In the Age of Apocalypse, Carol never gained super-powers nor soared the stars as Binary. After leaving NASA security,  she joined the Human Defense League and took a post protecting the mutant teleporter called Gateway. When Logan came to seek Gateway’s help, he was pursued by Donald Pierce and his band of cyborgs. In the ensuing battle, Carol sacrificed herself to stop Pierce from killing Logan and Gateway. Despite a spectacular mid-air explosion, Pierce survived and infected Carol with a cyborg virus that merged her body and mind with those of his fallen cyborgs. However, Carol resisted Pierce’s programming and warned Logan. She died at Pierce’s hands but her sacrifice enabled Logan to bring Gateway to the Human Defense League fleet in the hopes of taking down Apocalypse once and for all.

On Battleworld, another version of the Age of Apocalypse existed. Here, Carol Danvers was sheriff of the human ghettos, always under the watchful eye of Apocalypse and his Elite Mutant Force. Danvers aided the X-Men from time-to-time to secretly oppose Apocalypse, but she and Peter Corbeau always worked for humanity first. With the assistance of Doctor Nemesis, they gained possession of the Legacy Virus which attacked mutants by their powers. Intended as a bargaining chip to threaten their way to freedom, Apocalypse unleashed the Legacy Virus to prove he was fit. He wasn't. In the end, the Phoenix power killed Nemesis and released his immunity to the Legacy Virus among the mutant population, rendering the mutants human at the same time.

Rogue was among the X-Men who were spirited away by the Beyonder to participate in a battle between many of Earth’s most prominent heroes and villains. In the alternate reality depicted in What if (2nd series) #114, Reed Richards was killed and the kidnapped  superhumans of Earth never managed to find a way to return to their rightful home. Instead, the stranded heroes made a tentative peace with the bulk of their foes and formed their own community. In the decades that followed, the Carol Danvers persona became dominant and took full control of Rogue’s body. Carol fell in love with and married Captain America and the happy couple had a daughter, Sarah. Possessing her mother’s physical powers and her father’s leadership skills, Sarah took the name Crusader. Not only did she wield her father’s shield, Sarah proved to be the one descendant of Earth’s heroes capable of wielding Thor’s mystic hammer Mjolnir.

In the Mutant X timeline, Carol Danvers also joined a team called Starjammers after her fateful encounter with Rogue. This unlikely team of cosmic heroes was led by Cyclops, a version of Scott Summers who was taken into a space as a child, and grew up as a brigand. It also included Lockheed the Dragon and two former heralds of Galactus - Nova and the Silver Surfer. Carol called herself Binary but did not seem to wield the cosmically enhanced powers she did while operating with the Starjammers in the main reality. Instead, she relied on her combat skills and a very powerful energy rifle. The seasoned Earthwoman provided a voice of maturity among the headstrong band of space pirates, tempering the reckless nature of their leader, Scott Summers.


In addition, Carol’s influence on Rogue seemed particularly strong in this reality. Rogue had also permanently absorbed the powers and psyche of Colossus during a battle against the Hellfire Club and the three minds apparently co-existed in one body. The fact that Rogue wore a variation of the Ms. Marvel costume served as a strong indicator that Carol’s psyche was the dominant one following the trauma Rogue experienced after permanently absorbing a third psyche. She was a member of Magneto’s X-Men and a bit more withdrawn, apparently due to her mental status. Rogue was one of many heroes who died in battle against the combined forces of Dracula, the Beyonder and the Goblin Force.



Life held a very different course for Carol Danvers in the Earth X timeline. Rather than gaining powers from the Kree Psyche-Magnitron,  Carol became Ms. Marvel after being psionically empowered by the Kree Supreme Intelligence in much the way that Mar-Vell himself was. As Ms. Marvel, Carol was part of a team of cosmic champions who opposed Thanos when he assembled the Infinity Gauntlet. When Mar-Vell launched his plan to lead those trapped in the realm of Death to salvation, Carol was one of his chosen lieutenants. Along with Nova, Starlord and Marvel Boy (the original bearer of the Quantum Bands), Carol’s body was placed in the Negative Zone, while her astral form served as one of Mar-Vell’s recruiters in Death’s realm. Carol served Mar-Vell’s plan to the very end, helping him to unravel the true nature of the universe and lead Earth’s fallen heroes to paradise.

Carol was transformed into "Lady Marvel" when the Avengers' long-time foe, Morgan le Fay used the Asgardian Twilight Sword and the power of the Scarlet Witch to transform the entire world into a medieval society. Lady Marvel was part of the Queen's Vengeance, a large contingent of Avengers transformed and ensorceled to serve as LeFay's personal guard. As Lady Marvel, Carol used her Binary form and was drinking buddies with She-Hulk. This foreshadowed the friendship the two would enjoy once reality was restored as well as Carol's problems with alcohol. Morgan's machinations were thwarted when some Avengers remembered that this was not how the world was supposed to be. Eventually, the Scarlet Witch used her teammates‘ united energies to disrupt Morgan’s spell and reality was restored.

A cruel and twisted version of Ms. Marvel was conscripted to serve the mysterious Timebreakers as part of their Weapon X strikeforce. This counterpart to the dimension-hopping  Exiles was comprised of more ruthless and sadistic superhumans, who could take on the more ethically questionable missions necessary to repair damaged realities. Like the Exiles, the members of Weapon X were told that they had become unhinged from reality and could only return home by aiding them in rectify temporal anomalies. This Ms. Marvel was a completely heartless and murderous version of Carol Danvers, who possessed powers similar to those of the main reality’s version of Carol while operating under the name Warbird. After joining Weapon X, Ms. Marvel quickly made sexual advances towards her equally twisted teammate, Hyperion. Hyperion was surprised but responded with a ravenous sexuality that seemed to please Ms. Marvel. When Hyperion began a campaign to defy the Timebroker, Ms. Marvel willingly pledged herself to him. She remained by his side until they were opposed by the Exiles. Ms. Marvel was defeated in battle by Morph and her body stored in the Timebreakers’ Crystal Citadel.

The Carol Danvers of the Ultimate Universe started life in a similar fashion to her counterpart of the main reality.  She enrolled in the military and rose to the rank of captain. She then took a military position as the lead security officer on a top secret SHIELD project involving Earth’s first spacecraft with close to light speed technology and has been paired with Colonel Nick Fury. The test launch of this vessel was interrupted by the arrival of the Kree Pluskommander Mahr Vehl. Mahr Vehl posed as Project Director Phillip Lawson and immediately rubbed Danvers the wrong way. However, when he learned that the Kree planed to confine the humans to Earth long enough to become the victims of the planet-devouring Gah-Lak-Tus, Mahr Vehl joined Earth’s superhuman heroes in their efforts to prepare for Gah-Lak-Tus’ imminent arrival.

Carol remained active with SHIELD after the Gah-Lak-Tus incident. She operated a direct liaison to the Ultimates team, and chief-of-staff to Captain America when he became President of the United States. Because of her closeness to the team, Danvers was often drawn into the Ultimates' battles by their side, and had a romantic relationship with Tony Stark.

In a variation of the alternate future timeline known as Days of Future Past, Warbird became a member of a ragtag team of X-Men  and married her long-time friend and ally, Wolverine. The two formed the core of this X-Men team. Allying themselves with Magneto in the hopes of uniting mutantkind against the oppression of the Sentinels, Carol and Logan convinced Earth’s heroes to come out of exile and help them overthrow the corrupt regime. Dividing their forces, Carol Danvers-Howlett was killed alongside most of Earth’s non-mutant heroes in what came to be known as “The Massacre of the Marvels.” Magneto had knowingly sent them to their deaths in the hopes that the death of humanity’s heroes would create a public uprising against the Sentinels.

In one reality, Carol Danvers never recovered from the depression and alcoholism that followed the attack on her by Rogue. As Warbird, she ignored a call to arms when a Brood vessel struck Earth while being pursued by the hunter, Cru. The devastation unleashed by the Cavourite Crystals caused Warbird to be unstuck in dimensional space. She passed from one reality to the next, killing Rogue in every world she visited as an insane form of catharsis. Worse, Warbird believed that letting Rogue live was a sign of weakness in her counterparts, and so she killed a number of Carol Danverses as well. After arriving on Earth-616, she was prepared to continue her pattern until the Ms. Marvel and Rogue of this dimension stopped her.

The Cancerverse originated when Captain Mar-Vell made a deal with Lovecraftian Gods known as the Many-Angled Ones in order to survive his terminal cancer. By sacrificing the Avatar of Death in a ritual of necropsy, Mar-Vell banished Death itself from his universe, causing life to be infested by the presence of the Many-Angled Ones. Ms. Marvel and her comrades became his Revengers, spreading unending life throughout the universe until it became full to the point of breaking. When the Fault opened a hole in space-time, Ms. Marvel and the creatures from the Cancerverse followed it to the far end of the Fault and found Earth-616. The invasion only failed when Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy reintroduced death to the Cancerverse, then sealed the Fault to trap Ms. Marvel and her twisted Revengers in their own metastatized universe.

In the Age of Ultron, Captain Marvel happened to be vacationing in England when the robot attack came. She join Captain Britain, the Black Knight and members of MI-13 in establishing a safe haven at the British Museum while fighting against the robot invasion. They uncovered a technopath named Computer Graham who could potentially ue his powers against Ultron, and so planned for an attack on Ultron's base of operations in St. Paul's Cathedral. Graham managed to damage Ultron's avatar, but it cost him his life and the lives of the rest of Carol's team. Captain Marvel saw the Ultron avatar trying to repair itself and absorbing as much of the energy it was spewing out as possible. She rechanneled the energy, killing herself but making London an Ultron-free zone, at least for the time being.

On Battleworld, the domain of Arcadia was protected by an army of women warriors known as A-Force. Captain Marvel was one of the ranking members of A-Force, working alongside Medusa, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, and the Baroness She-Hulk. She helped uncover the magical treachery of Loki, who broke the Laws of Doom and brought the Thors down on Arcadia in her quest for power.

On Hala Field, another Battleworld domain, Carol Danvers was the super-powered officer and flying partner of the Flying Banshees Squadron. Although her powers allegedly came from God Doom himself, Carol and her squadron came to suspect otherwise. They engaged in heresay by imagining something beyond Doom's world and control, feeling that Carol's powers came from the stars, although they lacked the words to name the feeling. The Banshees broke protocol and defying their local baron as well as the Thors themselves to seek a greater destiny out beyond the void of space.

In the realm of Battleworld known as Spider-Island, Captain Marvel and the majority of the population were infected with a spider-plague. They were transformed into spider-human hybrids under the mental domination of the Spider Queen. A small band of rebels led by Agent Venom discovered that the spider-plague could be overwritten by other forms of genetic transformation. Captain Marvel was exposed to the blood formula of Michael Morbius, restoring her free will but also making her into a Living Vampire.