Publication Date: 14th Mar 2024
Written By: Blanchett.
Image Work: Blanchett.
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Regardless of the source of their powers on Earth-616, in the Ultimate Universe they were mutants. In the aftermath of the Ultimatum event, mutants in the Ultimate Universe were very much persecuted. The survivors had united under two specific factions, Jean Grey's floating city, New Tian, and Kitty Pryde's jungle-based society, Utopia. Unfortunately, the Zarkovs backed the wrong horse and sided with Jean Grey. Grey had descended into megalomania and started an unprovoked war with Pryde. After a series of strikes, Pryde retaliated with her own forces, knocking New Tian out of the sky. There were some fatalities and several lost. The Zarkovs were shown on a missing persons board, their fate unknown.

Alternate Versions