Publication Date: 16th Aug 2021
Written By: WorldWideWade.
Image Work: WorldWideWade.
Issue Checklist
[title] - Sentinel #1
Sentinel (1st series) #1

First appearance of Juston and the broken Sentinel.

[title] - Sentinel #2
Sentinel (1st series) #2

Juston finds the Sentinel repairing itself.

[title] - Sentinel #5
Sentinel (1st series) #3-5

Juston is humiliated by two bullies at school.

[title] - Sentinel #6
Sentinel (1st series) #6

Juston directs the Sentinel to mock attack the school so that he can "save" everyone.

[title] - Sentinel #7
Sentinel (1st series) #7-8

Juston uses the Sentinel to perform heroic deeds including helping survivors of a crashed airplane.

[title] - Sentinel #9
Sentinel (1st series) #9

CSA agents, searching for the Sentinel, find and attack it while it is helping the survivors.

[title] - Sentinel #10
Sentinel (1st series) #10

CSA Agent Rhinehart pieces together the connection between Juston and the Sentinel.

[title] - Sentinel #12
Sentinel (1st series) #11-12

Agent Rhinehart revealed to be a mutant. The Sentinel attacks and kills the mutant but is severely damaged in the fight. Sentinel is repaired and stolen back by Juston.

[title] - Sentinel (2nd series) #1
Sentinel (2nd series) #1

Juston runs away with the Sentinel to find his mother. Juston discovers Sentinel was used to kill a political rival at the behest of two powerful officials.

[title] - Sentinel (2nd series) #2
Sentinel (2nd series) #2-3

Juston's aunt claims his mother abandoned his family. The officials send a more advanced sentinel to destroy their former murder weapon.

[title] - Sentinel (2nd series) #4
Sentinel (2nd series) #4-5

Juston and Sentinel return home and manage to beat the more advanced sentinel in battle.

[title] - Avengers Academy #21
Avengers Academy #21-22

Juston and Sentinel join the Avengers Academy.

[title] - Avengers Academy #25
Avengers Academy #24-25

Juston and Sentinel help battle a Dire Wraith. Sentinel is destroyed.

[title] - Avengers Academy #26
Avengers Academy #26-27

Sentinel is rebuilt in order to run a diagnostic on Jocasta.

[title] - Avengers Academy #33
Avengers Academy #33

Juston's father calls and demands that he return home. Juston refuses to abandon his Sentinel.

[title] - Avengers Academy #30
Avengers Academy #30-31

Sentinel is used as a guard to keep young mutants at the Academy during the Avengers vs X-men conflict.

[title] - Avengers Academy #33
Avengers Academy #32-33

A Phoenix empowered Emma Frost destroys Sentinel but Quicksilver secretly saves its central processing unit.

[title] - Avengers Arena #3
Avengers Arena #1-3

Juston is one of 18 teenagers kidnapped by Arcade to participate in a death match. Juston is attacked and the Sentinel is folded around him.

[title] - Avengers Arena #9
Avengers Arena #8-9

Juston revealed to have survived and is repairing his Sentinel despite now being paralyzed. Juston tries to kill his attacker, Apex, but is stopped. Juston is killed by Apex.

[title] - Avengers Arena #10
Avengers Arena #10,12,16

Apex uses her technopathy to control Sentinel into attacking the other teenagers. Nico Minoru manages to destroy the Sentinel and beat Apex.

Issue Checklist