Avengers Spotlight #32

Issue Date: 
May 1990
Story Title: 
1st story: Terminizer! - 2nd story: The Xenophobic Man part 2: Methods and Standards

1st story: Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom (penciler), Hajek Satter Lee (inker), Jack Morelli (letterer), Mike Rockwitz (colorist)

2nd story: Fabian Nicieza (writer), Dan Lawlis (penciler), Keith Williams (inker), Janice Chiang (letterer), Brad Vancata (colorist)

Len Kaminski (managing editor), Mark Gruenwald (editor), Tom DeFaclo (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Hawkeye meets with Mockingbird and Detective Zamora to discuss the assassination of the man who tried to run him over, and the mysterious assailant responsible, someone who leaves a spray-painted “T” in a circle symbol.  They discuss possible motives and candidates for this mysterious assassin, while Detective Zamora explains to Hawkeye that the gang members themselves are bottom of the barrel in the warfare he is up against – and that the real menace comes from above. In East LA, three members of the Stone Perfs are assassinated by the mysterious gun-toting vigilante, who calls himself the Terminizer. The Stone Perf member working for Lotus Newmark called Prince Charming disposes of the car that was used in the attempted running over of Hawkeye, before returning to Lotus' safehouse, where he leers at Lotus and treats her with disrespect, so Lotus skewers him with her deadly claws – reminding him who is boss. Hawkeye begins another search over Downtown LA during the night, while wondering how to go about his crusade against the gangs. He comes across some Stone Perfs assaulting a woman, and after he sends them on their way and leaves the woman, the Terminizer shows up and kills the Stone Perfs. Hawkeye breaks up another two Stone Perfs who were harassing a local shop owner, but when he is gone, the Terminizer kills them both. Similarly, when Hawkeye prevents a Stone Perf from stealing a car, the Terminizer kills that Stone Perf when Hawkeye is not in sight. The next morning, Hawkeye and Mockingbird are shocked to watch a news report that details the killings, and links them all to crimes stopped by Hawkeye.

(2nd story)

At the church which is involved in getting Mexican refugees across the border safely, USAgent is surrounded by several armed refugees. He disarms them all with ease and asks the church priest why he shouldn't arrest him. The priest takes USAgent into the bunker under the church, where dozens of refugees are being kept safe. USAgent and the priest discuss the “American dream” and the priest reveals that the Border Patrol knew about the crossings and the Xenophobic Man but did nothing about trying to stop him. USAgent goes to the border patrol office where he grabs Captain Hitchuck and accuses him of covering up the killings and knowing who the Xenophobic Man is. Hitchuck asks some of his officers who was on duty last night when the killings took place, and learns it was Officer Bouting. At that moment, the Xenophobic Man arrives at the hospital where the three children who survived last night's attack are recovering from their ordeal – only he kills them and the nurse who told USAgent about the church, after she reveals the location of the church safehouse to the Xenophobic Man.


Full Summary: 

(1st story)

The Palos Verdes Compound, home and headquarters of the Avengers West Coast, where Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye and Bobbi Morse-Barton a.k.a. Mockingbird are meeting with Detective Pete Zamora. Hawkeye looks at a photo of the dead Reynaldo Cortizar, who was shot through the head. Detective Zamora explains that Cortizar was a Colombian national with no Visa, and that he entered the United States by means unknown. Hawkeye looks at a second photo, a spray painted symbol that was painted on the street where the mysterious assailant fired the shot that killed Cortizar – a yellow “T” in a circle. Detective Zamora remarks that this situation could be a lot bigger than somebody besides the Stone Perfs gang wanting Hawkeye dead – someone higher up. “Higher up”? Hawkeye asks, handing the photos to Mockingbird for her to look at. Detective Zamora explains that it could be to do with the drug trade, as the street gangs don't import professional assassins. 'The Perfs tried to waste you once. And failed. Somebody didn't want to risk a second foul-up' Detective Zamora declares.

'Just goes to show you, Zamora. Nothing's for sure in this world!' Hawkeye remarks, before Mockingbird asks the detective if he didn't realize that the Perfs were so well connected, and Detective Zamora admits that intelligence was deficient on this one. Hawkeye asks what they are dealing with – a drug problem or a gang problem? 'Both – and a money problem!' Detective Zamora responds, adding that the Perfs' earning capacity obviously has direct bearing on someone else's. He remarks that drugs are a business, like any other, and explains that the Perfs – all gangs in fact – are at the bottom of the organizational chart, simply replaceable cogs in the machinery. 'They're in the same position relative to drug lords as a Plymouth salesman is to Lee Iacocca'. Detective Zamora remarks. 'They move product, but don't decide market strategy' Mockingbird suggests. 'Exactly' Zamora tells her, and points out that it looks like Hawkeye has offended someone who does.

Hawkeye asks about the “circle-T” symbol, and queries whether it could be a rival gang's symbol. Detective Zamora tells him that it is not one they know of, and nor is it the signature of any known individual gang member, either. 'Great. Yet another wild card' Hawkeye mumbles, to which Detective Zamora tells Hawkeye that he wanted him to be aware of all this, and adds that somebody is getting nervous – probably at the notion of an Avenger poking around their operation. 'At least I'm finally getting some respect!' Hawkeye jokes.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird escort Detective Zamora out of the building and to his car, while Zamora states that he hopes Hawkeye has learned that it doesn't pay to kid about this stuff, pointing out that this debacle has almost gotten him killed twice now. 'Tap-dancing in the face of death is part of his charm. It's obnoxious, but you get used to it' Mockingbird explains. 'And thank you for your support' Hawkeye mutters. Zamora tells Hawkeye that he has given up trying to dissuade him from this anti-gang crusade, but warns him that if he takes it any further, he is going to need a plan. 'Without very clear-cub objectives and tactics, you're going to get hurt again – and endanger others while you're at it' Zamora explains. Hawkeye replies 'I'm not that proud, Zamora' and tells him that he will be in touch if he needs help. 'I hope you mean that. There's still a lot you don't know about the gang wars' Zamora replies, before he gets into his car and drives away.

'Bird?' Hawkeye asks. 'Before you even ask...' Bobbi begins. 'What?' Hawkeye asks her. 'No. I did not put him up to that. It just happens to be true' Bobbi remarks, arms folded. Hands on hips, Hawkeye declares that he might already have his plan formulated. 'I'm all ears' Bobbi tells him. 'Good! Keep yourself pricked!' Hawkeye replies as he walks away, wondering how come everybody is always two steps ahead of him. 'Because – you're terrible at forward thinking!' Bobbi tells him as she leaps in front of him. 'Oh, is that so?' Hawkeye asks, reaching out to grab Bobbi, but she flips backwards, out of his grasp while telling him that he tends not to consider the individual nature of his opponent. Bobbi bounds backwards towards a workshop, telling Clint that he likes events to be predictable, with everyone acting according to his assessment of what their self-interest ought to be – which she thinks usually, works, in a battle of zap-guns versus trick arrows, but leaves him woefully unprepared when his opponent operates on an entirely different set of assumptions. Hawkeye walks into the workshop, and finds Bobbi reclining on his sky-cycle, 'As proof, I offer this new 1990 scrap-cycle – battered to within an inch of slag by a '71 Chevy!' Bobbi jokes. Hawkeye frowns and tells Bobbi that she wins, and that he needs a plan.

Meanwhile, in East LA, several members of the Stone Perfs gang are gathered in an alleyway, 'Somebody gotta lotta nerve, homes!' one of them snarls as they look at the T within a circle spray painted on a wall, along with “Perfs Die!” scrawled next to it. 'Somebody gonna get a lotta dead, homes' another mumbles, while the third wonders who this T-guy is, and what the sign means. Suddenly, 'It means – TERMINIZER!' a voice shouts, and the three members of the Stone Perfs turn to see someone aiming a gun at them. 'Wha -? Oh no! Look at that!' one of them laughs. 'That's the T-guy?' another asks, perplexed. 'Ohh, I'm scared!' the third mocks, before suddenly, the mysterious Terminizer opens fire, shooting all three of them with many bullets, they don't stand a chance, and drop to the ground in a heap. 'You're done laughing. Done hurting people. Done with everything. Except bleeding!' the Terminizer calls out before turning and leaving.

Downtown LA, in the industrial district. The Stone Perf who calls himself Prince Charming runs from a vehicle, and ducks for cover behind some scrap. He was told that this car was seen by both Hawkeye and whoever killed Reynaldo, so it must be destroyed. He was ordered to drive it to this scrap yard on Alameda Street, place an explosive device under the hood, and engage the timer, which left him 15 seconds to find cover. He asked 'What if it's not enough' and was told that he was not sufficiently resourceful to be of use, and that if he lives, he is to talk, not run, to the business district, then board a bus and ride to Highland and Odin Street in Hollywood, where a driver will meet him. When he asked about the fire, he was told to leave it to those who will put it to use – and be blamed for setting it. As the car explodes, Prince Charming puts his hands behind his head for extra protection, then as debris blasts about, he gets up and walks out of the scrap yard, and as predicted, homeless people emerge and warm themselves around the blazing car.

Later, 'You followed my instructions to the letter, Prince. That speaks well of you' Lotus Newmark declares as she stands in a living room, hands on hips, while Prince Charming sits on a sofa and looks up at her as she tells him that it is not enough, that members of her organization must also show individual initiative. 'Do you know what that means?' she asks. 'Yeah, Lotus... sure' Prince Charming responds. 'Address me as Ms Newmark' Lotus snaps, before telling Prince that when Reynaldo failed to kill Hawkeye last night, he should have assumed the obligation, adding that Reynaldo's commission was to be fifty thousand dollars – and it could have been his. Lotus runs her finger across the leaves of a potted plant and warns Prince Charming to never underestimate her, as she is not one of his homegirls and demands respect. 'And I am not defenseless. Is that clear?' Lotus adds.

'Uh-huh. Yeah' Prince responds, before Lotus picks up the large potted plant and hurls it towards him, 'Never lie to me either, Prince!' she exclaims. 'You think my money is what protects me. That's why you feel free to leer at me when I turn my back! That is a mistake!' Lotus declares as the potted plant smacks the surprised Prince Charming in his head and knocks him to the floor. Lotus walks over to Prince Charming and warns him that he cannot frighten her, nor can he harm her. She claims that she has been trained to inflict more damage on the human form with her fingers than he could with knives and guns, and tells him that his body is like paper to her, that she can crumple it, tear it, punch through it without effort. 'Oh, yeah – well punch through this, Miz Newmark!' Prince retorts as he gets to his feet, picks up the large plan and attempts to smack Lotus with it. 'No need' Lotus replies calmly, as she raises a hand, which blocks the plant from hitting her.

Lotus then smacks her hand into the side of Prince's neck and tells him that his spirit is commendable, and that abject surrender would have been disappointing. 'On the other hand, you must comprehend that you represent no physical threat to me' Lotus tells Prince as she shoves her fingers against his stomach, and when she pulls them away, her long fingernails are covered in blood. Prince Charming looks down to his stomach, where blood is seeping through his blue shirt. 'You – you cut me, man – I'm bleeding!' Prince exclaims. Lotus smiles and tells him that is the penalty for his disrespect, and that it will mend, and that the scar will serve to remind him that she could have struck deeper, and pierced his heart.

Downtown LA, at midnight, two masked figures reconnoiter the streets for gang activity – one standing on a rooftop, holding a gun his jacket with a T-symbol in a circle, while the other glides across the city on his sky-cycle, and doesn't notice the Terminizer standing on the rooftop. But the Terminizer sees Hawkeye, and realizes that Hawkeye wants to stop the Perfs as much as he does – but he doesn't think Hawkeye knows how. 'I know. There is only one way – their own way' the Terminizer thinks to himself. Hawkeye flies between two buildings and wonders what his options are – he could go after the higher-ups, cut off the Perfs' drug source, but he supposes they would just find another supplier. As he flies over a street where several homeless people are sleeping under boxes, Hawkeye thinks that he could round the Perfs up and toss them in jail, but they would only be out in a matter of months, and bonded even more closely together by a common enemy. Hawkeye supposes that he could play social worker and find them all jobs. 'Right. You bet' he thinks to himself, flying out into another street, where a homeless man is slumped against a building, holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand, the homeless man sees Hawkeye and calls out 'Hiya, Hawker!'

'They're all just dying to give up those nasty drug profits...for a chance to flip burgers at minimum wage' Hawkeye tells himself as he flies over a playground. Hawkeye decides that this is crazy, and wonders if there really is no solution. He realizes that Mockingbird is correct – the gangs function on a totally different value system, and tells himself that even the average super villain places some worth on his own life, but these kids expect to die young – and violently. Suddenly, he sees  something and tells himself to go to work, as he flies the sky-cycle down to an alleyway, where two young men wearing the red and white striped cloth that identifies them as Stone Perfs members, and are currently bothering a young woman. 'Good nigh, tonight, Elena? You make a lotta tips tonight?' one of the thugs asks, grabbing the woman's purse. 'You must work very hard, huh?' the other gang member tells the woman, who appears to be a waitress judging by her uniform, as he puts his hand over her mouth.


'You don't work hard, how you gonna show us boys a good time?' one of them asks. 'Oohh, this is bad, homes...she only got two dollars' the other mutters, pulling the money from Elena's purse and throwing her purse to the ground, declaring that it ain't gonna be a good time tonight. The other gang member holds a small blade to Elena's neck and tells his friend that she has a lot more to offer than that – that she is going to show them a real good time. 'Ain't that ri-' the gang member begins, before an electric arrow is fired at his head, striking him and sending him dropping to the ground. 'What happened? Is he -' Elena begins, before the other gang member sees the arrow, and drops the stolen money, he turns and starts to run – warning Elena that if she set this up for them, she'll pay – before he falls to the ground when an arrow with a rope is fired at him, wrapping the rope around his legs.


Elena goes over and starts kicking one of the thugs 'PIGS! DOGS! Such big brave boys! Where is your machismo now, cholo?' she exclaims, while Hawkeye drops down to the ground and gets off his sky-cycle, 'Miss – stop! That's enough!' Hawkeye calls out to Elena. 'Enough? They tried to steal from me! They were going to -' Elena begins, while Hawkeye grabs the thug and slams him against the wall, telling Elena not to kick a man when he's down – to help him back to his feet, 'AND THEN KICK THE $#%& OUT OF HIM!' Hawkeye shouts as he then throws the thug over his head, remarking that they owe it to themselves to set an honorable example. The thug lands beside his friend who is still on the ground, and Hawkeye turns to Elena and asks her to call the police for them. Elena tells Hawkeye that she is grateful for his help, but she can't call the police, because the whole gang will come after her if she does that. Hawkeye tells Elena she can handle it how she wants to, it doesn't matter – because she has given him an inspiration. Hawkeye then gets onto his sky-cycle and takes to the air, telling Elena that she won't have to worry about the rest of the gang.

'He's right, Elena' another voice calls out, and as she leaves the alleyway, Elena turns to see a masked man with a gun start to shoot the two gang members. 'You won't have to worry. Nobody's got to worry about the Perfs anymore!' the Terminizer boasts as he goes over to the lifeless bodies and spray paints his T sign, some of the paint covering on of their bodies. 

A few minutes later and a few blocks west, Hawkeye comes across a drug purchase in action. 'Excuse me – aren't you a member of the Stone Perfs organization... and isn't that a controlled substance you're peddling?' Hawkeye calls out as he fires an arrow which releases a gas around the  Stone Perfs member and the person attempting to purchase the drugs. 'Wha -?' the gang member gasps, while the buyer shouts 'Gas! He's gassin' us, man!' While the man buying the drug runs away, Hawkeye goes over and slams his fist into the gang member's face, and announces that it took him a while, but that he finally figured out how to deal with the gang-bangers, and boasts that he is going to be in their faces from now on – day or night, rain or shine, he is going to blow every deal, botch every hit and make it impossible for them to do business.  'Be sure to tell your friends!' Hawkeye tells the gang member.

But, moments later, after Hawkeye has gone, the gang-banger is gunned down by the masked Terminzer. 'Don't both. I'll tell your friends' the Terminizer calls out.

Elsewhere, Hawkeye has fired arrows at two members of the Stone Perfs, the arrows releasing a substance which traps the Stone Perfs, sticking them to the wall of a building they were attempting to rob. 'In your face – be sure and spread the word – if you ever get unstuck from these putty arrows!' Hawkeye calls out to them. The shopkeeper goes back into his tobacco store and tells Hawkeye that give times those punks have robbed his store – but he would bet this is the last. 'It is. I promise!' Hawkeye calls back to the store owner.

But, after Hawkeye has departed, the mysterious Terminizer appears. 'I promise, too!' he calls out as he shoots the trapped gang members down.

A short time later, Hawkeye is on his sky-cycle and flies over a street, thinking to himself that it may take weeks or months or even longer, but that if he can stay all over the Perfs, drive their customers away and make their activities unprofitable. Suddenly, he comes across another member of the gang who is attempting to break into a car. 'There's yet another opportunity!' Hawkeye decides, firing a sonic arrow at the car, the gang member leaps up and starts to run, 'Ow! My ears!' the gang member cries out, and a moment later, the gang member is shot down by the Terminizer, 'No more joyrides. No more drive-bys' the Terminizer exclaims.

The next morning at Avengers Compound, Clint and Bobbi sit opposite each other having breakfast, as Bobbi tells Clint that he has come up with an original solution. Clint explains that it is one that the police can't use, as the community would be up in arms. 'But everyone seems to be clear on my intentions' Clint adds. Bobbi suggests that Clint's tactic is sure to smoke out whoever hired that assassin, and tells him that if he needs an assist, not to forget her. 'Thanks, Bobbi. It helps to know you're with me on this' Clint replies, while Bobbi leans across the table and kisses Clint.

'I don't mean to intrude' Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man calls out as he clears his throat and enters the kitchen, informing Clint and Bobbi that there is something on the morning news he thinks they ought to see. Bobbi sighs and mutters 'The joys of communal living'. They follow Wonder Man into a room where a large monitor is attached to a wall, and a reporter's voice can be heard saying that there was an unprecedented night of violence in downtown LA, as no fewer than six members of the Stone Perfs street gang fell victim to the mysterious “Circle-T” killer. 'WHAT!?' Hawkeye gasps in shock. Simon tells him to keep watching, as it gets better. The reporter states that what makes the slayings all the more puzzling, is that each of the apparent executions followed the disruption of a crime by Hawkeye, the  Avenger who reportedly declared a war on LA gangs. 'Oh, no!' Hawkeye utters, turning to Bobbi, he swears that he had no idea this was happening. Bobbi assures Clint that she knows, but points out that somebody has upped the ante, and now his well-intentioned crusade has just turned into a shooting war!


(2nd story)

'Welcome to the Sanctuary Movement!' a priest with red hair and a red beard calls out in a darkened church, where John Walker the heroic USAgent finds himself surrounded by several refugees aiming weapons at him. USAgent grits his teeth and frowns while recalling that he was sent to the Texas-Mexico border by his superior in order to stop a mass murderer – a psychotic who has been slaughtering illegal immigrants as they crossed into the States. USAgent was told that the Sanctuary Movement, a safehouse for illegals, might have some information for him. He wonders if the woman who told him was mistaken, or if this was a trap. But, to the USAgent, it doesn't make a difference either way, as he grabs the rifle from one of the refugees and slams it into the man's stomach, knocking him backwards. USAgent spins around and smacks the rifle into another man, while one of the refugees shouts something in Spanish, before USAgent picks another man up and throws him at the man.

When USAgent grabs one of the men by his throat, the priest shouts 'Stop! Release that man!' to which USAgent replies 'His neck. Snap like a pencil'. Another of the refugees raises a weapon and aims it at USAgent while shouting something in Spanish. 'I didn't come here to fight!' USAgent calls out, before hurling his shield at the refugee, knocking them gun from his hands as he exclaims 'But I will if you want!' USAgent then hurls the refugee towards another refugee and asks 'Anyone else?' All of the refugees have been knocked to the ground by USAgent who turns to the priest and tells him that he only wants some information. 'If I was a threat to you, I wouldn't have walked through the front door...and these men would be dead right now' USAgent warns the priest, before he drops all the weapons he collected from the refugees to the floor. 'Though, to be frank, you haven't given me much reason not to kill you' USAgent points out, before asking the priest to tell him why he shouldn't place him under arrest.

The priest introduces himself as Father Kevin Grass, and USAgent introduces himself in response, explaining that he is an officer of the government assigned to stop this person who has been killing illegal immigrants. 'Then why are you frightening us?' Father Grass asks as he goes over to one of the men and helps them up. 'The Sanctuary Movement is trying to accomplish the same thing as you!' Father Grass exclaims. But USAgent looks around and decides that he has a feeling there is a lot more going on than that. 'Yes' Father Grass admits as he pulls back a small staircase that leads onto a stage, revealing a staircase that leads down into a basement. Father Grass heads down the stairs and tells USAgent that he might like to learn a little more about the reality of life on the border. USAgent follows the priest down, and is shocked at what he finds in the basement: 'How many?' USAgent asks as he sees several refugees sitting in the basic basement, huddled together. 'Not nearly enough since that madman has hunted the Mexicans down' Father Grass replies, adding that he is here to help these people, to help them find a better life.

'Help them achieve the American Dream. Is that such a terrible thing?' Father Grass asks. 'But – but – they're here illegally...' USAgent replies, realizing how feeble it sounds when he hears it. He can't deny the incredible feeling of hope and hopelessness that fills the room, and wonders what right he has to turn these people in – how can he deny them everything he is supposed to stand for and believe in? He decides that he can't worry about it now – maybe later – or maybe not. USAgent tells Father Grass that illegal or immoral – or both or neither – they have to work together to stop this killer. He asks the priest if he has contacts with the Mexicans, and why he didn't warn them about last night, or even call the Border Patrol for help. Father Grass explains that last night's crossing was not a Sanctuary operation, so when he found out about it and knew that the Sanctuary wasn't going to be there to help, he did call the Border Patrol. 'The United States Border Patrol knew about the crossings and they didn't do anything to help these people! Do you realize what that means?' Father Grass shouts.

USAgent knows that this means someone is going to pay, otherwise, why did General Haywerth send him into tis mess? He wonders why he gets thrown into the middle of the dirtiest situations as he approaches the Maverick County Border Patrol Headquarters. As he storms into the facility, all USAgent sees is red – blood red – spilling from every punch he throws, from every round this killer has squeezed off. 'Uhm – stop?' one of the Border Patrol Officers calls out, but USAgent pushes past them, 'Get out of my way. I'm here to see your Captain' USAgent declares as he slams open the door to Captain Hitchuck's office: 'You knew!' USAgent shouts. 'Who do you think you are, mister? Barging in here like this...' Captain Hitchuck begins as he sits behind his desk. 'Lookie the mess I just made!' Hitchuck complains as he spills some coffee across his desk. 'Better look at the mess you're already in Hitchuck!' USAgent retorts.

'What are you talking about?' Captain Hitchuck asks, which causes USAgent to see blood red, as he grabs the captain by his collar, 'You wanna know what I'm talking about? Have you known all along? Or are you the one who's doing it?' USAgent asks as he lifts Hitchuck out of his chair and slams him against a wall. 'All your neat little pins showing you where and when the killer's struck...but when you know in advance that he's coming, you can't stop him?' USAgent asks. Hitchuck looks at USAgent, confused, and asks him what he is saying. USAgent drops Hitchuck to the floor and tells him that the Sanctuary Movement called last night to warn him that the crossing was going to take place. 'They sacrificed those Mexicans by asking for your help and what did you do about it? Nothing!' USAgent exclaims. 'Lord...' Hitchuck utters, before calling out to Agents LaRue and Hernandez who are stationed outside his office, and asks them who was on the switchboard last night. 'Uhm...Fred was...Officer Bouting, I mean...' the dumpy, blond Officer LaRue responds. 'Where is he now?' Captain Hitchuck asks. Somewhat nervously, Agent LaRue reveals that Agent Bouting said he would take his shift at the hospital, guarding the illegals.

The hospital, were bullet holes and blood splatter decorate the room where the three Mexican children were recuperating. Two of the children lay dead. The mysterious man wearing brown trousers, a blue bomber jacket and a football helmet over his head is exhilerated by his actions and aroused by his resolve. He sees blood – red blood – the blood of Americans who have fought and died for this country. 'The Mexicans bleed like we do, but they haven't bled like we have' he thinks to himself, as he goes into the corridor and grabs a nurse by her face, while the third Mexican child stands next to the nurse. 'Now tell me...or I shoot the boy' the hateful man warns the nurse, aiming his rifle at the child, before asking her where the movement is. Wide-eyed, the nurse reveals that the movement is based in Quemado, at the Church of the Christian soldier, before begging her attacker not to hurt the child. He thanks her, and tells her not to worry about the child, claiming that he doesn't want to hurt him – in fact, the opposite. 'Think of me as his...s alvation...' he suggests, before he fires two bullets.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)

Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man (all Avengers West Coast)


Detective Zamora




Lotus Newmark

Prince Charming and other Stone Perfs



Homeless people

Store owner

Drug buyer


(2nd story)



Xenophobic Man


Father Kevin Grass

Captain Hitchuck, Agent LaRoue, Agent Hernandez (all US Border Patrol)

Unnamed nurse


Story Notes: 

This issue contains a bonus pin-up featuring Hawkeye that was meant to be the cover for a previous issue in this series but went unused.

(1st story)

Luis is the boy who phoned the ambulance after he found the wounded Hawkeye in an alleyway after Hawkeye was attacked by the gang in Avengers Spotlight #30.

(2nd story)

This story takes place between Avengers West Coast #62 and #63 and after Captain America (1st series) #380-383.

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