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From runaways to protectors of the night, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen won't rest until the children of the streets are safe from drugs, sexual trafficking, and other predators. They are... CLOAK & DAGGER!
Bullied for being a mutant and an African American albino, she grew up to become a living, walking version of hatred. Voodoo and Kali priestess, terrorist, veteran prison inmate and mutant activist, Nekra Sinclair lives and breathes hate. Read this odious ode to the charms of… NEKRA!
This guy melts things. Based on a classic Iron Man rogue, this legacy villain was a mutant second time around. Eager to please and prone to screwing up, his fate remains to be seen. Today's Spotlight shines on... MELTER II!
Riding through Los Angeles in his Hell Charger, this Spirit of Vengeance doesn't stop for gas OR evil! Today's Spotlight shines on Robbie Reyes, the Roast Rider, the Skeleton Racer... GHOST RIDER VI!

Update on... CLOAK & DAGGER!

Since we last checked in with Cloak and Dagger, the Darklight Duo have gone through a number of changes. They've starred in a couple of digital first limited series, joined the latest Savage Avengers, and perhaps even finally, for real, actually found love together. Joining the Avengers brings them to mightyavengers.net for the first time, and yet another retcon suggesting they still have "latent mutant genes" keeps them relevant to UXN. Read today's Spotlight Update On... CLOAK & DAGGER!


Today the uncannyxmen.net & mightyavengers.net are happy to unveil a completely revamped version of a neglected part of our websites - our Cover Gallery page. This is not just a fresh coat of paint, but a completely overhauled interface with many new features. The changes are so big... that they're still ongoing and will be for some time. Welcome now to the ground floor of our all-new, all-different cover gallery!

Update on... SABRETOOTH

Wrapping up Exiles Month is an Update on the big man himself, Victor Creed. In the ten years since his last update, the pendulum of Sabretooth has swung both ways. He actually became an Avenger (sort of) after an inversion spell magically imposed a conscience and empathy upon him. This didn't last, as the animalistic nature of Creed's instincts continually dragged him back towards predatory behavior. He became the first criminal of Krakoa, perhaps unjustly condemned for crimes invented after his acts, and sentenced to the Pit of Exile. By shaping the Pit with his mind, Victor Creed became the figurative Lord of Hell for other prisoners until he manipulated them into helping him escape. Now free of Krakoa and building a power base of his own, Sabretooth will inevitably return to threaten the mutant nation as its prodigal son.

Update on... NEKRA

After years of antagonizing the Avengers in her capacity as terrorist and Kali priestess, the mutant known as Nekra has been increasingly assimilated into the X-Men mythos from the Utopia era onwards. The present update sees her even more firmly entrenched in the mutant world, first as a citizen and prisoner of Krakoa, then as a member of a new group of exile mutants summoned by Cypher. No longer the bloodthirsty killer but remaining politically conscious, she has entered a new chapter in her life. Read the latest adventures of… NEKRA!

Spotlight On... MELTER II

Welcome to Exiles Month, a celebration of Krakoa's Most Wanted! The month begins with Chris Colchiss, a young mutant just trying to find his place in the world. The new Melter led a twisted team of Young Avengers who quickly rebranded themselves as the Young Masters during Dark Reign. His efforts at heroism failed, and Melter turned to outright super-villainy as a legacy foe for Iron Man's rogues gallery. With the rise of Krakoa, he tried to demonstrate his worth to Xavier's dream, only to be cast into the Pit of Exile for violating the Three Laws. Melter now has a found family with the Exiles, but he remains impressionable and in search of a purpose in life.

Update on... GHOST RIDER VI

Last of the Avenger updates for this week is the All-Rider, the Omniversal Spirit of Vengeance...Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider. The Riders throughout history inevitably made an infernal deal with one entity or another, but Robbie was different. Inherited tangentially through his Satanist uncle, Robbie's soul was untainted by the Spirit of Vengeance. Able to make anything into a vehicle for his supernatural power, The All-Rider turned living moons and dead Celestials to his quest for vengeance. Another sacrifice in the war at the God Quarry with Mephisto and the Masters, Robbie Reyes still lives beyond the reach of his teammates, ready to return when the road is clear.