Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7

Issue Date: 
February 2015
Story Title: 
New World Disorder – Chapter 1: End of the Line

Rick Remender (writer), Adam Kubert (artist), Edgar Delgado & Jesus Aburtov (colorists), Chris Eliopoulous (letterer), Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor (cover artists), Ryan Stegman & Frank Martin, Greg Land & Frank D'Armarta (variant cover artists), Idettte Wincoor (production), Jake Thomas (assistant editor), Tom Breevort with Daniel Ketchum and Will Moss (editors), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Avengers and X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Havok looks at the Wasp, currently held prisoner in Apocalypse's Ship, and asks Cyclops if they could just save one human, but Cyclops reminds his brother that it doesn’t work that way. Nightcrawler appears and teleports the Summers brothers outside, where a battle is raging between several of the united X-Men and the villains who were on Genosha when the inversion took place. Back inside the Ship, Spider-Man and Deadpool observe Apocalypse, with Spider-Man deciding that there is no way the two of them can take him down. But Deadpool, who has developed a strange new attitude since the inversion, leaps down and lands on Apocalypse, urging him to see the error of his ways. Apocalypse fights the irritating Deadpool, while Spider-Man tinkers with the Gene Bomb – but Apocalypse sees him and turns his attention to Spider-Man, so Deadpool forces the fight outside to where the X-Men and the villains are continuing to battle. Nightcrawler takes on Spider-Man, which leads Carnage to come to Spider-Man's defense. Sabretooth goes after the Summers brothers, but he is taken out by Storm. Deadpool sings to try and bring everyone together, so Apocalypse slams Deadpool's head into the ground. In Latveria meanwhile, a determined Scarlet Witch is furious that her brother Quicksilver and father Magneto appear to have signed with Doom. Quicksilver tries to reason with his sister, but the Scarlet Witch casts a spell to strike her family down. Quicksilver it tossed about, and left motionless, so the Scarlet Witch turns her attention to Magneto, telling him that he cannot know how liverating it is to know there is no blood connection between them, and after reminding Magneto of how he has manipulated her and brought suffering to her life, she attacks him with a hex sphere. Dr Doom uses this moment to make his escape, and casts another spell to make Latveria burn. Sam Wilson arrives at Star Industries, and he and Tony Stark briefly discuss the situation in Manhattan. Waiting to meet with them are Thor, Hulk, Medusa and Luke Cage. They all agree that they are better off with the mutants being dead. Back in Manhattan, Deadpool tries to reach out to the boy Apocalypse once was, but Apocalypse assures Deadpool that the boy no longer resides within him. Deadpool doesn't give up, and Apocalypse tells him that is why the world believes he is a braindead fool – before tearing Deadpool's head off. The X-Men have defeated the villains and stand with Apocalypse as the Gene Bomb counts down to one!


Full Summary: 

The heart of Manhattan, Apocalypse's Ship, where Alex “Havok” Summers stands before a cell holding the captive Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. The Wasp. Havok remarks that Janet was the only thing that kept him going back on Planet X, the only thing that kept him sane, adding that she saved his life, their daughter's life, countless times, putting herself at risk without a second thought. The Wasp is strapped into a restraint, and Havok turns to his brother, Scott “Cyclops” Summers and asks if there is no way to spare just one human from the Gene Bomb. 'It's not how it works, Alex' Scott replies. 'Could you do it? Could you allow your wife to die?' Alex asks. Scott announces that for the future of their people, for this war to end then yes, he could. 'But the real question – can you?' Cyclops asks, turning to his brother.

Havok glances sideways, when suddenly, there is a BAMF and Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner teleports in front of the men. 'Rogers has amassed his army -' Nightcrawler announces urgently. 'Who could he have found to attempt such a hopeless assault?' Alex asks. 'Come – you'll have to see it with your own eyes!' Kurt replies as he grabs them and teleports away.

Outside, a group of villains has been gathered to counter the X-Men. 'All right, ya mugs – AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!' Absorbing Man shouts as he swings his ball and chain overhead. Loki rushes alongside him, while Mystique, Carnage, the Enchantress, Sabretooth, Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern leap into the air. 'X-Men – come out and play!' Carnage sings, to which Jack O'Lantern tells him that his reference is tired.

On the side of the mutants, Angel, Sunfire, Storm, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Iceman move in for the attack, shortly joined by Nightcrawler and the Summers Brothers when they teleport in. 'Was hopin' to have one more chance to crush human skulls with my hands!' Rogue declares before striking the Enchantress in the face. Colossus and Sabretooth go against each other, while Storm confronts Jack O'Lantern, Carnage leaps towards Iceman, Mystique rushes towards Cyclops and Loki's sword clashes with Nightcrawler's.

Inside Ship, Apocalypse – formerly the mutant child Genesis – stands before the Gene Bomb and declares that their lives are spent in a vain attempt to cohabitate with the humans, lives spent afraid, lives spent hiding. 'Today it ends' he tells himself. Up on a beam looking down on Apocalypse, Deadpool is perched, alongside Spider-Man. 'The green park where once we danced has grown thorns and dead brush of bummer frequencies. Our harmony now blanketed in the distortion of bad vibes. Two armies met on the road to Nowheresville. Hunks and foxy mamas all willing to lay down what the good universe gave 'em – locked in a domination groove. X-Folks gone crazy, man. Incapable of seeing the needs of others as equal to their own. They've turned their backs on nature's solution. Free love – a drum circle – but our brothers and sisters would rather fight it out than hug it up' Wade “Deadpool” Wilson prattles, to which Peter “Spider-Man” Parker tells him that he has to shut up, and remarks that he doesn't think Apocalypse is leaving. 'No, I think this more falls under “activating a bomb”, my groovy sidekick!' Deadpool declares. 'I'm not your... ugh, it doesn't matter' Spider-Man mutters, pointing out that this is a problem, and the point of the diversion was to get him to go outside – there is no way the two of them can take down Apocalypse.

'Aw, sure there is, Negative Nancy. We just need to teach him to strive for less “Age of Apocalypse” and more “Age of Aquarius”!' Deadpool replies as he leaps off the beam, dropping towards Apocalypse and striking him in the head. 'IDIOT!' Apocalypse snaps as he turns around and sees Deadpool standing nearby. 'The wise scholar Peter Marshall once asked: if you're going to make a parachute jump, you should be at least how high?'

Apocalypse responds by firing a blast of energy from his eyes at Deadpool, who leaps into the air, dodging the blast, which strikes some equipment, destroying it. 'Three days of steady drinking should do it. By the great Peter Marshall's logic, you just need a drink to unwind, sweet spirit!' Deadpool mumbles.

Each time he leaps, Apocalypse strikes out with another blast, but each time he misses Deadpool. 'Let's hop in my VW van, trek on up to Sedona, buy some aura crystals – gotta get your chakra in line, turkey!' Deadpool continues. He dodges another blast and exclaims that they will get a full body rubdown, soak up the hot springs, hit the mud baths and get in touch with themselves. 'I am in touch with myself, fool – and now I am in touch with you!' Apocalypse booms as he extends one of his arms, and grabs Deadpool, slamming his face into a wall. 'So – raincheck on the mud bath?' Deadpool asks, his nose bleeding as he starts to get to his feet.

Deadpool tells Apocalypse that Sedona is a delight at this time of year, and that he could meet his friend, Creepy Carl Moon Drummer. 'He'll get you in a beat circle at a level you're comfortable with -' but Apocalypse notices Spider-Man at the Gene Bomb, tinkering with the control panels. 'C'mon, c'mon, what language is this bomb's code written in?' Spider-Man asks quietly, before leaping out of the way as Apocalypse fires a blast of energy towards Spider-Man, striking the Gene Bomb instead.

Deadpool uses this chance to leap onto Apocalypse's back as Apocalypse announces that historians will see what they have done this day as an unavoidable strike to defend the evolution of mankind. He adds that they will remember the X-Men as the heroes who ended the war and preserved the evolution of mankind. 'Yip-yap blah-blah-blah! You gotta quit rationalizing the negativity, sweet Francis Longhorn!' Deadpool exclaims, interrupting Apocalypse, who thrashes about trying to shake Deadpool off of his back. 'We get it – everyone gets it – Apocalypse likey evolution. Point well made. Now giddy up, li'l darling, gotta run off some of that bad energy!' Deadpool exclaims.

Apocalypse lumbers towards Spider-Man, as Deadpool calls out 'Lookout, sidekick! This guy's unconstructiveness is out-of-control!' Spider-Man turns to see Apocalypse and Deadpool looming towards him, 'Of, son of a -' Spider-Man utters, before he is knocked out of the wall, followed by Apocalypse and Deadpool. 'You cannot fight evolution!' Apocalypse shouts as they plummet towards the ground, past the X-Men and the villains they are fighting, such as Rogue who battles Carnage mid-air, and Hobgoblin who throws a pumpkin bomb towards Sunfire. They land, and Spider-Man tells Apocalypse that, scientifically speaking, that is not entirely true, and that not all evolution is an improvement. Spider-Man ducks as Apocalyse lunges towards him, and adds 'The assumption that by being mutated you're naturally superior – is a tad arrogant'. Spider-Man then kicks Apocalypse in the face, knocking him backwards. 'And Wade?' Spider-Man asks, landing on a cab. 'Yes?' Deadpool replies. 'I'm not your sidekick' Spider-Man exclaims. 'That's your ego talking, man. Gotta get that monster under control!' Deadpool suggests.

Suddenly, Nightcrawler teleports behind them and wraps his tail around Spider-Man's neck, telling him that he should be more respectful to his idiot colleagues – a matter of professional courtesy. Nightcrawler teleports Spider-Man into an alleyway nearby, and puts the tip of his sword to Spider-Man's neck, 'But I suppose this lesson is wasted on your kind' he adds. Suddenly, 'Nah, man, we get it – an' ol' papa Carnage's got nothing but respect for his fellow web-slinger!' Carnage declares as he swings down and kicks Nightcrawler away from Spider-Man. 'Can't... quite... make mouth say “thank you”, Carnage' Spider-Man calls out as his longtime enemy swings away, telling Spider-Man that it is not necessary. 'Being magnanimous... confusing me more...' Spider-Man utters.

Nearby, Jack O'Lantern and Sabretooth move towards Havok and Cyclops. Sabretooth tells Cyclops that Wolverine was right about him, that it seems no matter what is going on, there is always a Summers brother messing up the works for everyone else. Havok turns around to see Sabretooth looming over him, 'A fightened little branch – bending whichever way the wind blows!' Sabretooth exclaims as he seemingly slices Havok's arm. 'You think you know us, Creed? Know what we're truly capable of?' Cyclops asks. 'Every time you've ever faced the X-Men, we've shown mercy. But that's over -' Havok announces, as Storm appears and casts a powerful lightning bolt which strikes Sabretooth down. 'We're done holding back' Storm declares. Jack O'Lantern swoops down and picks the motionless Sabreooth up, telling him gthat there is no dying as this fight isn't over yet. Sunfire blasts some energy towards Carnage, while Colossus is confronted by the Absorbing Man, as Deadpool stands amongst the battle and sings 'C'mon, people now! Smile on your brothers! Everybody get together, try and love one another... right now' his voice grows suddenly quiet as Apocalypse looms over him and raises a fist: 'Love is a lie' he declares, bringing his fist down, he slams Deadpool's head into the concrete, 'A tool used to control the weak... hate is the truth of the world'.


Meanwhile, in Latveria, Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch hovers in the air over her father Magneto, her brother Pietro a.k.a Quicksilver and the monarch of Latveria, Dr Doom. 'Why am I not surprised? Even after what this monster did to me, you – my own family – SIDE WITH DOOM!' Wanda screams, energy glowing around her, she informs her family that they will suffer Doom's fate with him. 'Wanda – listen to me – you're not listening straight!' Quicksilver calls out. Doom casts his own energies, and reminds the Scarlet Witch that he cannot undo his past, adding that he will not allow his nation to pay for his sins. His energy knocks the Scarlet Witch, while Magneto tells Quicksilver to go and create a vortex to deprive Wanda of oxygen – knocking her out is their only hope. Wanda overhears this, however, and shouts 'Your only hope was to stay out of my way, “Father”!' She continues, narrowing her eyes, energy intensifying around her, she declares  that instead, Magneto has chosen tragedy, chosen to side with this trash who so abused his own daughter. 'YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO INCUR THE VENGEANCE OF THE QUEEN OF CHAOS!' Wanda screams.

Quicksilver calls out to Wanda, telling her that this isn't the only way. He adds that he will never leave her side, never stop fighting for her. But Wanda informs her brother that today he has shown whose side he is on. 'Allow me to repay you with a chaos curse on my bloodline!' Wanda declares. She starts to chant, her voice dark, 'Hear me now, Lords of Chaos. Find perch within the blood of my blood! Crush their bones! Boil their blood dry in their veins! Rupture their souls! END THE LINE -!' Spheres of energy glow around Wanda's hands, and beams of energy flow from the spheres – beams that reach out to Quicksilver, turn him upside down, as Wanda declares 'STRIKE MY FAMILY DOWN!' Quicksilver cries out in agony, and falls to the ground. 'Pietro -' Magneto exclaims, rushing over to his son, but Wanda instructs him to stand still, and asks 'What trickery is this? You – you should be ruined! By the dark gods – it's a lie! Your life, all of this – a lie! You were used! The great Magneto, a pawn in someone's game!' Wanda reveals, as Magneto stands motionless over Quicksilver. Wanda lowers herself in the air, and tells Magneto that he has no family, that he is truly alone. 'No...' Magneto utters. 'What sweet irony' Wanda adds, telling Magneto that he can't know how liberating it is to know there is no blood connection between them.

'And what of Pietro?' Magneto asks. 'He is your brother – look what you've done to him' Magneto tells Wanda, as Quicksilver remains motionless. 'No' Wanda replies, eyes glowing, she tells Magneto that it was he who pulled Quicksilver into this, pulled him into his Brotherhood of Evil, sought to send him down his same path of ruin. Wanda's eyes glow, as she tells Magneto that it was he who sent Quicksilver out to betray her, to manipulate her feelings. 'All you've ever done is bring suffering to his life!' she exclaims, casting forth firey strands of energy she declares that this is suffering she will now repay. The energy strikes Mangeto and seemingly burns him, as he screams in agony. Wanda turns to see Doom open a portal: 'What is this? Leaving your new friends so soon, coward? There is nowhere you can hide! Not after what you've done to my family!' Wanda declares. Before he disappears, Doom simply replies 'Who has done what to your “family”, Witch?' Energy ripples around Latveria, with Wanda telling Doom to run, to hide from his past, run from his sins, and while he hides – Latveria will burn!

San Francisco, at Stark Industries, where Sam Wilson a.k.a. The current Captain America lands atop the high-tech building where Tony “Iron Man” Stark is waiting for him. 'Okay, Stark, what's so damned important I had to come al the way to san Francisco?' Sam asks. Tony informs Sam that he thought he might be interested in some revenge against the X-types that trounced him. 'Revenge is like chicken soup for the soul' Tony adds. 'And, more importantly self-preservation' he remarks, before asking Sam if he has been watching the scene in Manhattan. Sam replies that he is staying the hell clear of it, for getting involved isn't in his best interests. 'And now these villains suddenly joining in – whole thing stinks of our ol' pal Steve Rogers. And If I'm Steve Rogers, I'm looking for the one man who can undo all of this' Tony declares. They enter a boardroom, where Thor, Medusa, Luke Cage and Hulk – in his other form Kluh, are gathered around the meeting room table. Iron man announces that Steve is looking to get his hands on the Red Skull in the hopes of liberating them from their newfound freedom. 'Explaining how you got the bank together' Sam comments as he looks at the others.

Kluh declares that he is not interested in letting the old man play his hand for him. Thor agrees, and reports that he will go along until Steve is out of their way. Medusa announces that the X-Men could pose continued trouble for her people, so believes they must go as well. 'So everyone agrees – we're better off with 'em all dead' Luke concludes.

Back in Manhattan, the Enchantress lies motionless on the ground, with Loki standing over her, using his sword to battle Nightcrawler, who teleports about, while Apocalypse holds Deadpool by his neck. Deadpool gasps for breath as he utters 'C'mon, Evan, you gotta be in there somewhere. Don't need a mood ring to know what you're doing is totally rotten'. Deadpool adds that this is the big neon distraction from what really matters – finding a way to be happy with the person you are. 'Are you through rambling, idiot? You attempt to appeal to a part of me that no longer exists. The boy's path  was always destined to lead to this!' Apocalypse roars. Apocalypse declares that Evan was a dream, a cocoon masking what grew within – the true spirit of En Sabah Nur! 'Dude! No one liked En Sabah Nur! But everyone loves Evan!' Deadpool replies. 'Evan's the hope that we can all be better' Deadpool adds, as Apocalypse brings him closer. The battle between the X-Men and the villains continues to rage, as Deadpool says 'That no matter where we come from, no matter how bad it was or what people expect us to be – nurture can beat nature'.

Apocalypse has listened to Deadpool, then shouts 'YOU DELUDE YOURSELF!' and tells Deadpool that he and his X-Force did not set out on any physical sojourn. 'YOU SLAUGHTERED MY HOST CHILD!' he roars, blasting energy from his eyes at Deadpool's face, who is only inches from Apocalypse. Deadpool is blasted across to a brick walll, where he collapses to the ground. 'You can kill me...that's up to you – but you'll regret it' Deadpool warns Apoclaypse, adding that someday that part of him will wake up and he will regret this entire angry mess. 'I always believed you could be better' Deadpool tells Apocalypse as he looms over him. 'Proving the world's impression of you -  A BRAINDEAD FOOL!' Apocalypse bellows, as he stands on Deadpool, crushing several bones. Apocalypse's fist then strikes Deadpool's face, and again, spurting blood everywhere. 'Do you see now? See how wrong you are?' Apocalypse shouts as he slams Deadpool to the ground again. 'YERAGHH!' Deadpool cries in pain, as Apocalypse violently thrashes Deadpool about, more blood is sprayed about. 'You believed I could be better... I am better. Better than you. Better than all humans. I am APOCALYPSE' the uber-mutant boasts, holding up the severed head of Deadpool, as Deadpool's bloodied body lies at Apocalypse's feet. The X-Men gather around, the defeated villains scattered about, and as Apocalypse declares that the end is nigh, the Gene Bomb clicks down – three... two... one...!


Characters Involved: 

Havok, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, Thor, Wasp (all former members of the Avengers Unity Squad)

Angel, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Storm (all X-Men)

Captain America VIII, Hulk / Kluh, Iron Man, Luke Cage (all Avengers)






Apocalypse / Genesis II

Absorbing Man, Carnage, Deadpool, Dr Doom, Enchantress, Hobgoblin, Jack O'Lantern, Loki, Mystique, Sabretooth


Story Notes: 

Havok and the Wasp's life on Planet X can be seen in Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #18.

The Scarlet Witch was manipulated by Dr Doom into causing the “Avengers Dissassembled” event, as revealed in the Avengers: The Children's Crusade mini series.

X-Force killed Apocalypse’s young host in Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #4.

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