it' he warned the Swordsman.

A new attraction to the carnival, Trick Shot soon became the featured attraction, stealing the top spot from the Swordsman – but the Swordsman had a plan to get even, and one night, while the two were in one of the caravans, the Swordsman told Trick Shot 'That was a nasty run of bad luck, Tricky ol' boy! You owe me a whole week's pay'. The Swordsman announced that he was willing to forget it, if he taught Clint some archery. Trick Shot asked what was wrong with throwing knives, to which the Swordsman explained that it was not as popular with the crowd, and he wanted to exploit Clint to his fullest.

And so, Clint began his training with Trick Shot, who told Clint that he had to learn to use the bow gently, naturally, instinctively, such is the way of the arrow. Within a few months, Clint became pretty good, and while with the Swordsman, told him that Trick Shot said he had a natural flair for achery. 'Someday I'll be as good with my bow as you are with your sword! You'll see!' Clint exclaimed. 'Don't try it, boy...don't ever try it' the Swordsman responded. 'I'm warning wouldn't be healthy! Don't ever forget...whcih one of us is the master!' the Swordsman shouted, throwing his sword at the target, splitting Clint's arrow in two. Barney saw this, and told Clint not to take it so personal. 'The guy's only using you! He's on a power trip!' Barney declared. Clint told his brother to do him a favor and to shut up.

At the time, Clint didn't realize the kind of pressure the Swordsman was under, he just knew that he always seemed tense, irritable and moody, but Clint had no idea why. The Swordsman had always been a bit of a gambler, but his luck had recently turned sour, and he couldn't pay his debts. The Swordsman discovered a note in his caravan from someone named Marko, warning him to pay up, or else something will get broken. Clint thinks this is what pushed the Swordsman over the edge, as later that night, Clint rushed to the Swordsman's caravan: 'Did you hear that someone struck the paymaster from behind and robbed the entire -' Clint called out as he barged into the Swordsman's caravan, seeing his former mentor with a bag of money, he asked him where he got the money from. 'You little punk! I warned you never to come in here without asking first!' the Swordsman snapped, before warning Clint that now he knows, he is with him, declaring that no one will ever catch them, not with his sword and Clint's bow.

'Forget it, I'm getting out of here!' Clint responded as he turned and ran from the Swordsman's caravan, but the Swordsman gave chase: 'So! You're turning your back on me, are you?' he called out. The area was complete deserted, Clint supposed that everyone else was at the paymaster's wagon, at the opposite end of the carnival lot, so Clint panicked, ran into the main tent and climbed the high-wire, thinking that the Swordsman wouldn't dare follow him – but Clint was wrong, and the Swordsman climbed the rope ladder – then cut the high-wire: 'Ignorant pup! With one simple thrust I'll end your career... and your life!' the Swordsman shouted as Clint fell to the hard ground below. Clint was beaten, helpless – but before the Swordsman could come over and finish him off, a voice shouted 'Get away from that kid!' and several arrows were fired towards the Swordsman.

Trick Shot and Barney stand over Clint, and Trick Shot alerted Barney to the fact that the Swordsman was getting away. 'Fine by me! I ain't looking to tangle with him' Barney replied, announcing that he wanted to know why the Swordsman attacked his brother. Clint will never forget the angry look on Barney's face, the way he reacted when Clint told him what happened. 'He was willing to split the receipts with you and you turned him down? We could have been on easy street – but you muffed it!' Barney snapped. Barney then vanished later that night, and Clint awoke in the hospital to discover compound fractures in both legs – and Trick Shot sitting at his bed side, announcing that he had a proposition for Clint. Trick Shot told Clint that with his natural ability, he can train him to be a hotshot archer, for a price. 'What kind of price?' Clint asked, to which Trick Shot replied 'Does it really matter?'

It didn't, because Clint had nowhere else to go, and he started his training while he was still recovering and wheelchair-bound. Trick Shot was an excellent teacher and made Clint the archer that he is today. It was Trick Shot who introduced Clint to the concept of the gimmick arrow – an arrow custom-made for a single, specific purpose. While outside, Clint watched as Trick Shot fired an arrow at a bird, striking it and killing it, and Clint realized that Trick Shot really enjoyed killing and inflicting pain. He made Clint sick, but Clint desperate wanted the knowledge that was Trick Shot's to give – so he stayed.

Every now and then, Trick Shot would take off for a few days, but Clint didn't think much of it at the time, deciding that, after his experience with the Swordsman, it was better to not to stick his nose into other people's business, so he continued to practice, and practice some more. Trick Shot watched Clint practice and told him that he was getting there, and that soon he should be ready. 'For what?' Clint asked, to which Trick Shot told him that he will let him know when that happens.

Once Clint's legs were fully healed, he became anxious to rejoin the carnival, but Trick Shot told him that he could yet, as there was a special job to do first. There was an envelope left on Trick Shot's car windshield, and opening it, he pulled out a photo – Clint recognized the man in the photo as someone the Swordsman used to play cards with – someone called Marko. Trick Shot told Clint that it was time he started earning his keep. But Clint didn't know what Trick Shot meant – until later that night, as they stood outside a high fence surrounding a large house. Clint asked Trick Shot what they were doing, what was going on, but Trick Shot just told him to be quiet. They made their way over the fence and into the property, as Trick Shot ordered Clint to follow him. As Trick Shot entered the house, he instructed Clint to  stay outside and sing out if anyone comes. 'But, Trick -!' Clint called out nervously. 'Not now, kid!' Trick Shot responded.

Making his way into the house, Trick Shot found Marko, counting money in another room, Trick Shot asked him if that was the money he had been skimming from the big boys. 'TRICK SHOT!' Marko exclaimed, reaching for his gun, but too slow, as Trick Shot raised his bow and arrow, he opens fire, telling Marko that they might have come to an arrangement if he hadn't been so trigger happy. Outside, Clint heard the screams that Marko cried out, but he had his own problems, as two gunmen outside came across Clint and opened fire. Clint fired back with his arrows, while, inside, Trick Shot stood over Marko's body – and the body of his wife, who had two arrows sticking out of her. 'I'm so glad your wife heard your scream, Marko. It's so untidy to leave a widow behind' Trick Shot joked.

Clint managed to pin the two gunmen to a wall, but before he could make another move, a spotlight hit him, and a voice cried out 'You're dead, punk!' Blinded by the spotlight, Clint instinctively whirled and fired in the direction of the voice, even as his side exploded in agony as a bullet struck him. He was hurt, bleeding and in shock, but he stumbled forward to the motionless figure lying on the ground nearby. 'Please don't let him be dead...' Clint uttered. 'I didn't mean to kill anyone!' he exclaimed – but as he saw the man's face, Clint's entire world came crashing down around him – he fired the arrow into his brother!

Trick Shot arrived on scene and told Clint to forget his brother, as they had to make tracks before more guns arrived. 'He's my brother, Trick! And he needs help!' Clint replied. 'I said we're leaving!' Trick Shot snapped. Clint raised his bow and arrow to Trick Shot and declared that he was taking his brother to a hospital, and that Trick Shot would not be able to stop him. Trick Shot frowned, and told Clint for the last time, they were leaving. 'I'm warning you Trick! I'll shoot!' Clint shouted back. 'Then do it! Do it!' Trick Shot scowled – so Clint did – but as his one arrow shot towards Trick Shot, four arrows were fired at the same time by Trick Shot – and Clint never had a chance.

'I could have killed you just now, sonny-boy...but I only kill for money...and for my own pleasure' Trick Shot frowned. He walked over to Clint, who was pinned to a tree with the four arrows, and told him 'You owe me kid! Owe me big for all the knowledge I've given you! The price is your life!' Trick Shot shouted, deciding that Clint was not quite ripe enough, that he needed more experience, more seasoning, he told Clint that he was going to wait until he made something of himself – until he has something worth losing! Trick Shot turned and walked away, warning Clint that he would return – and then he would kill him.

Clint tells Bobbi that, somehow, he managed to get Barney to a hospital, but he left before Barney regained consciousness – he couldn't face him. 'Oh, Hawk, why are you tell me all of this now?' Bobbi asks. Clint tells her that he has made quite a success of his life, he is chairman of the West Coast Avengers – and is married to a very beautiful woman. 'I couldn't have been happier... until I received this!' Clint adds, holding up a small envelope, he shows Bobbi that it is a one-way ticket to Paris! Clint knows that it is from Trick Shot – and that it is his death challenge!

2nd story:
She streaks across the Bordelaise region of France at many times the speed of sound, yet there is no thundering rumble to signal her passing. By the time the workers in the vineyard below notice the glow of her amazing living energy, she is already miles away. 'That light... it moves as if alive!' one of the workers calls out. 'It... she... is alive!' one of the other workers declares, announcing that they have seen pictures of her, that she can only be the Avenger the Americans call Captain Marvel! Indeed she is, and Monica Rambeau thinks to herself that Professor LeClare's telegram was so odd, but decides that if he thinks there is cause for alarm, she wants to know more, as if not for the professor, she might still be with the New Orleans Harbor Patrol – and she would certainly never have become Captain Marvel.

Monica remembers first setting out to help LeClare investigate Dr. Picaro, his former assistant, and how she didn't believe his talk of energy weapons – she thought she was just humoring one of her grandfather's old war buddies – and she wasn't convinced until she made contact with Picaro's energy grid – it should have killed her, but instead it changed her, enabling her to transform her body into any kind of energy she chooses, and while it felt weird at first, she has gotten to liking it. As she flies over a ski resort, civilians there look up at the streak of light across the sky, and Monica thinks that LeClare's message mentioned some new calculations he had made concerning her powers, so he wanted her to come and see him, but he also wanted her to stick to sub-light speeds. Monica decides that that does not bode well.

Some miles away, in some sort of laboratory, a man wearing a form of armor watches Monica on a computer screen and exclaims 'Ah! At last I have found the lovely Avenger!' A target appears around Monica's face on the screen, 'Just a little closer... closer... and she's mine!' the man in the armor declares as he presses a button on his console.

Suddenly, something strikes Monica and pain rockets through her body before she erupts into a burst of lightning, the golden Avenger arcs from the sky, her unleashed energy instantly seeking out the nearest path to the ground – and she crashes into one of the ski resort buildings below. Among the debris, Monica gets to her feet, as civilians gather nearby, Monica wonders what happened. Her head felt like it was splitting open, and looking around, Monica realizes she is in the Swiss resort that she passed over. Fire suddenly breaks out in the debris, and Monica wonders if anyone was hurt, before realizing she caused the fire – her powers are shifting from light to heat, and she can't stop it. Confused, Monica takes to the sky again, telling herself that she has to get out of here, and as she takes off, the remains of the resort are engulfed in flames.

'Good Lord. One bolt of lightning did that?' one of the civilians nearby asks. 'Lightning? I thought it was an explosion!' another remarks, while a woman asks the men what they are talking about. 'Didn't you see her?' she asks. 'Her?' a man enquires. 'Captain Marvel! I'm sure it was her!' the woman tells the others. 'Ma'am, I'm not sure what I saw. But if someone's running wild with power like that... Heaven help us all!' a man remarks.

Nearly 1000 miles overhead, Captain Marvel has reached space, she looks down at the Earth beneath and wonders what is happening to her. Monica has never felt such pain while in energy form, nor has she lost control before, either. She wonders if this is what Professor LeClare was warning her about – is her power starting to run out of control? She feels all right now, but wonders whether it wil last, for if her energy suddenly turned to microwaves or gamma radiation while she was near other people – it could be lethal. Monica doesn't dare go near anyone until she knows for sure, and tells herself that she needs to learn more, so carefully shifting a tiny portion of her energy into the radio spectrum, she beams a signal earthward – to the the Alpine facility of the Bern Institute of Science.

The message is transmitted through the radio system, with Captain Marvel's voice heard calling out to Professor LeClare, and giving him a frequency for him to contact her on. LeClare immediately responds, adding that he anticipated her call, as he already received a report of her misfortune over the Western Foothills. He tells Monica that he thinks it best she come here and let the research staff test her thoroughly. Captain Marvel responds, telling the Professor that she doesn't want to knoc his institute, but she doesn't think he has anything strong enough to shield him, should she go totally haywire. Monica offers to have the Avengers devise some sort of containment chamber on Hydrobase, and he can come check on her there.

In the laboratory, a voice can be heard instructing LeClare to reassure Captain Marvel. 'She must come here!' the voice adds. 'Professor?' Monica calls out. Professor LeClare tells Captain Marvel that he heard her, and that she need not be concerned. 'There is nothing wrong with you! Nothing at all! It is all a trick! Stay away or -' LeClare suddenly cries out, before the voice in the room utters 'Idiota!' and a loud whacking noise can be heard. The Professor goes silent, while a wide-eyed Monica calls out to the Professor and gets no response. With a thought, Captain Marvel shoots earthward, accelerating to 185,000 miles per second, even as she wills her energy totally into radio eaves – and a fraction of a second later, shev arrives at the Bern Institute, blasting into a laboratory in her energy form, where a voice warns her to 'Come no further, Captain!'

'Picaro?' Monica gasps, looking up she sees a man wearing a strange armor standing over Professor LeClare, who s on the floor. 'Are you surprised, my dear? Did you think Felipe Picaro would remain incarcerated forever?' he asks, before warning Monica that if she makes a single false move, then Professor LeClare's colleagues shall suffer for it, motioning to the back of the lab, where several scientists are held in stasis tubes. Picaro warns Captain Marvel that the learned gentlemen are very much at his mercy, and if she doesn't immediately revert to physical form, he shall kill them in a most painful manner.

Monica complies, 'Satisfied?' she asks Picaro, while helping LeClare to his feet. 'For now' Picaro replies, before warning Monica not to try and deceive him by becoming a hologram, as the instruments in his exo-suit would not be fooled. Picaro then tells Monica that she should be flattered, as he spent every waking hour behind bars dedicated to devising her downfall. Picaro explains that the counter-phase weaponry which made her lose control was a simple adaptation of his energy disruptor, as is  the circuitry in his exo-suit, which of course has been designed specifically to safely transfer Monica's powers to him. 'What? You think I'd let a sleave like you have this kind of power?' Monica asks.

Picaro reminds Monica that she acquired her power by accident through his equipment, and declares that if anyone has the right to such power, it is he. He informs her that he has already siphoned off a meager portion of her energies, and suggests that she either willingly allows him to drain the rest, in which case he will spare her life and those of the scientists – or else he will rob her of all control. Picaro asks Monica if she thinks LeClare and his colleagues would survive the second choice. Monica hangs her head and replies 'No...they wouldn't'. She tells Picaro that it looks like she wins, and walks towards him. 'Mon Capitaine! Non! You must not!' LeClare gasps. Picaro grins and boasts that she has no choice. 'Wrong!' Monica exclaims as she slams her fist into Picaro's face.

'Muh... my nose!' Picaro utters, surprised. 'You're lucky I only used my fist!' Monica tells him as she opens fire on the stasis tanks and tells Professor LeClare to hurry and get his friends out of here. 'Estupido! You are not the only one with power!' Picaro declares as he releases a blast of energy at Monica, knocking her back. 'You didn't believe me when I said that part of your power was already mine!' Picaro exclaims. 'You won't get any more!' Monica tells him as she switches to an energy form and flies out of the lab, even though it feels like she is on fire, she knows she has to draw his attention away from the others. 'You'll never escape me now!' Picaro calls out, while LeClare helps his fellow scientists to safety.

Monica flies out of the Institute, 'That's it, Picaro... try to follow me! Let's see what you've really got!' Monica thinks to herself, and an instant later, Picaro bursts through the wall of the Institute out into open air, where he pursues Monica. 'Bueno, Capitan...muy bueno!' Picaro calls out as he gets closer to Captain Marvel, warning her that th more energy she expends, the more his exo-suit leeches. Monica realizes that he is right, and discovers that she can't seem to get up to speed – and Picaro is gaining on her quickly. Monica tells herself to shake him, fast, so she darts about in a random direction, but Picaro speeds behind her, telling her that she cannot lose him, and that soon her energy will all be his.

Monica starts to feel light-headed, and knows that she can't keep this up for much longer. 'What if I...' she thinks to herself, when suddenly, she switches to her human form and drops into the snow-covered hill below. Picaro laughs at her, and boasts that she cannot save her dwindling power by shutting it off. Picaro hovers over Monica and declares that it is far too late for that, and that already his circuitry has energy enough to begin power transferal. 'Another moment, and I shall drain you dry!' he declares. 'You want power so much, Picaro? Okay, here!' Monica shouts as she quickly reverts to her energy form, and blasts straight at the surprised Picaro, her energy overloading his circuitry, Picaro knows that his exo-skeleton can't handle this, he warns Monica that she will kill them both. 'I'll take that chance. Will you?' Monica responds.

Miles away, at the Bern Institute, LeClare and his fellow scientists have made it outside, 'Andre! Andre, look!' one of the scientists shouts as they see a brilliant light exploding, some distance away. 'Mon dieu...that peak is lit up like...' LeClare begins, 'Hiroshima!' another scientist exclaims, before LeClare warns everyone to get down. They all dive into the snow as the entire sky is lit up with an orange flare. When the light subsides, LeClare looks up: 'Mon Capitane!' he calls out.

Later, Monica stands within the crater that was created after the explosion. LeClare and his fellow scientists have arrived via chopper and are wearing radioactive suits as they examine Monica. Two of them examine the smoldering body of Picaro. One of them reports that there is no residual hard radiation, and that background emissions are well within safe levels. One of the scientists examining Monica reports that ultraviolet shift checks, there is visible light and he is reading full spectrum, with no deviation, and all is clear on infrared and below. LeClare judges that Captain Marvel's powers are perfectly under control, and tells her that she may return to human form if she wishes.

Monica does so, and asks Andre LeClare if he isn't being premature. 'A mountaintop was just vaporized!' Monica exclaims. LeClare points out that there is no further danger, and Monica tells him that she is glad to hear that. Monica looks over to Picaro as he is placed on a stretcher, hooked up to a respirator and remarks that she wished this hadn't been necessary. LeClare points out that if Monica had not at the last instant re-absorbed the energy Picaro had stolen, then he would have suffered the same fate as trhe rock – so she saved his life, which is a fact that will gall him, should he regain consciousness. Monica tells LeClare that she hates to run, but points out there is a resort in need of repairs. She then takes flight, speeding through the skies.'All that powef under the control of one human being... frightening! One of LeClare's colleagues remarks, adding that perhaps it would have been better if she had lost that power. 'You might as well wish that we had never discovered nuclear power! It is too late... it is fact!' LeClare exclaims, suggesting that they count themselves lucky that the fates placed that power under the control of such a woman as Captain Marvel – for if humanity could learn to use its power as well as she has hers, well, there is a wish worth wishing!

Characters Involved: 

1st story:
Hawkeye, Mockingbird (both West Coast Avengers)
Trick Shot

in flashback:
Clint & Barney Barton at various stages

Harold & Edith Barton

Carnival performers
Marko & his wife

2nd story:
Captain Marvel II

Professor Andrew LeClare
Dr. Felipe Picaro


in flashback:
Monica Rambeau
Professor Andrew LeClare
Dr. Felipe Picaro

Story Notes: 

2nd story:
Captain Marvel gained her powers in Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1st series) #16, her first appearance.

Neither LeClare or Picaro have appeared since this issue.

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