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4th May 2023
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Real name

Herbert Edgar Wyndham


Maker, Creator, World-Builder,
God of Crimson and Snow


6’ 2”


200 lbs.





First appearance

Thor (1st series) #134

Known relatives

Unnamed parents (deceased),
Adam Warlock (adopted “son”),
many of his creations are referred
to as his “children”, including
Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Doniva,
Eve, Luminous, Low Evolutionary,
Higher Evolutionary


Geneticist, self-proclaimed God and savior

Group affiliation

Future Foundation,
Creator of Knights of Wundagore,
New Men, Animen, Ani-Mutants,
Evolutionary Guard, Godpack,
New Immortals


• Genetic accelerator contained within his armor,
able to evolve living things to higher stages of
development or regress them back down the
evolutionary ladder, programmed to protect him by automatically evolving him to different levels to compensate for potential harm, armor also possessing advanced self-repair capabilities and can transmute or reconfigure into other high-tech mechanical systems
• Personal abilities vary thanks to the accelerator’s influence, but have included superhuman strength and durability, superhuman intelligence, genetic vision to observe and evaluate organic structures at a microscopic level, telepathic abilities including communication, astral projection, illusion-casting, and domination, telekinetic abilities for self-levitation, manipulation of matter, and sub-atomic reconstruction, size-changing, plasmatic beams, positronic blasts to annihilate matter, teleportation and/or conversion into pure energy, etc.
• Employs other technology such as a personal annihi-lance, teleportation equipment when unable to do so personally, scepter to channel the genetic manipulations of Isotope E, etc.