Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1

Issue Date: 
April 2023
Story Title: 
Returns Home, Having Changed

Tini Howard (writer), Vasco Georgiev (artist), Erick Arciniega (color artist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller & Jay Bowen (designer), Erica D'Urso & Matthew Wilson (cover artists), Erica D'Urso & Matthew Wilson; Peach Momoko; Otto Schmidt (variant cover artists), Stacie Zucker (production), Sarah Brunstad (editor), Jordan D White (senior editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Betsy Braddock appears on a talkshow in an attempt to improve her standing with the British public. Former Excalibur member Micromax appears on the talkshow also in an attempt to discredit Betsy. To Betsy's relief, a distress call from the Captain Britain Corps gives her an excuse to leave the interview. She arrives on Earth-99476 where Britannica Rex is in trouble – some sort of meteor shower is raining down on her world. Betsy and Askani arrive, and as they usher some of the local dinosaurs to safety, they investigate a crash site – it wasn't a meteor that landed by a Fury. Betsy battles the Fury, before Askani calls out Phoenix fire to seemingly destroy the Fury. Returning to Earth-616, Betsy and Askani receive an update from Britan Braddock on what information he has gathered about the Furies, who have reverted to their original smaller form. They are concerned that these super-hero killers are more dangerous in their smaller forms. Askani reports that her Chronoskimming of the Fury back on other world has determined that the Fury they encountered is not from the original reality where Furies originated, meaning he is from Otherworld. The trio are in Brian's lab, which is suddenly rocked about thanks to Jamie Braddock, who is casually tossing Braddock Manor in the air as he walks across Braddock Isle, before restoring Braddock Manor to its true size, and settling it on Braddock Isle, the manor's new home, despite the isle being under watch by government forces. Meggan and her daughter Maggie Braddock are adjusting to their new situation, with the press camped on their doorstep. Betsy and Askani spend some time together, before teleporting to Otherworld. Micromax meets with Reuben Brousseau and Morgan Le Fay of Coven Akkaba, only to find himself captured by Morgan, who tells Brousseau that she wants Britain restored to her way, and decides that she needs a Captain Britain. As Morgan places a shrunken Micromax in a jar, Morgan declares that the Captain Britain she needs is someone that she can control. Betsy and Askani arrive at Infuri, the land of the Everforge and kingdom of the Furies. While Askani snoops for information, Betsy meets with the Forgemaster Federal to inform him that one of his citizens is causing trouble. But the Forgemaster Federal isn't overly concerned. Askani is soon discovered by other Furies, but not before she learns that the Furies have an alliance with the British government, upon discovering a British flag in the factory. Back on Earth-616, Pete Wisdom arrives at Braddock Isle where he informs Betsy, upon her return, that S.T.R.I.K.E. are not happy with what has happened to their home of Britain, and want to help Betsy do something about it. Betsy and Askani spend some more time together, though Betsy is clearly distracted by everything going on around her. The next day, Wisdom finds Dr. Fazia Hussain and introduces her to the members of S.T.R.I.K.E., something Fazia is excited about. Wisdom is certain that to take back Britain, they will need the help of Fazia – and her sword, Excalibur. Morgan Le Fay uses her scrying pool to locate someone she thinks will be an ideal Captain Britain for her – one of the more “simple” members of the Captain Britain Corps, a prehistoric Captain Britain called Captain Pretani. But as Morgan sends her Fury to capture Captain Pretani, Betsy and Askani arrive to help her. More Furies descend on Captain Pretani's world – thankfully, Betsy has the entire Captain Britain Corps at her disposal, and they arrive to assist – before Morgan appears before Betsy, suggesting to her that she surely cannot trust every version of herself, and vows to find a new captain – a captain the people will love.

Full Summary: 

Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain sits at a round table, opposite Scott Wright a.k.a. Micromax, between them is Reginald Cross – and they are on his television show “Cross of Swords”. Reginald turns to Betsy and tells her that she has been a supermodel, a charter pilot – a ninja – a body snatcher – a mutant and a twin, and now, she continues to wear that which isn't hers – calling herself Captain Britain while not in favor with Britain at all. Reginald declares that the only humans in Britain who support her wild claims to the title are mad Wiccans and teenagers at Glastonbury trying to upset their parents. 'Thank you, Regin-' Betsy begins, but before she is able to respond to his claims, Reginald suggests they hear from Mr Wright, and turns to the masked mutant sitting opposite. 'Could not agree more!' Micromax exclaims, adding that if she is not wearing the Union Jack and not going to live here, then Betsy Braddock should not be Captain Britain at all. 'Do you even pay taxes?' he asks.

'A fine question!' Reginal declares, as an image of the handsome Brian Braddock appears on a monitor, and Reginald remarks that Brian, Captain Britain before Betsy, refuses to do the job now. 'He was rather beloved and served his country well' Reginald notes, before asking Miss Braddock if she can even tell him what Captain Britain does. 'Without Britain, what are you even a captain of?' he asks. 'Ah -!' Betsy cries out as she picks up some psychic distress. 'A mutant psychic episode, eh? That's convenient' Reginald mutters, while a telepathic voice cries out to Betsy, telling her that one of her Corps needs her.

Elsewhere, a sky is ablaze as land is under attack. Dinosaurs run for cover as explosions rattle the ground they walk on. 'This is what happens when Captain Britain fails her world!' the dinosaur member of the Captain Britain Corps called Britannica Rex, of Earth-99476 declares. She leads other dinosaurs to safety and remarks that this was once a beautiful land, that when she left to join the rest of the Captain Britain Corps to fight in Otherworld, this place was lush and green. Britannica Rex states that they have long lived in fear of a great fire from the heavens that would come to destroy their world, and now it has come to pass during her absence. 'In have failed my world' she utters.

'Nonsense, Britainnica Rex. You're part of the Captain Britain Corps – as your leader, I'm never far away!' Captain Britain exclaims as she appears overhead alongside Rachel Summers a.k.a. Askani, the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from Earth-811, she is a psychic timeline guardian. Betsy turns to Rachel and tells her that she is not doing any more press, as they are always so rude. 'You know they're gonna be rude, be rude back! You have no problem talking $#%& without an audience!' Rachel responds. 'I feel like you never said things like that to me before we were dating' Betsy smirks, before flying up to Britannica, and asking her 'You said that it came from outside the atmosphere? Have you investigated the impact site?' while Rachel thinks to herself 'Dating? Haha, we live together!' Britannica explains that she hasn't investigate yet, as she has been trying to save as many of her tribes as possible. Rachel offers to take over guiding the tribes to safety, and instructs Britannica to go with Betsy.

Betsy flies alongside Britannica Rex as they approach what appears to be a large crater. Britannica Rex informs Captain Britain that for centuries they have been told something would come from the sky and make this world unliveable for her kind – she has prepared every day, and still she was caught unaware. Captain Britain tells her counterpart to try and not be so hard on herself. 'I know it's hard for us – you're me, after all' she adds. 'And I don't imagine anyone expected your fire in the sky to be this...' Betsy adds as she uses her telekinesis to remove some rubble from the crater, revealing a Fury lying in the center of the crater. 'A Fury! And he's puny compared to the other ones we fought in Otherworld. I'll handle him!' Britannica Rex calls out as he steps down into the crater, but Captain Britain warns her to stay back – too late though, as the Fury grabs the dinosaur by her mouth and hurls her overhead, slamming her down into the crater. 'They aren't the same!' Betsy calls out, explaining that this one is a soldier, not a sentinel, like the old ones.

The Fury turns to Captain Britain and fires a blast of energy towards her, but she dodges it, while Britannica Rex gets to her feet and tells Captain Britain that this is a simple timeline, she wonders what such a thing could want with them. 'They want what they always want – to kill the super-powered and raise hell for Captain Britain!' Betsy replies as she rises up out of the crater, followed by the Fury. Captain Britain contacts Rachel and informs her that these Furies are little, but that they are fierce. 'We're going to need something strong to take them out' she explains. Rachel flies towards the crater, energy glowing around her hands, she reveals that she has been trying a new thing where she calls up a little bit of Phoenix fire from the Multiverse, and with the nearby tar pit, she thinks the Fury will be toast. Indeed, Rachel blasts the Fury with the Phoenix fire, and knocks him into the tar pit.

Betsy and Rachel reconnect and Rachel notes that resorted to Phoenix fire for one Fury, which she shouldn't have needed to do, as they aren't that powerful. Betsy agrees, and points out that crossing timelines already exhausts the Furies, but that at least they stopped this one. 'We don't need it reporting back to the Everforge on just how well it can fight us' Betsy suggests as they fly away from the tar pit. 'Let's go home – I need to do some research before more of these things show up, or worse...' Betsy remarks, unaware that back at the tar pit, the Fury breaks up through the surface of the tar pit.
Later, in Brian Braddock's laboratory, where Brian stands in front of a holographic projection of two Furies and tells his sister that she was right. 'Don't sound so surprised' Betsy jokes, while Rachel stands next to her. Brian reminds Betsy and Rachel that they saw under Merlyn's rule that the Furies changed their mold, made themselves enormous like Sentinels, but explains that making them larger made them weaker, and that it is the same reason as why you don't see many giant ants – after a certain size they lose their structural integrity. Brian turns to the holograms behind him and remarks that these look like what he remembers from his time as Captain Britain – they can rebuild their cybiote bodies, re-form, they are resistant to everything. 'Yeah, this one wasn't slowed down by anything short of a prehistoric tar bath from some pretty serious fire' Rachel remarks.

Brian puts a hand on Betsy's shoulder and reminds her that these are super-hero killers. 'Yes, I remember that' Betsy snaps, turning to her brother, she declares that she wants to find out as much as she can before she goes stomping into Otherworld to find out who is responsible. Brian asks Betsy if she thinks it's Mad Jim, to which Rachel announces that this wasn't one of Jim's. Brian asks Rachel why she's so sure, to which she tells him that she tried chronoskimming him on Britannica Rex's world to see where he had last been, but that he wasn't from Earth-238 like the original, or any other timeline. 'So he's from Otherworld! That's where all timelines connect, so that's what it would look like, right, Rach -' Betsy begins, when suddenly, everyone is knocked off their feet but some sort of earthquake-like shake.
'Dammit, Jamie, be careful! There are delicate instruments down here!' Brian complains as he reaches for his laptop to prevent it from falling to the ground. When the shaking stops, Brian adds that it is nice to have the house full of family again. 'You too, Rachel' he remarks, assuring Betsy that her room, as long as she wants it, is hers. 'I'm in it for the long haul, Brian. The room... and the Captain Britain job' Betsy replies. 'Of course you are' Brian responds, before telling Betsy that she knows how it is being a super hero, constantly debating the ethics, wondering if she should hang it all up. 'And to a whole crowd. It'll always be a crime that I have it over you. If you want it back -' Betsy begins, 'Betsy, no -' Brian starts to say, to which Betsy smiles and tells him that he would have to win a hell of a fight. 'Bloody hell, Jamie!' Brian shouts as another earthquake follows.

Braddock Isle, off the coast of England, Jamie Braddock a.k.a. Monarch whistles as he walks across Braddock Isle, which is under watch from several armed soldiers. 'Hey! You there!' one of the soldiers calls out. Monarch doesn't answer, he continues whistling, while he appears to be throwing the shrunken Braddock Manor up in the air. 'Stop right there!' a soldier exclaims. Monarch turns to the soldiers and asks what this is all about. 'Can't a man take his family for a walk?' he remarks. 'Careful, he's got something in his hand -' one of the soldiers begins, raising their weapon. 'I'm not here to fight you! I'm not one of those angry Krakoans!' Monarch exclaims, introducing himself as Jamie Braddock, the eldest little Braddock boy. 'So that means this is island is my – home!' Monarch calls out, quicky ducking down as the soldiers open fire, while Monarch throws the Manor up in the air again, and it begins to expand to its true size. 'What the hell was that? He turned that little toy into a proper house!' one of the soldiers exclaims. 'Bloody mutants!' another calls out.

'JAMIE! Is that gun fire I hear?' someone calls out from within the Manor. Jamie enters the sprawling manor as Brian, Betsy and Rachel emerge from the laboratory, and Brian's wife Meggan and their daughter Maggie walk down some stairs towards the Manor's foyer. 'Uncle Jamie, you did it!' Maggie declares. 'Didn't I say I would, my begonia?' Jamie responds, reminding everyone that he did say he would safely move the house to Braddock Isle and that they wouldn't have to lift a box. 'Does anyone know where the broom is? I've got a great deal of broken glass to sweep up in the laboratory' Brian complains, but Betsy tells him that there isn't time, as she hears helicopters, and knows that the paparazzi work quickly of late, as a reporter and camera crew have already set themselves up outside. 'You can't go outside without meeting the press' Meggan smiles, to which Betsy announces that she and Rachel will go out through the courtyard gate. 'Then I'll talk to them! I love being on the telly!' Meggan exclaims. 'Fantastic, because I'm awful at it' Betsy replies, adding that with the cameras on them, those soldiers won't “accidentially” take a shot.

Betsy and Rachel walk side-by-side across the courtyard within Braddock Manor. A Krakoan portal can be seen nearby, as Betsy confides to Rachel that she is not looking forward to heading to the Fury kingdom, and that she hasn't tried any Otherworld diplomacy since settling things months ago, and that she never confronted their Forgemaster Federal about his participation in Merlyn's war. 'I know we've been accessing the various timelines via your chronoskimming and my connection to the Corps, but it feels so exhausting. I think there's a way we can -' Betsy starts to say before Rachel interrupts her, pointing out that this is the first moment they've had alone in a bit. 'Rachel, for heaven's sake, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times...' Betsy begins, before they embrace and kiss, as Betsy telepathically tells Rachel that she can kiss her and discuss their plans at the same time. 'Unless you can't even think straight' Betsy jokes. 'Aye, aye, Captain' Rachel replies, before asking if she needs to stop kissing her to get to Otherworld. 'On the contrary. I feel like it might help' Betsy tells her as they disappear in a blaze of energy, kissing as they vanish.

Meanwhile, at Coven Akkaba HQ in London, where Micromax sits on an armchair where he smiles and remarks that it was his pleasure to say it, and that he doesn't think it is unfair at all. 'Says right on the tin – Cap-un Bri-ain, and she won't even wear the flag!' he exclaims. 'I've got other opinions, if you'd like to hear 'em. Like that the Green Lagoon is a hive of fetishes -' Micromax starts to say, before a fist slams down on a desk, startling Micromax, who looks over to the desk and tells the person sitting behind it that they can tune into his podcast like everyone else. 'Speak when spoken to. And don't threaten me. You are still witchbreed!' the person sitting behind the desk snaps, reminding Micromax that he is a mutant, witchbreed being what they called mutants before they knew the science that made them different. 'Back when we just had a feeling in our guts that you were different. Wrong' the mysterious figure remarks. 'Indeed. Magic always knew the truth' someone else declares, while Micromax suddenly decides that he doesn't love where this is going and shrinks down to a tiny form, where he begins to run across the fancy rug on the floor – only to be grabbed by someone who reaches down and captures them in the palm of her hand.

Science was late, as always – but finally the discovery of the X-Gene let the modern world accept: you are different' the mysterious woman declares, while Micromax threatens to expose her on air. The woman clenches a fist, trapping Micromax, and remarks that, for once, science proved what they had known all along – they had been right to hate mutants. They are not human. The woman is Morgan le Fay, dressed in black, she slides Micromax into a pocket on her dress and tells Ambassador Reuben Brousseau, who was sitting behind the desk but now kneels before Morgan, that now Micromax is done speaking to those horrible men on the television, she has another use for him. 'And you?' she then asks the Ambassador, who reminds her that in the world of mortals he is the ambassador to the United Nations, but here, his Coven Akkaba serve only her. 'Then serve me in silence, whelp, and show me what the Furies have done while I've been resting'. Morgan recalls how she was captured by Apocalypse, vivisected in Jamie Braddock's captivity, and gotten the taste for the magic of mutant blood. 'I want my Britain restored. And the first thing that means is, I need a Captain Britain!'

Morgan walks out of the office into another room as she declares that Saturnyne and Roma are both too in love with themselves and their Otherworld to ever truly care about Britain, the power inherent in the land is incidental to them. Brousseau remarks that King Arthur is licking his wounds in Avalon, and Merlyn is dead for the moment – the one thing Betsy Braddock's ever done right. 'The time is yours to step up, my queen' Brousseau adds. Morgan agrees, and announces that if someone is going to care about this island, it is going to have to be her. She tells Brousseau that the way they wil endear themselves to the people is by gaining control of Britain's own magical knight – Captain Britain. She then instructs Brousseau to bring her a jar. He does so, and as Morgan tells him that the peasants don't understand the Captain's role as protector of realities and of Otherworld, the land where they meet. 'What they want to see if a modern hero, someone uncomplicated, who wears the flag and looks good doing it, without thinking too hard – or making them think too hard. 'It's why Brian Braddock was perfect for the job' she adds as she drops Micromax into the jar, while Brousseau closes the lid on it. 'You – you $#%&!' Micromax calls out from within the jar. Morgan looks into the jar at Micromax and declares that what they need is someone willing to wear the Union Jack and smile for the camera – someone who can make people happy – never fear, Captain Britain is here! Someone we control!'

Meantime, Captain Britain and Askani have arrived in Infuri, land of the Everforge and kingdom of the Furies. 'No welcome wagon? Don't they know who you are?' Rachel asks. Betsy explains that with no Starlight Citadel, the provinces of Otherworld have no obligation to even let her in anymore. Infuri is an industrial realm, dark and heavy. Betsy and Rachel walk side-by-side past dozens of Furies within a large factory, towards a throne where the Forgemaster Federal is seated. Rachel notes that the furies are hard to read psychically. 'Maybe a kingdom-wide ward?' Rachel asks. 'Maybe a gift from Merlyn before he lost his head?' Betsy suggests. 'Captain Britain' the Forgemaster Federal announces. Captain Britain steps forward and informs the Forgemaster Federal that she comes with news about one of his citizens. 'Much appreciated' the Forgemaster Federal responds.

The Forgemaster Federal announces that he is pleased that this new Captain Britain understands sovereignty. 'We handle our own' the Forgemaster declares, while Captain Britain tells him that this is her first visit to Infuri after their unfortunate placement at opposite sides of the war. She reminds the Forgemaster how he leased his citizens out to Merlyn to become his experiments, and they became mutant-huntingb Sentinels. 'Do you have anything to say for them?' she asks. 'No. They lost' the Forgemaster responds, which causes a strange mechanical laughter to be emitted from the dozens of furies in the factory. Captain Britain isn't impressed by this and tells the Furies that this is no laughing matter. She reveals that a Fury sent themselves through the Multiverse and caused severe damage to a reality that the Captain Britain Corps defends. Captain Britain adds that this was not one of Jim Jasper's creations – but one from this realm – from the Everforge. The Furies' laughter comes to an end as the

Forgemaster suggests that it sounds like a Captain Britain lost a battle and learned a lesson. 'Are you here to scold us like a mother at the playground?'
Captain Britain tells the Forgemaster that he has made it clear that the Furies are not her charges, and that they do not want her protection – which means they can easily become her enemies. Captain Britain warns the Forgemaster that if the kingdoms of Otherworld are to be at peace, she will have to act when one of them seeks to destablize this place. Standing nearby, Rachel's powers pick something, and telepathically informs Betsy that there is something strange here – from their timeline. The Forgemaster tells Captain Braddock that he is not interested in diplomacy, because the Furies do not compromise, and so if his Furies want to become lone hunters and make conquests across realities, then she is welcome to spend her time chasing them down. He adds that he encourages fighting, that he finds them entertaining. 'I think you're lying' Betsy responds. 'That wasn't some rogue attack. I think you're targeting my Captains oon purpose...' Betsy continues, while Rachel telepathically asks her to stall, as she turns her attention to two Furies down another corridor.

'... and I think I know why' Betsy tells the Forgemaster, when suddenly, several Furies appear behind Askani and informs the Forgemaster that one of the witchbreed is loose. 'Knew it!' Rachel exclaims, before the Forgemaster orders the Furies to capture Askani, and not to let her loose in their halls. 'If you find her -' the Forgemaster begins, to which Captain Britain warns the Furies that if they lay a hand on Askani, it means war. Betsy rushes past the Furies and comes to a stop when she finds Rachel, who has discovered a Union Jack flag hanging on a wall. 'All what is this all about?' Askani asks. 'Oh, of course. Isn't it obvious, Rachel? It's their new colors' Betsy suggests. 'Forgemaster. On your order' one of the Furies calls out as they close in on Askani, while Betsy tells Rachel that she can't focus on getting them out of Otherworld with the Furies staring them down like that. 'Say no more!' Askani responds as she waves her hand, and a large vat of molten lead pours out of it onto several of the Furies, as the Forgemaster instructs them to stand down, deciding that they cannot risk going to war with Krakoa for Askani's offenses – and they have their own orders to follow. Captain Britain and Askani take their leave, flying from the factory as quickly as they can.

Meawhile, across from Braddock Isle, Pete Wisdom stands on shore of the mainland as the rain beats down around him. He looks at Braddock Manor and contacts S.T.R.I.K.E., informing them that he is going in, no more hesitation. 'I'll give your love to the Braddocks' Widom adds. Shortly, 'Pete Wisdom! All the times we've invited you around for tea and you finally show up unannounced' Brian remarks as he takes some tea from Meggan and gives it to Wisdom, asking him how he is. 'Baah' Wisdom complains. 'You can't drink and I can't smoke. Bah. We're like the sad lions at the zoo with their teeth pulled, Brian' Wisdom tells his friend. 'Now, Pete. Our bad habits woul've killed us both' Brian points out. 'We'll, I've been dead recently, and, in my unpopular opinion? It's very restful' Wisdom jokes, when suddenly, Betsy and Rachel enter the dining room. 'I'm so glad you made it without instigating things with the British patrols out there' Betsy tells Wisdom, explaining that the Quiet Council has been adamant that they avoid scuffles.

'Did you decide you missed my rugged masculinity after all?' Wisdom replies. 'Ew' Rachel mutters, while Wisdom asks Betsy and Rachel how they managed to get in without getting soaked. Betsy explains that there is a Krakoan gate in the courtyard under an overhang in case of rain. 'No one told me!' Wisdom complains. Betsy informs Wisdom that she needs S.T.R.I.K.E., that they are the best psi-division there is, and the only people she trusts to do what needs to be done for the right reasons. 'You honored even Reuben Brousseau as your countryman, and they stabbed you in the back. Not even because you're you – just because they needed a mutant to sacrifice' Betsy reminds Wisdom. 'Yes, I was there' Wisdom remarks, adding that their favorite foursome of mutant psychics are quite upset about what's happened at home in the time since they've been dead, and have been looking to do something about it.

Betsy reports that it seems the Furies of Everforge have taken some notes from their progenitor and are starting trouble with some of her Corps, but that they appear to be acting on orders from someone in the UK – this UK here on Earth. Betsy tells Wisdom that she needs he and S.T.R.I.K.E. to find out what they can about who is dealing directly with the Furies, and she suspects Coven Akkaba, so suggests they stay there. Pete stretches his arms and yawns, asking if it is okay to start tomorrow. Betsy offers Wisdom a wing within the Manor to set up as S.T.R.I.K.E.'s.

Shortly, 'Tomorrow, huh? I'm proud of you. You're not always good about remembering you or others need sleep' Rachel remarks as she sits up in the large bed she and Betsy share, as Betsy climbs under the covers, she explains that she has a lot on her mind. Betsy tells Rachel that she hopes Pete and S.T.R.I.K.E. aren't taking on work they can't handle, adding that she will need to make it clear to them that they don't need to earn their keep to stay here at the Manor. Betsy rubs some handcream across her hands and wonders if actually they should set Wisdom and the others up at one of the family's country houses, suggesting they grow a secure network of gates so zero travel time and no one but Sage can track who goes through. Rachel is playing some hand-held video game as Betsy reports that she also sent Pete some mental data about the rest of Coven Akkaba so they know who to keep eyes out for. 'This thing cheats!' Rachel complains, tossing the video game aside, while Betsy wonders if they should have S.T.R.I.K.E. use a multiple-step gate system, transferring outside the UK and then back in from another fate elsewhere so they are harder to track if the gates are compromised.

Betsy throws her hands across her face, while Rachel tells her that a wise woman once said '...we should worry about this tomorrow'. She pulls Betsy closer and Betsy smiles, admitting that she said it, but doesn't think she knows how not to worry about something on her mind. 'Bet I can distract you. Won't even need to get psychic' Rachel grins. 'Cheeky!' Betsy replies, announcing that she is happy to tell Rachel about it, before Rachel kisses Betsy, and telepathically asks her 'What's that you say? Let's do this while we talk. Now what were you complaining about?' Betsy telepathically admits that it has been a while since she has had someone in bed to distract her from her thoughts, she forgot what she was going to complain about.

The next day, rain falls in London, where Pete Wisdom walks into a cafe and sees a woman sitting at a table. 'Fazia Hussain?' he calls out. 'Pete! Is that you?' Fazia asks, standing up as Pete walks over to her and tells her that it is lovely to see her. 'I wanted to introduce you to some folks -' Pete begins, motioning to a group standing behind him, but Fazia exclaims 'Are you kidding? I'm a complete and total S.T.R.I.K.E.-head. A S.T.R.I.K.E. stan. With all of the drama in gthe national cape scene about Captain Britain?' Fazia points out that S.T.RI.K.E.'s resurrection and reveal as mutants is the most exciting thing. 'Don't let me hold you up, then!' Wisdom smiles back at Fazia, who looks over at Albedo, Ghast, Rubedo and Xanth, calling them by their real names: 'Alison Double. Tom Lennox. Vicki Reppion. And Kevin Mulhearn, formerly known as the amazing Doctor Destiny!' she declares. This causes Xanth to laugh, and admits that he was, before asking Fazia if she was a fan. 'Not of the state of magic, more of one of the greatest covert organisations in intelligence history' Fazia explains.

Fazia then tells Pete that this was so thoughtful, and that she had heard about their resurrection, but didn't think she would ever get to meet them 'And I've been so stressed over this Captain Britain mess' Fazia explains, before announcing that she knows a shop that is selling some really clever pro-Betsy pins. Pete then informs Fazia that they are actually here on business. 'Is it about the Captain Britain mess?' Fazia asks as she sits down. 'And about you. And...Excalibur' Wisdom announces. 'The sword?' Fazia asks, grabbing a case propped up next to her, she reveals that it contains the sword, and reveals that she keeps it on her, of course. 'Are people coming for it?' she enquires. 'Not that I know of' Wisdom replies, but admits that he is worried about what they will do in their attempt to find a symbol of Britain, so he had to check on her.

'Well, most of those types aren't exactly open-minded, and they don't exactly think I represent Britain, either' Fazia remarks. Wisdom tells her that, paradoxically enough, they can hope their idiot bigotry keeps Fazia safe from their interest. 'That doesn't mean they won't try to take me out...' Fazia's voice trails off. 'Well, no one in S.T.R.I.K.E. will let that happen!' Albedo smiles as she and her teammates all put their hands on Fazia's, who gasps 'Oh, stay just like that! I want a picture!'

Meanwhile, at Coven Akkaba HQ, Mogan stands over a scrying pool, into which she spills just a drop of Micromax's witchbreed blood – although she calls him “Microman”. Morgan boasts that she can find Betsy Braddock in any reality now, the cursed X in her blood can't help but sing to the same curse in his. 'Micromax!' Scott Wright calls out from where he remains trapped in the glass jar. 'Quiet, little love, or I may need another drop' Morgan warns him, pointing out that, at his size, that could be very draining indeed. Morgan waves her hand, and the water in the scrying pool changes, as she sees the shadowy image of another member of the Captain Britain Corps appears in the scrying pool, as Morgan announces that she wants to find the next of these perilously simple members of the Captain Britain Corps – the ones who can be all too easily brought to heel – or better – turned against their sisters.

At that moment, 'Rachel, wake up – one of the Corps is in danger!' Betsy calls out as she suddenly sits up in her bed back at Braddock Manor.

On Earth-5411, Captain Britain and Askani arrive to find one of the Captain Britain Corps under attack from a Fury, while the local civilians run away from the battle. 'No more Saturnyne or Starlight Citadel means you get the honor of personally responding to emergency calls?' Askani asks. 'Well, I've got the multiversal girlfriend, so everyone's problems become my problems' Betsy responds. 'Awww. Our problems' Rachel jokes, before Betsy flies off, instructing Rachel to help with crowd control, while she helps the Captain. 'Noooo!' comes the telepathic cries of this reality's Captain Britain, a woman wearing a raggedy blue dress over a white and red costume, and a black band around her head. She carries a spear and a gold shield, and looks over to Captain Britain, remarking that her arrival means she has failed her world. 'I refuse to yield!' she exclaims. 'Oh. Right. You're stubborn, like me' Betsy remarks, addressing the Corps member as Captain Pretani, and suggesting she doesn't yield, and instead fights alongside her.

The Fury looms over Captains Britain and Pretani, and notes that Captain Britain is an enemy, but offers Captain Pretani an offer 'On behalf of -' the Fury begins, to wich Pretani interrupts the Fury, declaring that she doesn't want the offer unless it is one of surrender. 'No. It is yours. Yur service' the Fury states, revealing that in exchange, the Furies will spare her reality, and that that is the only way to avoid failure. 'And you will no longer serve this false Captain Britain, Betsy Braddock, and her Corps of pretenders' the Fury adds. Captain Pretani bursts into laughter, while Betsy tells her that she is glad she thinks this is as funny as she does, but points out that if they are going to try to fight one of these things with a spear, they will need to square up. 'I assume we told the Furies no?' Askani asks as she flies towards the Captains. 'Oh yes' Betsy responds, before pointing to the sky, where she sees several more Furies arrive. 'Incoming from the Everforge!' Betsy exclaims.

'Prioritize the super-powered. Burn the land' one of the Furies states, before bidding the others good hunting. 'Good hunting' one of the other Furies responds. 'Time to see if I can do this again' Askani utters as energy forms between her hands. 'You've gotten some lucky shots on the environment, Rachel – we don't know that your Askani fire can even affect them!' Captain Britain calls out. 'We will die like warriors!' Captain Pretani shouts as she battles one of the Furies, to which Captain Britain tells her 'We will absolutely not' and states that they have to scatter and regroup elsewhere, that they can't let the Furies choose the terrain like this – as they are at a terrible disadvantage. After blasting one of the Furies with her energy, Askani becomes a priority for the Furies, but she suddenly begins to fall from the air, as she announces that she is feeling the effects of reaching for that multiversal Phoenix flame.

'But it's working – you've sent up a flare -' Captain Britain tells Askani, as Askani falls into the arms of another member of the Captain Britain Corps, as dozens of the heroic warriors arrive to assist in the battle against the Furies. Captain Britain tells the Furies 'To hell with your orders, and to hell with who gives them! I will go home to my world, and I will tell your lords: No Captain Britain will turn against her sisters to serve the Furies and Coven Akkaba!' Captain Britain shouts.

Suddenly, Morgan Le Fay appears through a portal, more Furies at her side, she tells Captain Britain that she cannot surely trust every version of herself. 'You bring your allies here all at once to reject my hand. Very considerate – you've saved me some time'. Morgan grins as she tells Captain Britain that with her gone, she will be able to move on with her plan to find a new Captain Britain – a captain the people will love!

Characters Involved: 

Captain Britain II

Captain Avalon
Maggie Braddock

Pete Wisdom
Excalibur/Dr. Fazia Hussain
Albedo, Ghast, Rubedo, Xanth (all S.T.R.I.K.E.)
Britannica Rex, Elspeth Braddock, Captain Bretland, Captain Plumdragon, Captain Pretani (all Captain Britain Corps)

Ambassador Reuben Brousseau
Lady Morgan Le Fay

Reginald Cross

Forgemaster Federal
Dinosaurs of Earth-99476
Citizens of Eatth-5411

Story Notes: 

This series follows Knights of X #5.

Micromax a.k.a. Scott Wright is a former member of the classic Excalibur team. He fell into relative obscurity when the Excalibur comic was restructured to bring in characters with closer ties to the X-Men, and later returned during the Civil War event. He had an extended arc during Marvel Comics Presents (2nd series) #1-12 and most recently appeared living on Krakoa, where he was a candidate for the X-Men during the 2021 Hellfire Gala X-Men Vote, but was not voted onto the team.

This issue contains an extract from “The Reflector” which claims to be the UK's most trusted source for news, entertainment and more. The article mentions that 82% of UK citizens were unaware that Betsy Braddock had taken up the role of Captain Britain. The article gives readers some brief information on Betsy's career with the X-Men, and notes that Captain Britain no longer serves Merlyn or Saturnyne, and that the fact Captain Britain is a mutant and a woman scares people.

Britannica Rex first appeared in X of Swords: Destruction #1, when she and other Captain Britain Corps were summoned to Otherworld.

This issue includes a readout from the Mothermind detailing some information about the Furies.

Braddock Isle was created by Rictor in Excalibur (4th series) #21.

Pete Wisdom was sacrificed by the Coven Akkaba in Excalibur (4th series) #21.

Dr. Faiza Hussain was last seen in the Death of Dr. Strange: X-Men/Black Knight one-shot.

Written By: