Scarlet Witch (3rd series) #9

Issue Date: 
December 2023
Story Title: 
First story: Untitled Second story: Crash Course

First story: Steve Orlando (writer), Lorenzo Tammetta & Sara Pichelli (artists), Frank William (colorist)

Second story: Juan Ponce (writer), Ig Guara (artist), Triona Farrell (colorist)

Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), Anthony Gambino (production designer & illustrator), Russell Dauterman (cover artist), Jen Bartel; Ernanda Souza; Tiago Da Silva (variant cover artists), Kaitlyn Lindtvedt (assistant editor), Alanna Smith (editor), Wil Moss (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Scarlet Witch created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

First story:

The Scarlet Witch empties an old apartment of hers, deciding it could be better used as a safe house for others in need. She meets with Joseph, who recounts his recent activities in an attempt to make a name for himself, separate from his association with Magneto. The Scarlet Witch and Joseph finish reading the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, before embarking on several small adventures which give Wanda an opportunity to resolve some outstanding magical problems, while Joseph is given the chance to continue to increase his profile. During the adventures, Joseph and Quicksilver are briefly reunited. Another of the many adventures the Scarlet Witch takes Joseph on leads them to a dead magic user, and the Scarlet Witch learns that someone is hunting witches. The Scarlet Witch also makes a guest lecture at the Strange Academy, where she is reunited with her former lover, Doctor Voodoo. Upon returning to the Emporium, Joseph suddenly uses the mysterium necklace, transforming it into a blade which he hurls at Wanda, severing her fingers. With Wanda injured, the Last Door opens, and the mysterious Hexfinder arrives, seemingly to kill the Scarlet Witch!

Second story:

Last semester, the Scarlet Witch gave a guest lecture at the Strange Academy. She finds Eva Quintero asleep during an intensive study session. But when she discovers that Eva has been reading a particular book, Eva is transported into a prison realm. The Scarlet Witch is able to communicate with Eva via astral projection, and guides the young sorceress in defeating a deadly demon called Elos who threatened to trap Eva in the prison realm.

Full Summary: 

First story:

Gratzia, in the Balkans, where the body of Heinrich von Hate is being brewed in a large cauldron. Skulls litter the ground around the cauldron as a golden liquid bubbles away. The liquid, and presumably Heinrich's remains, are then poured into a small box, molded into a golden square. 'Perfect' the mysterious Hexfinder announces as she holds the box up, and puts it on a shelf with several other differently shaped objects all seemingly made from the same golden liquid. 'Every witch has their place, Heinrich – on my mantel. But don't worry. Your new neighbor arrives soon... and she'll be wearing red'.

Meanwhile, in West New Jersey, New Jersey, inside a house, where Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch uses her powers to levitate several objects. 'I could help, Wanda. Maybe lift something. One thing. A single thing' her companion, Darcy Lewis, offers. As Wanda begins manipulating the objects into boxes she assures Darcy that her support is moral, noting that an astral corpse has surfaced – Heinrich von Hate. Wanda tells Darcy that his flesh was missing, and a detective friend, Alice Gulliver, has been assigned this case. 'In don't weep...nor for Nazi warlocks. But Alice expects more killings. Witches may need shelter' Wanda explains. 'Like here, in your sanctum sublet-um?' Darcy asks. Wanda tells her that this apartment was her retreat for many years, and decides that it could protect many. 'Maybe they need a landlord – I'm whiffinf this Low Mysterium gig' Darcy jokes.

Darcy continues, suggesting that the Low Mysterium warps time, so it was always here, town records back that up. 'But is it magic? Science? I'm nowehere near figuring out how to keep this stuff from suppressing your spells' Darcy remarks. 'You will, Darcy. I see how hard you're working – not here, admittedly' Wanda replies. 'Hey! Low blow. I just offered to lift something!' Darcy retorts, folding her arms. 'No need' Wanda points out as all of the objects in the room are now safely packed in several boxes. Wanda teleports herself, Darcy and the boxes out to the sidewalk – in Lotkill, outside her store, the Emporium. 'You made us take the commuter rail down there!' Darcy complains. 'Of course. One ride builds character... but I'm not a monster' Wanda responds.

Later, Wanda sits on the rooftop of her store, reading a box, she holds a coffee cup. 'Sorry I'm late. Any whisky in that cup?' a voice calls out. Wanda looks up, 'Not for me, Iosif. I'm still on my pu-erh kick' Wanda smiles. It's Joseph, and he drops down beside Wanda, wearing his new blue and white outfit, a can of soda hovers alongside him. 'Unless I'm mistaken, my name had a “J” last time we talked' Joseph notes. Wanda assures him that it did, but that where she was raised, he would be called Iosif. 'And lately...I don't see Magneto when I look at you. Not completely' Wanda smiles, revealing that after these last few weeks, she has started to see him as a brother. Joseph easily opens the can with a magnetic pulse, and tells Wanda that he never had one of those, or a sister for that matter. 'What do they do?' he asks. 'Get you into trouble, mostly' Wanda replies as she sips her drink. 'And you know me, I love trouble' Joseph remarks as he drinks his own drink.

Joseph then tells Wanda that he has been going out alone, nothing big of course, he fought Doctor Sun, raised a shipwreck out of the Hudson and gave out free MRIs. He also stopped a carjacking. 'Not too hard when you can make the car defend itself' Joseph remarks. He adds that he also saved a man's wallet. 'He liked seeing his coin purse beat the thief on the head...but when he realized who I was, he screamed terrorist. Rang up Orchis' Joseph reveals. 'My father's face has never been easy to wear' Wanda points out. Joseph closes his eyes and tells Wanda that the man didn't think he was Magneto. 'He knew exactly who I was – a wild mutant who butchered humans' Joseph explains. 'Human bigots who'd have done the same to you, and enjoyed it more' Wanda suggests. 'And for all I know, the wallet man would've cheered it on. It's like... and I didn't want to frighten people, you know? But maybe I was wrong' Joseph adds, before wondering if maybe the right people should be afraid.

Joseph looks over and sees that Wanda's cup is empty. 'Better catch up' he supposes as he levitates his can to his mouth and drinks the rest of his soda, before using his powers to easily crush the can. 'Not even a slow clap? That can crushed itself!' Joseph remarks. 'Very impressive. We'll make a wizard out of you yet' Wanda replies. Joseph then tells Wanda that he knows he was late, but that they are due to wrap up their book. Wanda opens the book: '“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Chapter 23, “Glinda the good witch grants Dorothy's wish”' Wanda quotes as she reads from the book. Joseph also notes that they have to read “Home Again” the last chapter, and reminds Wanda that he has never finished a novel before. 'What do we do now?' he asks. Wanda suggests that they can find another, as they are conveniently endemic around here. 'But first, I've got a busy week ahead. Care for a whirlwind tour of the life of the Scarlet Witch?' Wanda smiles.

Wednesday, in Erie, Pennsylvania, where Wanda and Joseph fight alongside Omega the Unknown a.k.a. James-Michael Starling, and his mother – a robotic floating head, as they find themselves surrounded by locals who have been transformed into goat-like beasts. 'Hold them back, Omega! A cure won't mean much if these people tear us apart!' Wanda exclaims. Omega fires a blast which knocks one of the goat-people backwards, while his mother's floating head shouts 'Forget her soft words, son. Subdue this mob with extreme prejudice! Short-term pain will save their long-term lives!' Wanda rolls her eyes: 'Robot dramatic' before she raises her hands and casts her spell: 'There!' Wanda calls out as she transforms the townspeople back to their true selves. 'I – I'm not a bloodthirsty goat? That's such a relief' a woman remarks. Wanda explains to the locals that it seems that an interplanetary-bile tainted their water with satyr scat, which is terribly infectious. Wanda reports that their waterlines, and bodies, have now been purified.

'Such wisdom, Witch. I hope you brought enough to share with everybody!' the floating head screams as she appears alongside Wanda. 'This may surprise you, but spells aren't sticks of gum' Wanda responds, unimpressed. The floating head declares that she must aggregate Wanda's knowledge. 'How else can I better protect my son?' she asks. Wanda looks over at Omega and smiles, before telling the head that her son seems capable of protecting himself. 'He is the end of s great experiment. The Omega. I am his designated mother head. Is my job not to worry?' the floating head asks. 'Of course. But also to let go. Omega's connection to the biosphere is profound. The day may come when he continues his mission to observe alone' Wanda points out as she shakes Omega's hand. 'Easily said for an instigator who only appears in a crisis' the mother head mutters to Joseph, who leans closer and remarks 'I think they call that a “fun aunt”'.

Thursday, at New Amazonia, Wanda stands alongside Hippolyta and watches as the alien Ganymede rushes towards Joseph with a fiery weapon. 'Come, magnetician! Battle the last of the Archsistergood if you can!' she shouts at him. Joseph raises a staff formed of magnetic energy to block Ganymede's attack, while Wanda tells Hippolyta that Ganymede seems to have mellowed under her care. 'I don't think she's mentioned disembowelment a single time since Joseph and I arrived' Wanda notes, while other members of the Bacchae cheer on. Hippolyta looks down at Wanda and informs her that Ganymede does still hournal about it. Her metaphors are tortured and her calluses have yet to fully come in, but that she hits hard enough. Wanda tells Hippolyta that she is so reasonable without her Scythia helm, to which Hippolyta thanks Wanda.

Friday, in Citrusville, Florida, in a swamp where Wanda fights alongside the sorceress Jennifer Kale, and the being called Man-Thing against a serpent invasion. 'Maintain the sigils, Jennifer! They've nearly reached critical mass!' Wanda calls out from behind a force field. 'Tell that to the serpentinions!' Jennifer responds, before remarking to Wanda that her apprentice picked a killer time to hop inside the Man-Thing for a trial by fire. Suddenly, Joseph emerges from Man-Thing, while Wanda asks Jennifer if she feels it – the sigils have fused. 'Release the spellwave – now!' she calls out. The force field falls away and Jennifer strikes with a surge of energy that ripples through the snakes. 'Hey, I'm Joseph...thanks for watching my back out there' Joseph waves at Jennifer. 'Jennifer Kale. Sorcererss. Meddler – actually, make that impressed meddler. The Man-Thing doesn't spit many people out unburned' Jennifer notes. Man-Thing puts a hand on Jsoeph's shoulder as Joseph remarks that the dreadscapes were just what he needed. 'I had to face my fears. And it did get wild in there... but most nightmares are just truths you're too scared to accept' Joseph realizes.

Saturday, in Arbor City, Maryland, where Wanda stands on a rooftop of a skyscraper with her neice, Luna. Three winged, green-skinned demons wearing suits stand before them. 'What's your angle, Witch? Arbor City  has been Hades Incorporated for ages' one of the demons declares. The demon adds that its so-called citizens are human squatters. 'What do you and your familiar care?' he asks. 'My niece is no familiar. But with a glance, she's quite familiar with you... and your deals' Wanda responds, before noting that it is true, Mayor Risling sold Hades Inc., the rights to Arbor in perpetuity. Luna tells her aunt that there is no point in negotiating, as the demons can say what they want – it's all bad faith. 'The only thing I'm seeing on them is pure misanthropy' Luna adds. 'And? We need not like humanity to defend our claim – we have a contract!' the demon snarls. Wanda acknowledges that he does, before suggesting that the mayor had no standing to damn a city for generations to come. 'I'm voiding your agreement' Wanda decides, and with a snap of her fingers, the demons vanish. Wanda then thanks Luna for her help, and notes that Arbor is finally back in the hands of its citizens. 'Corporate demons are the worst. I swear, their auras were the exact color of Lockjaw's -' Luna begins, to which Wanda interrupts her: 'Tuning fork, I'm sure' before asking 'Speaking of troubling auras... where did your father get to?'

Down on the streets of Arbor below, Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver stands a few feet away from Joseph, both men have their arms folded, while several demons hover around them. 'My sister loves a stray. But I've never known her to collect trash' Quicksilver frowns. 'You're really like this all the time, aren't you?' Joseph responds. 'Not at all' Quicksilver claims. 'Sometimes I can be cruel' he declares, before telling Joseph that he is just a copy – perhaps a copy of a copy. 'I don't want to copy anyone, Quicksilver. I'm not Magneto' Joseph responds. 'Nor are you an improvement. So what are you?' Quicksilver asks. 'I ask myself that every day. And somehow, I do it without being an ass-' Joseph starts to reply, before one of the demons shouts 'Hey!' Annnoyed, Joseph and Quicksilver both turn to the demon: 'WHAT?' they shout. 'Hades security, people! Maybe you noticed we're trying to pacify your dissident mortal souls -' one of them begins, before there is a crack of energy, and Quicksilver speeds about, knocking the demons over. 'Cables in the street. I could've done that' Joseph frowns. 'You didn't' Quicksilver replies.

Sunday, in Overspace, Wanda and Joseph stand before a being who is black and white, and floats, cross-legged. Wanda addresses him as the In-Betweener and thanks him for this audience. She tells him that freed of Chthon, Other-Realm is healing, and while chaos reigns, order is gaining ground. 'I'd hope you could appreciate that. As such...I ask that K'lay's destruction is again deferred. It deserves a chance at life' Wanda asks.


Also in Sunday, on Earth-9811, where Wanda and Joseph journeyed to after receiving a distress call from this reality's Crusader, the daughter of Captain America and Rogue. They join Crusader in battling this reality's Doombots, and Crusader smashes her shield into one of the Doombots as she tells Wanda that her door comes in handy. 'Vince Von Doom's wanted ta rule Battleworld fer years. Without you an' Joe lending a hand, Malefactor might've finally gotten his wish!' Crusader exclaims. Wanda tells her that it is nothing, and that Joseph needs every chance to to hone his talents, and these servo-guards are a nice workout. She adds that Malefactor is a Von Doom, and she doesn't thinnk she will ever tire of humbling them – in this or any world.

Still on Sunday, at the Endless Desert, Wanda and Joseph sail on a small boat across the sea of sand, and Wanda aims a hex-spear towards a large shark which rises up from the desert. 'Hold the ship, Iosif – sail us toward the mawi!' Wanda calls out, adding that Doctor Druid swears the artifact is hidden inside.

And later, at the Bar With No Doors, where Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid looks up at the Scarlet Witch and tells her that this is a wizard's bar, but that a puppy seems to have followed her in. 'He stinks of alchemy' Druid adds. 'It's called science these days, Anthony. Here's your trinket' Wanda responds as she places a lamp on the bar where Druid is sitting. Druid informs Wanda that the Lamp of Lucifer is for scrying, that it tells the future. 'Even yours, if you like' he suggests. 'Where's the fun in that?' Wanda smirks.

Monday, beneath Siberia, in Grizzly City, Joseph watches as Wanda begins to broker peace between bear cults at war. 'You expect me to negotiate with him? Duke Kermode is a fanatic!' a brown-furred bear exclaims. 'Quite the claim from a maniac like you, Bruinus!' the white-furred Duke retorts. Wanda informs the bears that a cub came through her Last Door, not a year old, and so sure that his only future was war. 'For him, for your factions who crave peace... I expect you'll come to the table' Wanda smiles.

Also on Monday, Wanda and Joseph attend a mystic crime scene with The Wu a.k.a. Alice Gulliver. 'See why I called? Another astral corpse, Wanda. Another missing body' Alice remarks as she crouches beside a body. 'And some weird metal' Joseph reports, adding that it is ancient and pretty exotic to use for common buckshot. Wanda explains that it is called Orichalcum, and is magic metal. 'You were right, Alice...someone's hunting witches' Wanda declares. Alice offers to spread word about Wanda's safe house, and tells her not to worry, that she will be in the loop.

Tuesday, at the Strange Academy, Wanda joins Doctor Voodoo to teach a class of young magicians. 'Miss Maximoff – is that all the glass jars contain? Weather effects?' Eva Quintero asks, raising her hand. 'Good question' Wanda tells the young woman, before explaining that the Terrarium Carcerem can hold all sorts of things, especially when filled with Headmaster Drumm's enchanted atmosphere. 'Why so modest, Professor? You've never needed help taming hurricanes' Doctor Voodoo responds. At the back of the class, Joseph and a young woman are watching, and Joseph remarks that he thinks he has seen these before, and that Wanda keeps demons in them. 'You can put a lot in there...spells, spirits, excuses to teach with your ex' the woman replies, before introducing herself as Zelma.

Joseph introduces himself and explains that Wanda is showing him the ropes, before asking Zelma if she is a teacher here. 'Librarian with a stubborn magic sensitivity' Zelma responds. 'Just magic? How about chemistry? It's almost like Wanda's flirting' Joseph smiles. 'Yeah...she and Drumm were a thing. Might stil be – with the strings cut away' Zelma remarks. Wanda and Jericho look at each other as Zelma informs Joseph that there is a faculty pool going on it. 'You want in?' she asks. Joseph tells her that he will pass. Zelma then removes the hat she's wearing and asks Joseph to give it to Wanda's intern. 'Maybe she'll stop texting me' Zelma frowns.

Later, in Lotkill, New York, Wanda and Joseph drop down towards The Emporium, where Darcy Lewis is waiting for them. 'There you are! I was worried they gave Wanda tenure' Darcy exclaims. 'Good to see you too, Darcy' Joseph responds, before handing the hat to her. 'Zelma says hello' he adds. 'Stanton? Fine, fine – I'll take it. Maybe she'll stop texting me' Darcy mutters, before Joseph notes that Darcy is wearing the mysterium necklace, and asks her if she has found out anything new about it. Darcy reveals  that she tracked down a dude, a late-night-TV type called Mantor. 'Mantor the Magician. An eccentric for sure...but he did have his run' Wanda notes. Darcy reveals that these days, Mantor is an occult appraiser, and she showed him the rock, but he called bull. 'Dude said it's artificial – that's why it's so unstable. Barely holds together at all. Even the best, most detailed model of a tree isn't a tree, you know?' Darcy adds.

'Interesting. But you'll forgive me if I don't trust the word of a pawn-broker. Maybe I should take another look at it' Joseph offers. 'Fair enough, Joe' Darcy replies as she hands him the necklace. Joseph thanks Darcy, before announcing that he is sorry he couldn't fix this. 'It's an open door, not a transaction. Look at all you've done since you came here. How many now hear your name...and know that things can become better?' Wanda tells Joseph. Joseph takes the necklace and tells Wanda that she is right, he admits he was slipping there for a second, that it was too easy, but the second has passed. 'The mystery rock's been killing me though. And I...I could do more – take it apart bit by bit and see how it blocks spells' Joseph suggests. He begins to modify the mysterium, turning it liquid and remarks 'If only I had that option. It's a weapon against you, Wanda. And I wish, so badly...I wish I could defuse it... instead of using it'. Wanda looks concerned, and asks Iosif what he is talking about.

'Don't calle me Iosif, Wanda. I haven't earned it. Even if I wanted to' Joseph announces as he forms the mysterium into a blade. Hex energy sparkles around Wanda as she stands ready for battle, and tells Joseph to lower the blade, to talk to her and explain himself. 'But do not mistake my trust for foolishness' she warns him. 'I wouldn't dare, Wanda. Not for a second. You gave me everything I needed...except what she could take away' Joseph announces – before he hurls the myrium blade at Wanda, which slices off two of her fingers. Wanda screams, then drops to her knees. 'Whatever this is – you don't need to do it. We welcomed you – I welcomed you' Wanda utters. 'Your kind never truly welcomes' a voice comes from behind the Last Door. 'Who the – by the Last Door...' Wanda's voice trails off as the door opens and a figure wearing green steps into the Emporium.

'Only opens for those with nowhere else to go? With no one else to turn to? You're quite the witch. Your false benedictions. Your countless broken promises... your unhinged power, the slaughter of your allies and infantile toying with reality...' the new arrival utters. '... those aren't mistakes. It's witchcraft. In its truest form. Witches betray. They break oaths'. The new arrival tells Wanda that her door is working just fine, because, as the Last Hexfinder, she has nowhere else to go – there is no place better for her to take a stand – than over her grave. As blood trickles from Wanda's severed fingers, the mysterious Hexfinder, armed with her staff and a gun, looks down at the Scarlet Witch...


Second story:

Last semester, at the Strange Academy, where Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch finds Eva Quintero asleep at a desk, several books piled up around her. 'I hate to interrupt your slumber, Miss Quintero, but students aren't allowed in Strange Academy's library past curfew' the Scarlet Witch announces. While Eva's little green lizard-like pet, Pod, seemingly reads one of the books, Eva quickly sits up and apologizes to the Scarlet Witch, explaining to her that it is the last day of school, and she wanted to study a bit more before she returned to L.A. tomorrow. 'Why am I not surprised this is how Eva Quinetero, one of my hardest working pupils, chooses to spend her last day?' Wanda asks, before asking Eva if she stopped by her office earlier. 'Yeah, I was hoping you'd look over some spells with me, but -' Eva begins, when suddenly, the book Pod was reading begins to levitate.

'Where'd you get that book?'  Wanda asks. 'It – it was on your bookshelf!' Eva exclaims. 'The bookshelf protected by a barrier spell?' Wanda asks. 'That barrier spell wasn't really that str-' Eva begins, to which Wanda tells her 'Never mind' and suggests she get away from the book – but it's too late, as Eva and Pod are sucked into the glowing book. 'Miss Maximoff!' Eva screams.

'Huh? Where are we, Pod?' Eva asks as she opens her eyes, and finds herself on a large floating asteroid-like rock. Several other rocks float nearby under a gray sky, while red lightning crackles around them. 'Somewhere very bad, child' Wanda frowns as she manifests above Eva. 'The book captured you as well?' Eva asks. Wanda explains to her that this is her astral form, while her physical form remains in the library. She informs Eva that she is in a prison realm, and tells her not to waste her energy trying to create a portal back to their world, and that the book that captured her contains a powerful demon named Elos. Eva attempts a portal, but to no avail, while Wanda reveals that she was the one who sealed him away, meaning she is the only one who can get Eva out, but will need some time. Wanda instructs Eva to seek shelter and kEeep out of view – but it's too late, as Elos rises up behind Eva. 'Or the big bad wolf will find you!' the demon, who materializes as skeleton with large horns, calls out. 'ELOS!' Wanda shouts, while the demon tells Eva that there is nowhere to run, so she should stay where she is and kneel.

'Follow my lead' Wanda tells Eva, via her astral form. 'Yes – yes, of course' the frightened Eva responds. Wanda warns Elos to stay away from Eva, or suffer a fate far worse than the one already incurred. Several other demons appear behind Elos, who notes that Wanda is but a specter, and asks her how she dares threaten him. He orders her to release him from this plane, or watch her precious pupil be torn limb from limb. Wanda looks over to Eva, who is wide-eyed Elos extends tentacles which reach up and wrap around her. 'One's perception doesn't always equate with reality, child!' Elos points out. Eva screams, and Elos tells her that he can see through common magical manifestations and small portals and weak energy expulsions. 'Though I must admit...that necklace of yours...' Elos begins.

Suddenly, Pod leaps towards Elos, distracting the demon, while Eva is able to create a teleportation portal to escape the tentacles. 'Vermin!' Elos snarls as he grabs the small creature in his claws. 'Hear me now, little witch! I will grant you thirty seconds to return!' Elos calls out, warning her that if she remains in hiding, then her green pet will painfully cease to exist. Eva is hiding behind a large boulder, and Wanda's astral form tells her that she is almost there, and to stay hidden a little longer. 'I can't do that' Eva replies, noting that Elos isn't the first and won't be the last to try and hurt someone like her. 'No. but I can see the fear in your eyes, Eva' Wanda responds. Eva admits that she is afraid, before asking if this isn't why the Scarlet Witch has been teaching how to harness their strength – for moments like this. 'I know for certain that's why I push myself every day at the Academy' Eva explains. Eva declares that she won't let Elos hurt Pod, and nor can they risk him crossing over. 'You have learned well, Miss Quintero' Wanda acknowledges.

Eva teleports herself back in font of Elos, with Wanda's astral form at her side. 'There you are. Take your worthless pet!' Elos snarls as he hurls the unmoving body of Pod towards Eva, who tells Pod that she is sorry, and that she will heal him right now. 'I've read about you, Elos!' Eva calls out. 'Have you, now?' Elos asks. Holding Pod in her hands, Eva frowns and tells Elos that she is aware of the manu sorcerers he has killed throughout different dimensions, and that she knows he murdered to steal magical essence – that is, until he encountered her mentor, the Scarlet Witch. 'Now you've come across me, meaning today...we will defeat you!' Eva exclaims, to which Elos responds by ordering the demons at his side to attack. A centaur-type creature rushes forward, only to fall into one of Eva's portals, and re-appear with its spear aimed forward – right at the winged demon that was flying alongside it, skewering the demon through it chest.

'I am finished toying with you, girl!' Elos booms, his tentacles, which form the lower part of his body, thrash about, as Eva glows with energy – she casts a spell, and a large dragon forms above her, while she manifests a sword in one hand. 'Impossible -' Elos utters, as Eva leaps forward, sword in hand, and fueled by the dragon protecting her. 'Die!!!' Elos shouts as he lashes back at Eva, knocking the girl aside. Elos begins to laugh, nut as Eva regains her footing, she smiles and tells Elos that one's perception doesn't always equate with reality. 'I warned you' the Scarlet Witch declares as she appears behind Elos and touches the side of his demon face. With that touch, Elos screams and his skeletal form begins to collapse into his tentacles. 'The amount of nightmares he's about to have will make him yearn for this place' Wanda remarks, before asking Eva and Pod if they are ready to go now. 'Si' Eva responds.

Eva is able to teleport back intothe Strange Academy, where Wanda welcomes her back. Wanda folds her arms and suggests that next time, Eva ask before taking a book from her enchanted bookshelf. Eva apologizes, before asking 'Who keeps a book like that one on any shelf?' Wanda reminds her that it was protected by a barrier spell. 'Again, a weak barrier spell!' Eva exclaims, before looking up at the Scarlet Witch and thanking her. 'Good job, Miss Quintero' Wanda smiles as  she hugs her student.


Characters Involved: 

First story:

Scarlet Witch



Darcy Lewis


Luna Maximoff


Omega the Unknown

Mother Head

Ganymede, Hippolyta and other Bacchae

Jennifer Kale



Crusader/Sarah Rogers (Earth 9811)

Dr. Druid

Bruinus, Duke Kermode and other bears

The Wu/Alice Gulliver

Doctor Voodoo, Zelma Stanton (both Strange Academy faculty)

German Aguilar, Zoe Laveau, Eva Quintero (all Strange Academy students)




Heinrich von Hate



Doombots (Earth 9811)


Second story:

Scarlet Witch


Eva Quintero





Story Notes: 

First story:

James-Michael Starling debuted in his own series, Omega the Unknown, in 1975, which lasted 10 issues. He was then killed in Defenders (1st series) #77. Decades later he was restored to life by Wanda in Darkhold: Omega #1.

Ganymede accompanied Scythia and joined the Bacchae in Scarlet Witch (3rd series) #6.

Hades Incorporated is an organization which dates back to Marvel Mystery Comics #27 from 1941.

K'lay is Chthon's dimension, last seen in Darkhold Omega #1.

Sarah Rogers a.k.a. Crusader is the daughter of Captain America and Rogue who is from Earth-9811 and previously appeared in What If...? (1st series) #114.

The Endless Desert was previously seen in Wierdworld (2nd series) #2-3.

The Lamp of Lucier is from Strange Tales (1st series) #151.

Grizzly City was previously seen in Heroes Reborn (2nd series) #3.

Wanda has previously encountered The Wu in Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #7.

The metal Orichalcum debuted in Marvel Graphic Novel #42 and has also been seen in Conan the Adventurer #9-11 and #13, and in Iron Man Noir #2-3.

Wanda and Doctor Voodoo began dating in Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #30, although the relationship didn't last long.

Reference is made to Mantor the Magician, a character from Human Torch (1st series) #2 back in 1940.


Written By: