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3rd Apr 2023
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Real name

Natalia Alianovna Romanova
(anglicized as Natasha Romanoff)


Natalia Shostakova, Tsarina,
Oktober, War Widow,
Black Pearl, Nancy Rushman,
Nadine Roman,
Natalie Grey,
Laura Matthers,
Yelena Belova,
Kelly Grafton,
Steph Rogers,
Ms. Heck, Angel,
Lottie Hederman,
Ebon Flame,
Red Death,
Slavic Shadow,
Lady Patch


5’ 7”


131 lbs.


Red (Sometimes dyed Black)



First appearance

Tales of Suspense #52

Known relatives

Alexei Shostakov (Red Guardian, ex-husband), James Grey (former fiancé), Stevie Grey (son), Ivan Petrovich Bezukhov (adopted father, deceased), Taras Romanoff (adopted father, deceased), Vindiktor (alleged brother), Nikolai (unofficial husband, deceased), Rose (daughter, deceased)



Group affiliation

Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Lady Liberators, KGB, Red Room, Thunderbolts (in disguise), Infinity Watch, the Web


• Black Widow serum extends her lifespan, increases her vitality, immunities, and healing and recuperative properties
• Costume equipped with micro-suction cups in her boots and gloves, triggered by an electrostatic charge to let her walk on walls, bracelets contain “Widow’s Line” nylon thread with adhesive tip fired for grappling purposes, “Widow’s Bite” that fires an electro-concussive taser blast, “Widow’s Kiss” pressurized fast-acting knockout gas, and “Widow’s Sting” hollowpoint flechette dart carrying neurotoxin venom, occasionally conceals smoke and gas pellets, explosives, and other items in her belt or the arch of her back
• Upgraded suit carries a charge of “juice” which can be deployed as a force beam or short-term strength enhancement, self-sealing wound care, and a collapsible parachute in jacket
• Formerly wielded the Space Stone, allowing her to teleport instantaneously within her line-of-sight or to locations she had visited before

Note: Black Widow's real name has been presented as Natalia Alianova Romanova for decades, but the source for her middle name is ambiguous. Russian naming conventions use the father as a middle name, i.e. Piotr Nikolievitch and Illyana Nikolievna being the children of Nikolai Rasputin. This would make Natalia's father Alian Romanov but, as a war orphan, it's unclear where Ivan Bezukov would've got that information. Natalia was raised and perhaps even formally adopted by Ivan, but only once in Iron Man (3rd series) #8 did she identify herself as Natalia Ivanovna Romanova.